Gif's Island

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Chapter 17

“Love was to his impassioned soul, not a mere part of its existence, but the whole, the very life-breath of his heart.”

Our kitchen noises and activities must’ve awakened our two teenage lovers; hearing Jeremy announce, “I’ve got to piss” and Cage responding “Me too” caught Stony’s and my attention as we both turned in time to see Jeremy emerge first from under the covers, his hard, thick cock protruding up a good six to seven inches up toward his chin.  He just grinned at us, reached down and picked up the discarded undergarments and lifted the covers so Cage could roll out of the sack to join him.  Cage, also in a very turgid state, exhibited a sailing mast at least two or more inches longer and with more girth than his companion’s, but instead of up, it pointed more out and down a little, almost like the lance of a knight preparing to joust with one of his fellows!  Both Jeremy and Cage were fit, handsome, young lads, and bound to turn heads in locker rooms or on the street.  Cage blushed, but took Jeremy’s hand, allowing him to be led down the hall to the bathroom.

Stony, quiet until now and, once the boys were down the hall and out of hearing range, exclaimed, “Did you get a good look at the wanger on that lad? Pretty fucking impressive,” and whistled through his teeth!

I finished in the kitchen, walked down the hall to our bedroom to finish dressing, and as I passed the bathroom door, I heard Jeremy moan passionately, desperately, “I’m cumming Cage,” and began gasping in sexual release.  I stopped a moment, not wanting to be a voyeur, but amused none-the-less as Cage said softly, “It feels so good when you’re in so deep,” and quickly stepped into our bedroom lest the boys suddenly finish and step out into the hall, detecting my accidental voyeurism!

After returning to the kitchen, Stony commented, “Its taking our boys a while to piss, isn’t it?”

“I think they’ll be out soon,” I answered with a smile.  “Jeremy drove the love bug up the magic highway and filled up the cargo chute. As soon as they clean up, they’ll be out!”

The bathroom door opened and feet pattered down the short hallway and also into our bedroom. Carter emerged shortly thereafter and gave every indication he was ready for coffee and breakfast; the coffee was immediate, breakfast would have to wait until the boys reappeared.  I nodded toward the lake in front of the house, saying, “The snow stopped, but if you look you’ll see the lake is iced over. I think the hunting is done for this season.”

From the hallway, I heard, “no shit, Sherlock; look at that Cage,” and Jeremy and Cage joined Carter on the porch, staring out the windows.

“After breakfast,” I continued, “we’ll get things together and break a path to the landing on Johnson’s Slough where the small flat boat is.  There’ll be some ice, but not enough to stop us from crossing to the mainland.”

Carter, eyeing a breakfast of pancakes, sausage, juice and coffee, asked, “How do you get your mail and other things when it’s not possible to run a boat or the ice is too thin to walk on or hold the ATV?”

“There’s a fisherman/trapper who lives in town that makes a run with an air boat once a week or when I call him.  It skims across the ice and water so we’re able to get our mail and any other supplies we run out of.  He doesn’t charge much, so it’s no real problem.”

It took all of us a couple of hours to clean up the snow around the cabin, making paths to the chicken house, the woodshed, and the barn.  We loaded the big, heavy plastic utility sled with guns, duffels, and ducks and I pulled it with the ATV down the path to the Johnson Slough boat landing, while the others walked on the path I made.  Two trips in the small flat boat, across Johnson Slough through floating sheets of ice transported people and gear to Hennessey’s.  Stony and I didn’t need anything from town so after a big hug from Jeremy and Cage, along with profuse thanks from Carter, I offered an invitation for them to return to the Island anytime they so desired, and bade them goodbye as they carried their gear to the pickup.

Carter stood by the vehicle for a moment and then returned to where Stony and I stood, alongside the boat.

“There seems to be enough circumstantial evidence for us to open an active case file, but don’t get your hopes up,” he cautioned.  “There’ve been stranger coincidences occur over the years.  My boss isn’t quite convinced yet, but did give me permission to do some work on this, although it’s not a high priority- the evidence is thin, real thin; O.K.?”

We both nodded our heads in understanding and thanked Carter for his efforts.  I motioned to Stony it was time for us to return to our Island and home.  There was little else we could do; it was now in the hands of the professionals, those upon whom we relied for our protection, our safety from the predators in our communities and country bent upon, for whatever sick, malformed reasoning, wreaking havoc, mayhem, and destruction on their fellow human beings!

The warmth and tightness of the cabin was comforting, reminding us of the security and refuge the Island gave to both of us as Stony curled up in my arms, snuggling himself warmly to my body as we lounged on the futon.  We chatted idly concerning the fun we had, in spite of our encounter with near disaster, and the storm which brought it about. I noticed Stony became quiet and, at first, I thought he was thinking of something, but when a soft snore emanated from him, I knew he was sound asleep.  I reached over and pulled a woolen throw over both of us and joined him in a midday snooze.

I was awakened later in the afternoon and probably would’ve slept the night away as well had not the sensation of a warm, moist, mouth enveloping my turgid cock been absent, but it wasn’t!  In fact, it was accompanied by very active and talented tongue, swirling about the extremely sensitive head and glans of my pride and joy, delicately probing my piss slit, causing me to twitch and throb in sexual excitement and anticipation.  Stony’s one hand unfastened my belt and zipper, while the other maneuvered my britches down to a point where he could fondle and manipulate my gonads, rolling them around in his fingers, massaging them, bringing the hairs on my stomach and around my asshole to a tingling, tantalizing erectness.  When a finger glided under my baby-makers, penetrated my portal and began flicking its tip across my love button, I groaned, “I’m cumming,” and began bucking, spewing, and pulsing thick ropes of cum into a wonderful waiting receptacle not unlike Jeremy had earlier in the day as he fucked Cage to a mutual climax.

Stony continued suckling my tool until I emptied myself and he was satisfied there was no more currently available.  He’d just not concede he’d completed an excellent blowjob on me until he had cleaned me up thoroughly and properly.  I objected not one wit, realizing how fortunate I was to have found him and him me.  Either way, I knew I’d never wish to be separated from him.

When I softened and he pulled away with my dick making a soft “plop” sound as it exited his lips, I raised him so he was kneeling astride my hips, his crotch in front of my face, inviting me to reciprocate.  Following his example, I leaned forward taking just the very head of the fluttering, lurching stiffness presented to me, and began encircling it with my tongue, bringing a slight swelling, filling my mouth even more. Slowly, ever so slowly, after snacking on the copious pre-cum emanating from his penile orifice, I slid my mouth down until my nose began tickling his bush, and gently rubbed in back and forth in those soft hairs while massaging the length of his velvety cock with my tongue.

Stony whimpered and began a slow and gently fucking of my mouth as I continued a steady, but light suction on his cock.  He began pushing faster and, knowing him as I do, just as he was about to bust a nut, I quickly shoved my middle finger up his rear entrance and waggled it around in that warm cavern like an eagle flapping its wings in preparation for flight.  Stony began to shudder, squirm, and tremble before, with a squealed “Argggggg!” began unloading his considerable and liberal massive amount of man-juice into my mouth and throat. Once expelling his load, I drew his face to mine, embracing him, kissing him deeply, our tongues daintily flicking and caressing each other, sharing his offering back with him, our now flaccid members lying up against the other as if that’s where they were always meant to be.

“Did I ever tell you how much I love you?” I murmured into his ear.

“Every time you look at me,” he sighed contentedly in response.

Winter came early and strong; fortunately we were able to make it across Johnson Slough in the boat one more time for Thanksgiving with Mom and Jim and family.  Stony and I overate, but really enjoyed ourselves.  Knowing Cage would be at dinner, Stony cut and brought along a box full of maple log slabs for his art work.  They were both certain Cage’s paintings would be a hot seller in the summer markets and I tended to agree with them.  His renditions of life on and around the Island were really quite taking and realistic.  I could only hope the best for him because, not only was he talented, but he was my favorite cousin’s lover and would do everything and anything to please Jeremy!

Cage and his family were going to be in town for a couple of days and there was no doubt he would find some way to get together with Jeremy.  He took me aside and said shyly, “Thanks, J.T. for the great time hunting.”

I smiled back at him and answered, “You’re most certainly welcome, but I really think you enjoyed Jeremy more than the hunting.”

Cage giggled and blushed as he nodded his head in affirmation, “Isn’t he just awesome?  He’s coming over this evening and tomorrow we’re going to spend the day together and go to a movie in the evening.”

“Just don’t get caught fucking in the movie theater restroom,” I admonished jokingly.  “I don’t know if Jeremy’s Mom and Dad are aware he’s gay and in love with you.  Just be careful you don’t hurt him with that long, warm, velvety power shaft of yours,” and waggled my eyebrows. God, his face turned red!  I knew then those two would play switcheroo and Jeremy, at some point, was going to be impaled by the ginormous piece of man-flesh hanging on that teen-age boyfriend of his.  Jeremy’s father, Aaron, could be a bit stiff-necked and I wasn’t all too certain how he’d react to discover his youngest son was gay and had a boyfriend.

Jeremy was the youngest of four; two older brothers and one older sister.  The oldest brother, Aaron, Jr. was married and had a family of his own; Peter, the second born, was in college as was his sister, Amy Sue.  The whole family would be home for Thanksgiving and, knowing Amy Sue as I did, if she saw or suspected something, she was the type that just couldn’t wait to blab everything to her folks.  She was very jealous of Jeremy’s presence and intrusion into her spoiled life.

Before we left for the Island, we stopped by Carter’s and picked up our mail and a couple of packages left there.  Using lights, we navigated across the Slough to the Island, dodging floating chunks of ice bobbing about in the cold water.  We pulled the boat up on rollers, drained the motor, and covered everything with a canvas tarp. I’d come back in the morning with the tractor or the ATV, detach the outboard motor, and store it in the barn for the winter. It’d be spring before we’d use the boat again, preferring to use the ATV rather than walk once the ice became sound enough to hold the weight.

Stony and I’d be ice-bound on the Island for a couple of weeks or longer until the ice on Johnson Slough was thick enough to travel on and go over to Hennessey’s Landing or we’d have to call on my airboat friend for a ride.  I never found the need for an airboat until now, but I was beginning to think it’d be wise for me to invest in one.  So much had changed in my life and on the Island since I met Stony and I was pleased things had.

The fire stoked, our bellies full of turkey and all of the trimmings from dinner, a light libation in each of our hands as we sat cuddled on the futon, I could see wintering with Stony was going to be more than pleasant – it just seemed to be the natural thing to do with my life- spending time with my lover and partner. 

Stony worked in the shop and I was busy with inside and outside chores as we waited for Johnson’s Slough to freeze over. The lake in front of the cabin already had six to eight inches of ice on it; enough to safely walk on and run the ATV on as well.  After another couple of weeks of really cold weather I could cut fire wood at the far end of the lake and snake the logs back to the cabin for further cutting and splitting.  Cutting wood now, although colder and sometimes uncomfortable, was a hell of a lot easier than in the spring when the logging trails were wet and muddy or summer during the heat.  Fall wasn’t bad, but the deadline of the coming winter always loomed and, besides, it was the hunting season.

We decided to spend Christmas on the Island rather than cross over to the mainland and spend it with Mom and Jim.  The ice was finally thick enough, but we just wanted to stay home and enjoy each other’s company.  We did go over a couple of days before to check the mail, pick up some groceries and deliver the presents we had for them.

Stony made Mom a beautiful oak cobblers’ bench for the living room.  She commented one time she wanted one for flowers and other arrangements as a complimentary piece to her living room furniture set.  She preferred it to a coffee table since she felt not only was it more attractive, but served a more functional purpose.  Mom was thrilled when Stony brought it into the house!  Stony does excellent work and this was an example of his finest.  He spent hours on just the finish so the rich colors of the maple gleamed with a hard, wax hand-rubbed finish.  Mom produced scarves and gloves for us, something we really needed working out in the cold.

Christmas Day was bright, clear and cold; sub-zero and really a rarity in this part of the state.  The trees in the woods snapped and cracked as parts of them froze and expanded on the outside and the slough and river echoed with the booms and splitting sounds of ice forming, cracking, and heaving with the cold.  I roasted one of the geese we’d killed during waterfowl season and, along with roasted vegetables (sweet and white potatoes, carrots, onions, peppers, turnips and parsnips) and apple pie for dessert, we were filled to the brim and had plenty of leftovers.

We lounged around the house the rest of the day, vowing not to work (other than gather eggs and feed the chickens), and just enjoy each other’s company and the quiet solace of the Island and our home.  As darkness increased in the late afternoon and evening was drawing near, I fixed our drinks and we sat together on the futon, enjoying the warmth of the drink penetrating our bodies, and basking in the glow of the electric lights Stony installed during the summer.  The winter sun, engaging the solar panels, kept our batteries at full charge so there was little danger of being without electricity.  Besides we did have the generator as backup.  Life was good, I thought until I heard something on the porch and someone rap at the door.

Stony’s face took on a puzzled look and was going to get up, but I waved him off and with a shrug of my shoulders, went to the door and answered it.  Standing there, dressed warmly, but shivering, duffle bag in one hand, frost hanging from the scarf wrapped around his face, and stocking cap pulled down tight, stood a very tearful Jeremy.

“John Thomas,” he sobbed, “can I stay with you for a while?  I think I’m in really deep shit at home!

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