The Words Unsaid


This originally started out as a short story—it was a short story that did not want to end. It was a story that presented me in the end with three stories. Here is Mark’s story. An old man approaching the end of his life but who still feels it is important to make a difference where one can.

Going from a short story to a serial novel is something of an effort and I would not have been able to do it without the support and help from a number of people. They were Tyrone and Freethinker who read the original story and gave me feedback. Then came Anthony Camacho who, whilst doing an initial edit, identified possible break points for the chapters. Finally, there were Bi Janus and Cole Parker who did my final edits for me.

My thanks to all of them, for without them you would not be reading this.

As I said there were actually three stories in the original short story. When you read this you will find you want to know more about Tim’s life in Thailand and Thomas and Connor’s life before they were forced apart and after they got back together. I have quite a few notes on these and maybe one day I will get round to writing their stories.

Nigel Gordon, Leicester England, 2016