Gif's Island

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Chapter 11

“With such ardent eyes he wandered o’er me and gazed with such intensity of love, sending his soul out to me in a look.”

Stony’s description of Carter Anderson appeared to right on, even down to the gold badge!  Tucked neatly at the hip, the holstered pistol wasn’t that obvious, concealed by the suit jacket.  Carter seemed comfortable with its presence, attached to him as one would wear a shirt or socks, normal, comfortable, in its resting place; a piece of apparel that was a natural part of him.  His nephews, niece, and the rest of the family seemed not to notice or care for that matter.  He wasn’t in a position for me to determine if, indeed, his cock was as Stony described it, but as I looked for evidence, his eyes scrutinized me and then Stony, as if appraising us.

Breaking eye contact with him, I took Stony’s hand in mine.  “Let’s go introduce ourselves and thank him for the vocals today.”

He hesitated, uncertain or something, it was difficult to determine, and with a wave of his hand, replied, “Nah, you go; I’ve already met him when he came through the door with the rest of the Andersons.”

I thought it odd, but I nodded finding his answer plausible, but troubling, and walked over to the table where Bill Anderson and his family and Carter were seated.  Approaching the table, Bill and Carter both began to stand, but I motioned for them to stay seated.

“I just wanted to thank Mark or Carter, as I understand he prefers, for the music he provided this afternoon,” and moved forward to shake his hand.  He stood, clasped his hand in mine firmly, responding, “You’re more than welcome. I was happy to do it for Dad and Cassie.  It’s been awhile since I’ve sung very much so I’m afraid I felt a bit rusty.”

I grinned, replying, “Does this marriage make us step-brothers or something?”

“It’s probably the ‘or something.’ I think,” he rejoined. “Please sit a minute perhaps we can visit a moment or two.  I wasn’t certain you’d remember me from high school.  I realize I’ve changed physically somewhat.”

I stole a glance at the badge on his belt and then fastened my gaze down his right leg.  Stony was correct, Carter apparently had more than one big gun he sported.

“Actually, I didn’t recognize you until Stony pointed you out a few minutes ago.”

Bill intervened at this point, introducing his children to me; Louis, age 17; Kenneth, age 15; Brett, age 14; Mary Beth, age 12; Charles, age 10; Shelby, age 8, and; Gabriel, age 6.  The boys carried the Anderson looks while the only girl, Mary Beth, favored her mother.  Kenneth resembled his Uncle Carter, especially in the way he looked at someone.  All the children were polite in greeting me and for the most part remained quiet, except for Kenneth.

“You’re the guy that lives over on Gifford’s Island, aren’t you?” he asked somewhat brazenly. 

Not knowing where this was headed, I frowned, but replied, “Yes.”

“You live there all alone?” he pushed further, almost as a challenge.

I was going to say something nebulous, hoping to avoid a confrontation, when Carter quickly entered the conversation.  “I think, Nephew,” he cautioned, “you’re being just a bit rude or presumptuous, I’m not certain which, but Mr. Gifford didn’t come over here to be subjected to an interrogation by a fifteen year old boy who needs to learn some manners!  Now, apologize!”

The embarrassed lad blushed, looked down at the table and said softly, but very audibly, “I’m sorry,” and then, looking at his father, asked, “May I be excused?” and left the table.

Bill continued the apology. “Kenneth is usually so quiet, almost withdrawn and rarely speaks up preferring, I think, to stay out of the way of trouble. I don’t understand his lack of manners this evening.”

The rest of the children were silent, clearly embarrassed by their brother’s apparent rudeness.  Louis, stood, saying “Mom, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to have a little chat with my younger brother and maybe just kick his ass for old time’s sake!”

“Louis Anderson, watch your language,” she admonished, “there’re little one’s present.”

“Yah,” piped up Brett, “maybe just kick his butt instead; clear up between his eyeballs so when he farts his eyes cross.”

“Brett,” his father cautioned, “watch your mouth also, or it won’t be Kenneth that gets the boot; understand?”

With that I started to stand, clearly Bill and Anna Anderson had a lively bunch of boys to handle here and I really didn’t want to get caught up in it, but Carter stopped me with a hand on my arm and a very disarming smile.  “Please stay a moment; Bill can handle this group of ruffians.  I’d like to get to know my ‘step-brother’ a little better.  I haven’t seen you since high school.”

He was quite insistent and persuasive, so I sat again, but I felt uncomfortable; not that I felt he was coming on to me, because I didn’t think he was, but I felt guilty leaving Stony all by himself, outside of the conversation.  I turned, seeing Stony sitting at our table, all alone, his eyes, searching mine, and my heart began to grow heavy. His face was slacked in a sadness that was difficult to describe; almost as if he was watching a favored pet die, a home being destroyed, or his best friend leaving him for another!  The love and loss he projected to me with his eyes from across the room suddenly made me realize what he must think and why I loved him so; why he was reluctant to accompany me to this table.  Did he think I’d forsake him for another?  My God, what was I doing sitting here, without the man I love?  Although we shared such closeness since he came into my life, despite our pledges to each other, he was insecure in this unknown ocean of people whom he knew not and I did;  alone without me and now feeling he was about to lose me to someone who knew me from high school!

I choked back my emotion, saying apologetically, “There’s someone I want you to meet,” and quickly walked back to our table where Stony watched each and every step I took toward him, his eyes fixed on me.  Approaching the table, I held out my hand, “Stony, come with me; I want to introduce my partner, the man I love, to the Anderson family and Carter, so you can thank him personally.”

When he stood, he quickly wiped his eyes with his hand.  I was right!  How could’ve I been so unknowing, so uncaring, so unaware how he might feel; wondering if his lover was going to abandon him for another?  Walking toward Anderson table, I placed my hand on his back, leaned toward him and flicked his right ear with my tongue, bringing a shiver to him, and whispered, “You know I love you and only you, don’t you?”

He nodded, but didn’t look at me, instead focused on the Anderson family, now all seated again, including Louis and Kenneth.  It didn’t look as though Louis kicked his brother too hard, although Kenneth looked chastened and seemed to shrink when we approached after receiving a warning glare from his older brother.

Standing at the table next to where Kenneth was seated, my arms around Stony, I announced, “I think you already know Stony since he co-hosted the reception with me, but ended up doing most of the work.  What you probably don’t know is Stony, Earl Henry Jackson, is my soul-mate, my life partner, and he and I share our lives and love on Gifford’s Island, our home.”

The family gathering grew silent, evidently waiting for someone to break the ice and speak first.  A voice, audible only to Stony and I said very softly, “Neat.” We both looked down at Kenneth, who blushed slightly and, picking up a fork, began eating a piece of cake as if he’d said nothing!  Carter stood, commandeered a couple of chairs from a nearby table and invited us to join them.  I was pleased when I felt Stony relax somewhat, but once seated, I reached under the table and secured his hand in mine.  That smile, that goofy, fucking smile of his I so dearly love, returned to his face, signaling all was well with the world and we were together!

Carter offered to go the bar and get us drinks, so I requested two brandy old-fashion sweets and reached for my billfold since we had a cash bar, but he insisted, “My treat, besides I need to visit with you concerning a proposition I have and I may wish to loosen you up a bit,” reaching over and tapping Kenneth on the shoulder to accompany him, left for the bar.

When he returned, carrying one tray with mixed drinks for the adults and Kenneth carrying a tray full of sodas for the rest of the family, he seated himself next to Kenneth, and looking around Kenneth, said, “Stony, you’re a very lucky man.”

“I know,” replied Stony, grinning like a shit-eating mule and reached under the table to give my hand a little squeeze!  I was watching Kenneth’s face during this brief exchange and I saw reflected in it, an admiration, a comfort of mind and soul, seeing a role model, if you please, in Stony.  Stony had a young admirer and, if I was not mistaken, Kenneth was a young gay male seeking his way, uncertain of how to live as a sexually attractive, randy young gay man.  I didn’t know if his family was aware of his proclivity or if they did, accepted it, but when he looked over at me and saw me staring at him, he knew I knew and quickly averted his eyes.

Carter, sipping his gin and tonic, asked nonchalantly, “What ever happened to that friend of yours, the one you chummed around with in high school?  I thought you two were rather tight and might end up together someday.”

Stony squeezed my hand and Bill made a very audible cough, catching Carter’s attention, and raised his eyebrows in a cautionary gesture.

“He died,” I answered softly, looking down and then at Kenneth for some reason. A sadness clouded his face momentarily and tears welled up in his eyes.  Stony quickly came to my rescue during the very awkward silence that intervened. Carter sensed he’d asked the wrong question when Stony, smiling, asked, “Carter, you wear a shiny gold badge and I think would feel underdressed without your big gun strapped to your waist;  what do you do for a living?”

Carter quickly responded, “I’m a Special Agent for the State Bureau of Criminal Investigation and have, until recently, worked out of the main office at the capital.  I started with them when I graduated from the University and have been with them for three years, going on four.  I am surprised how well I enjoy my job and the Agency.  Although our main office is at the Capital, we have field offices scattered around the state, manned by agents.  I’m in the process of being reassigned, so I have some “comp” time I’m trying to use up before I start work in a field office.  I’ll use that time to hunt for housing and get acquainted with the sector the field office is responsible for.

“What’s ‘comp’ time?” I inquired.

“It’s actually ‘compensatory time’ or ‘Kelly Time,’ in some departments or other states.  We normally work, in the protective service, a fifty hour work week.  Anything we put in over that amount, when assigned of course, is called ‘compensatory time’ in lieu of overtime pay.  When we take it, our weekly pay continues without reduction.  I like it better than overtime pay because it’s like a paid vacation without using our paid time off such as vacation or sick leave.”

“I recently completed a fairly long investigation which led to a conviction and after it was concluded, the agency head and personnel director called me in and gave me a new assignment.  According to them it was because of the good job I did on the case.  I should be in the new assignment for an extended period if I like it.  So, I asked for and received permission to use my comp time in preparation for the move, find housing, and become acquainted with the new area.”

The rest of the family began laughing and little Gabriel, until this point had remained very quiet, almost shy, spouted out, “I don’t think it’s very funny that Uncle Carter is going to live here.  I like having him around.”

Aha; out of the mouths of babes ---. So Carter has been reassigned here, to this field office.

“Which leads me to what I wanted to discuss with you,” he continued. “I’d hoped to do it some other time, but since my reassignment has been announced by the ‘Angel Gabriel,’ I’ll be in need of a place to live.  I’m currently living at Dad’s until I can find a place of my own and, now that Cassie is moving over there with him, I was wondering if your place would be available to rent?”

“I’ve thought about it,” I responded, “but why don’t we get together next week when things calm down a little, if you’ll be available.  I can motor over from the Island if you’ll just let me know when it would be convenient.”

“Better than that,” Carter interjected, “if you don’t mind some company, I can rent a boat from Hennessey and spend a couple of days.  I’ve never been to the Island and I’m just plain curious.  I’ve heard so much about it over the years, but never ventured over there.”

I looked over at Stony, he nodded his approval, so I responded, “No need to rent a boat; I’ll pick you up and save you some bucks,” and gave him my cell phone number. “Call me Monday.  We’re free all week, except for an electrical project Stony is working on, and won’t be going anywhere soon.  Will we Stony?”

He shook his head in the negative, sealing the deal as far as we were concerned, but I heard a soft cough erupt from Kenneth, so Carter quickly added, “Would it be permissible to bring Kenneth along? He needs a bit of a break, I think, besides he loves to hunt and fish.”

“Oh, no you don’t, Carter Anderson,” Anna warned, “he has school next week.  If he’s going to go traipsing anywhere, it’s going to be to the school bus and back.  Anything else, he’ll have to do on the weekends.”

Clearly disappointed, Kenneth didn’t object, but I felt maybe he did need a break and perhaps, just perhaps, see a different side of life, so I volunteered, “Duck season opens in a couple of weeks; why don’t you bring him over that opening weekend, Carter?  I think he might enjoy the outing.  It’ll be a first experience for Stony also; he’s not hunted from a scull boat before.”

There was no begging or whining to be included from the other children. In fact, they seemed nonplussed by it all.  Kenneth was thrilled to death and by the smile on Stony’s face he was looking forward to us having company.  The deal set, Stony and I rose and wandered about the banquet hall, meeting and conversing with other members of Jim’s family and, of course, Uncle Auggie and Aunt Mildred, their three children, and their families.  My cousins were friendly, as were their children, but we were always somewhat distant from them, so the chit-chat was pretty much fluff before we moved on.  Mom often commented that Aunt Mildred changed after she married Uncle August.  Uncle John, once snorted, “She found Jesus and let it go to her head; can’t seem to tolerate anyone who doesn’t think or believe the way she does.”

He was right on target with that comment, so I tried to avoid her at every opportunity.  I know she didn’t approve of my life style; always said she’d pray for my poor depraved soul.  Thanks, but no thanks, Aunt Mildred; maybe you should pray for a little tolerance and less hypocrisy!

All evenings and parties must come to any end and so this one drew to a close.  As Stony and I were cleaning up the odds and ends, Mom and Jim came over, stood a moment, and Mom gave me a big hug.

“A mother could ask no more than to have a son like you, John Thomas Gifford. You’ve made me so happy and proud; not only with the reception, but also by finding a special someone such as Stony to share your life with.  Don’t ever let him go!”

I whispered back, “I won’t Mom, ever.”

Eyes glossed with tears, she turned her attention to Stony, hugged him tightly, saying, “Love my son, Earl Henry Jackson; you’ve filled the void in his life and heart, care for him.”

Stony nodded and with a handshake and hug from Jim, they were off, leaving Stony and I as the last to leave.

Our drive back to Mom’s house was quiet, each of us deep in our own thoughts or tired from the day’s activities.  I know where my thoughts were, so using a headache as an excuse I stopped at a Wal Mart® to make a purchase. Stony waited patiently in the truck and when I returned, asked, “Did you find what you needed?” I nodded in the affirmative, started the truck, and drove the rest of the way home.

I decided to shower before bed and beckoned Stony to join me.  Standing together, hot water cascading over us, affirmed what I needed to do and tonight was going to be the night.  He loved to have me wash his hair while we showered, a luxury we now had on the Island thanks to him, so I dolloped shampoo on his hair and began working it slowly across his scalp, massaging him with my fingers as I slowly, carefully, and methodically washed, rinsed, and rinsed his hair again.  As I worked, I could feel him relax, leaning back up against me, almost snuggling in to me, loving the attention he was receiving.  Hair cleaned, I then spent some time applying body wash to his shoulders, arms, back, and chest, swirling the suds with my hands, kneading and manipulating those lean, but strong muscles and flesh.  I swear Stony doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him, anywhere!  Washing and rinsing, I slipped my hands down to the crevice between his firm, delectable mounds, that hitherto unexplored territory, and slipped my fingers over and around his sphincter, until, feeling it twitch with anticipation, inserted my middle finger to the knuckle and twitched his prostate, bringing a quick squeal of delight from him.

Withdrawing and leaving his posterior, I moved to his front, paying special attention to his rigid staff, cleaning the foreskin, rolling his walnut-sized nuggets gentle in my hands, bringing a moan of desire from him.  I slowly turned him around, allowing the hot water to rinse him, and kissed him, probing with my tongue for the entrance I often sought, and was given immediate access with Stony easily tickling my probe with his own tongue.

“Let me wash you,” he pleaded.

“No,” I replied stepping from the shower, retrieving a towel to dry him with, “tonight is all about you. When I’m done, wait for me in the bedroom, I’ll be right there.”

Clean and dry myself, I crawled into bed, joining a smiling, anxious Stony.  Rather than waiting for him to drape himself across me as he usually did, I covered his body with mine, laying cock to cock, my lips again finding his, locking us together, and squirmed, rubbing his hardness against mine, feeling our pre-cum began mixing at the sensitive tips.

Stony’s eyes suddenly filled with tears, so I asked, “What’s bothering you love?”

“Nothing,” he answered tentatively and softly.

“Bullshit,” I countered, “I know better, besides you’re starting to deflate and you rarely do that when we kiss. Now let me guess- you were afraid you were going to lose me to the cop with the big cock, weren’t you?”

Stammering, taking a deep breath, he answered, “When I saw Carter staring at you during the reception and then the two of you talking and laughing, I just knew I was an intruder into your life, knowing you’d want someone your own age instead of as young as me, and someone with a cock a hell of a lot bigger than my little dick. Besides, he has a good job and I have none.”

I shushed him with another kiss, reached down with one hand, cupped his balls, fondling them, and ran a finger up along his now flaccid penis until I reached the hooded head, and, adding my thumb, skinned the foreskin back, beginning a circular, light motion around the piss slit, bringing him to full mast.

“You mean this fine piece of manhood I have my hand around?” I inquired as I began a slow masturbation of his velvety hard-on. “Because if you do, you haven’t noticed there’s not much difference between the two of us.  I love the way it fits in my hand and mouth as much as the way mine fits in yours.  Stony, it’s only you I want and love – no one else.  When I’m apart from you I feel lost, adrift on a dangerous sea with threats coming from all sides, and when I’m in a crowded room I look for you knowing you’ll be looking for me.  Your eyes telegraph across the distance your love for me.  How can I be anything but yours for life?  Tell me-how?”

Stony sobbed, “J.T., I don’t ever want to lose you, but I don’t want to be a burden to you, holding you back from what you want to do.  I want you so bad; I’m incomplete without you and I want you to claim me as your own.”

“I have, my love, in every way but one,” and began kissing my way down his smooth torso, nuzzling his navel, sucking gently on his turgid cock, abandoning it for his delicious baby makers, and, to his surprise, raised his legs up over my shoulders, revealing his wrinkled, pink, beautiful portal to his inner self, and buried my face.  Tonguing it, flipping quickly around the rim, and finally probing it with my pointed tongue, brought an “Oh, my God!” from Stony.

I was so hard I could crack walnuts with one thrust!  I reached over on the night stand, retrieved and opened the tube of lubricant I’d purchased earlier in the evening, and applied a liberal amount to his ring, inside and out, and to my cock, preparing us both for what was to come.

Stony’s eyes grew large, now understanding just what was going to happen, and asked, “Won’t it hurt?”

“It might at first,” I said soothingly, “but remember who it is and why and I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I have in past years. I want to watch your face as we make love, Stony.”

Leaning myself forward, positioning myself between his legs, I moved his legs from my shoulders to around my waist, and lined myself up with his portal and poked just the tip in. He tensed so I whispered, “Relax, it will hurt for a moment, but you’ll soon forget it,” and leaned forward, kissing him, smothering him with love as my cock began a slow forward motion into his love tunnel. Once past the entrance ring, I waited until I felt him loosen, adjusting to my intrusion into his bowel, and still kissing him fervently, continued my path into him.

Stony pushed back, easing my progress, and I inched deeper and deeper until I was balls deep, his balls resting on my pubes, and rested again.  He was secured to me clear to my root and we both sighed in our contentment.  As I began a gentle, short fucking motion, he moaned his desire, his pleasure, and reached up, pulling me down closer to him, and clamped his legs around me tightly, forcing me in as deep as I could travel. He was so warm, tight, and his stomach muscles and anal ring was massaging me. I couldn’t last long as I pumped harder and faster, love and passion taking over.  I felt my stomach tense, my balls tighten up in my scrotum, and I fired my essence up my cock, spewing it deep into my lovers tunnel as I pushed myself forward as deep as humanly possible, my ass cheeks twitching as I loosed several strong burst of cum.

I collapsed on top of him and as he softly rubbed my back, he sighed, “I never thought it could feel so good; you felt huge, filling me and tickling places I could only imagine.”

Stony sighed again and asked, “J.T., can a guy cum just from getting fucked?”

I thought a moment, replying, “I’ve heard of it, although I’ve never seen it or experienced it, why?”

He held up his forefinger and thumb with a slight distance between them. “I was just that close, I think.”

I rolled off of him, kissed him, and lay on my back.  “Now it’s your turn,” I announced.

“But, I’ve never done this before, to anyone,” he protested.

“Just do what I did and let nature take over,” I answered with a smile.

He did just fine and when he pushed forward for that climatic ending, shuddering as he released himself into me, he deposited a massive load of little soldiers up into the front lines, so many and of such volume that as we lay there in post-coital bliss, his hard cock still embedded in me, I could feel their slippery retreat out from the front lines to the rear.  My God, that man of mine could cum a bunch!


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