Harvest What You Sow

Chapter 4

Fortunately, the rain held off long enough for Jerry’s friend to harvest the oats. The field was small and the grain easily fit in one grain wagon that the fellow pulled. The dark clouds intensified shortly after noon. Not minutes after he finished cutting it started to rain. He pulled the grain wagon into the barn which meant the harvester was parked outside.

Man in overalls holding a wrench

Jerry's Friend Ready to Harvest

The fellow, who was probably sixty, came to the backdoor totally drenched. His overalls and shirt stuck to him. He knocked and Joel invited him onto the porch. His wispy white hair stuck out from under his dirty gray baseball cap and out of his ears. His glasses, held together with a rubber band, were rain splattered. He said, “Jerry told me you fellows’re cleaning the house before his party. I’ll be there. I assume you fellows will be there, too.”

“And probably Ray Jasper, my grandfather, as well.”

“Jerry didn’t mention that Ray was your grandfather. I bet he’ll attend. He’s come before.” He paused, “But with you young fellows there he may not come. Ask him.”

“We’re going shopping tomorrow with him for the booze and beer. We’ll encourage him.” I could see the fellow was shaking. I said, “Take off your wet clothes and we’ll put them in the dryer.” He undressed including his saggy white boxers. “Sam, get him a towel and one of Jerry’s robes.” Joel walked across the porch to toss the fellow’s clothes in the dryer.” He sat down at the kitchen counter. Joel said, “Do you want a beer?”

“No, water is fine.” We sat silently looking at each other until we heard the dryer’s buzzer go off. The fellow walked toward the porch to retrieve his clothes. As he was leaving he said, “Boys, if you’re going to bail the straw wait a couple of days.” I thanked him as Joel put the towel and the robe in the washer.

Grandpa drove us to a large general store near the east entrance of the Mark Twain National waterway. The drive was scenic and took about forty-five minutes. Grandpa asked shortly after we left, “You boys finish with the oats?”

“The oats are in the barn. The straw still needs to be cut, turned and bailed. We probably won’t be able to bail it because we leave Sunday.”

“Jerry and I can bail next week. He’s only going to use the straw as bedding so that it will be fine.” He paused, “I understand ole Willy harvested the oats, right?”

“He never told us his name. I presume the guy was Willy.”

“I’m sure Jerry asked him since he has the right harvester. Willy’s a fellow who likes cute, young guys like you. Did he…”

“No, and we didn’t encourage him.”

“Well, if you go to Jerry’s party you have to have, at least, shorts on. Joel, you dad, would disown me if he found out I let you go to such a party.”

“Why don’t you come with us to protect us,” Joel said smiling.

“OK, I’ll go for a while in the afternoon but the three of us will come home before it gets dark. Things happen in Jerry’s basement that are pretty weird.”

“We saw the sling and cross when we went downstairs. We’re definitely not into that kind of thing.”

Once we arrived at the general store we picked up the supplies Jerry asked for. We also stopped at a farm stand to pick up freshly picked corn and some tomatoes. We had exhausted Grandmother’s supply of ripe tomatoes. We stopped at another farm so Grandpa could buy steaks and fresh hamburger meat for the party. Grandpa said, “Tonight, I’ll grill the steaks to celebrate your time at the farm.” When we got back to Jerry’s we saw his car in the driveway. Joel and I went into the kitchen to put the supplies away and stash the meat in the refrigerator. Grandpa went to speak to Jerry who was sitting on the pool deck under an umbrella. We assumed he wanted to discuss with Jerry our attending the party.

Shortly, he and Jerry came in as we were putting the last six pack of beer in the extra refrigerator. Jerry said, “Boys, like I said, you’re welcome to come to the party but you must stayed dressed. I don’t need any trouble from the authorities even though you are technically old enough.”

Joel said, “We may be young but we wouldn’t let anyone take advantage of us. Grandpa said he would come to protect us from your ‘frisky’ friends.”

“Who called them frisky?”

Grandpa spoke up, “I did, and they are. I told the boys they might see some weird things if they went into your basement.”

“You guys have to promise me you won’t venture into the basement.”

“OK, we saw the sling and the cross. Not appealing to us at all,” Joel offered.

Saturday was a hot, clear day. At noon people began to arrive. By two about twelve guys including Joel, Grandpa and me were in and around the pool. Grandpa agreed we could have two beers each but he lost count as he consumed his bourbon and water. As advertised everyone was naked except us. The guys were cautious around us because they knew Ray was Joel’s grandfather. Mid-afternoon Jerry came into the kitchen as we were putting the food out on the counter. He slapped both of our covered butt cheeks. Neither of us took offense but didn’t say anything as he took the food outside. Several men gathered around the grill. Grandpa was in charge of cooking the hamburgers. The sun was beating down. Jerry asked us to walk with him to the barn. I wasn’t sure why he wanted us to walk to the barn. He put a torn piece of towel out and sat down on a bale of hay. He invited us to sit down.

He started with, “Thanks for getting everything ready for the party. I have a proposition to make to you. I realize you’all have to talk to your parents about what I am going to propose. Anyway, I would like to hire you both all of next summer. My plan is to cultivate more of my one hundred sixty acres. Also, in addition to my horses I want to buy about six or eight yearling heifers to fatten. As you know I have to travel back and forth to Jeff City. I don’t know if there’ll be a special session. I don’t want to have to find someone to attend to the animals if there is. If you agree I will buy the heifers this fall and keep the horses here. I’ll be going to Jeff City less frequently this fall.

“This is your junior year, correct?” We both nodded our head. “When school is out you will become my employees and I will pay you well since I assume you’re saving money for college. If I’m gone Ray and May will be close so I know you won’t have to fix your own meals. For all I know Ray may hire you, as well. I don’t need an answer until you’ve talked to your parents.”

Jerry was friendly, handsome, muscular and pleasant. I liked him. He said, “Let’s get back to the party. I look forward to getting your answers.” We walked back as he put a hand on each of our shoulders.

Grandpa was feeling really good from his bourbon but he hadn’t lost control. He splashed around with us in the pool and seemed to brighten up. The sun was setting as he said firmly, “Boys, time to go home. Joel, your parents will be here in the morning to pick you two up for the trip home.” We reluctantly said “Goodbye.”

When we got back to the house it was silent. Grandpa said that Grandmother was at the church arranging flowers for the service tomorrow. We knew we wouldn’t be going to church since we would be starting for home. Grandpa said, “You boys hungry? I know May made fresh apple pie. How would you feel if we ate au natural on the front porch?”

Joel smirked, “Finally, we get to take our clothes off.” We dropped our wet shorts we were wearing on the kitchen chairs as Grandpa cut us big pieces of pie. We sat quietly in the rocking chairs on the front porch not knowing what was on Grandpa’s mind. He said, “I understand Jerry offered you guys a job for next summer. I would like to hire you, too. If you accept I will also buy some heifers to fatten.” After acknowledging his statement we sat listening to the chirp of crickets until we heard Grandmother’s car crunching over the gravel. Joel grabbed the quilt and went into the house to get two pair of shorts. Ray was right behind us. Joel was rinsing the pie plates when his grandmother walked through the backdoor. She smiled and said, “Enjoy the pie.” We smiled and nothing more was said as she walked toward the bathroom.

We finished up in the kitchen and walked upstairs knowing we had to return to the bathroom before climbing into our bed for the last time. We heard Grandmother leave the kitchen we slowly crept down the squeaky stairs. Joel suggested that I fill the bathtub and get in. I waited as he sat on the toilet. Not much was said as his legs slid down beside mine. He washed me spending an unusually long time on my dick and ass. I returned the favor knowing we probably wouldn’t be doing this once we got home. After thoroughly cleaning each other we returned to our bed. A cooling breeze moved the sheer curtains at our windows. We lay naked on our quilt letting the breeze cool us. I heard Joel’s soft breathing. My unexpectedly fun summer holiday was almost over. I closed my eyes.

In the morning Grandmother was fixing a breakfast not only for us but for Joel’s parents who were expected anytime. They were driving from Rolla where they had stayed overnight. They were happy to see Joel and warmly greeted me. Mrs. Jasper asked, “Did you and Joel enjoy yourself. You guys have great tans.”

Joel said, “It was great having Sam here. We really had a good time. We’ll tell you about it in the car.” I smiled to myself knowing there were many things we wouldn’t be saying in the car. As the younger Jaspers were sitting with Grandmother finishing their cups of coffee Grandpa signaled for us to join him on the front porch. When we got outside he pulled us into a big hug. “Boys, if you decide to accept Jerry and my offer know that May and I would be really happy if you were working here. Let me know you decision in the next month so Jerry and I can go to the auction to buy the heifers. If you can’t come it’s too much work for me alone.” We assured him that we would discuss the offer with our parents. We drove off with Grandpa and Grandmother waving from the front porch.

My parents weren’t home when the Jaspers dropped me off but my sisters were. I introduced them to Joel whose eyes told me he liked what he saw. He quickly hugged me and got back in the car. I ran my hand through my hair which really needed a haircut. I wondered if I would I tell my sisters what Joel and I did. With my backpack in my hand they followed me to my room. Susan said, “We want you to tell us everything you did” They made themselves comfortable sitting on my bed. I related that Joel and I swam naked not only in the river by also Jerry’s pool. I told them that Joel and I slept in the same bed. Susan asked, “Did you do more than sleep together?” I answered affirmatively and they didn’t ask any more. I was aware that they something was different about them. “Sam, we missed you when we were in Norway. It was a great experience but we’re glad you and we are home.” There was a long pause. “You want to see how much their bodies had changed”

“If you want to show me I am happy to look.” I was surprised that in three weeks their breasts were fuller and their hips and butt more plump. I couldn’t believe they showed me. I said, “Impressive.” They wanted to know more about Joel - what he liked, about his personality and how he looked naked. Sarah surprised me by asking, “Is his dick as big as yours?”

I said, “Bigger, maybe he’ll show you sometime when he is over.” The girls got up when we heard mother call. I called, “Mom, I’m home.” She came to my room and gave me a ‘welcome home’ hug.

I didn’t see Joel until after school started. Our family took a long weekend trip to see my grandparents in St. Louis. When school started the only time I saw Joel was at lunch because we didn’t have any of the same classes. After school he was running track and I was playing soccer. Swimming workouts had started in October. One day at lunch I asked Joel if he’d like to come for a sleepover over the Columbus Day weekend. I knew my parents were going to be out-of-town at my sister’s field hockey tournament. I was hoping we could enjoy each other physically.

At lunch the day before he was coming over he told me his cousin was coming for the weekend and he couldn’t sleep over. I suspected if I invited both on them there wouldn’t be any sexual activities with a new face joining us. But I said, “Joel, what the heck. Have him join us. We’ll still have the house to ourselves, at least, through Sunday night when Susan and Sarah and my parents get home.”

He reluctantly agreed. Friday evening after school he and his cousin, Randy came over. Randy was a year and a half younger than we were. He was the oldest child of Joel’s dad’s younger brother. He had sandy, reddish blond hair lighter than mine. He was a little stocky and his lack of hair suggested he hadn’t completely finished with puberty’s changes. He had a nice smile but seemed shy since he didn’t know me. Joel said, “Randy, Sam and I spent three weeks at our grandparent’s farm this summer.”

“I bet that was fun.”

“We had a lot of fun,” Joel said as he smiled at me. With that comment Randy smiled for the first time.

Friday night we ate pizza and watched television. Joel had somehow gotten a six pack of Budweiser which meant we each had two. Randy didn’t like the taste so Joel drank Randy’s second one. On Saturday we drove over to a water park that was having a last fling before closing for the season. Joel’s comments at the water park were about this cute girl or that girl with big boobs. He hadn’t seemed that interested in girls when we were at the farm. When Randy left to go the bathroom Joel and I were sitting drinking a Coke. He asked me, “Sam, have you seen your sisters naked.”

 I was honest and told him, ‘Yes, several times.”

Joel said, “Did it make you hard?”

“Yes, so what?”

“Are they virgins?”

“How should I know? I know they date and I know one of them has touched a boy’s dick.”

“They’re cool looking girls.”

Randy returned and was quiet through some of our conversation until he asked, “Are they the same age?”

I said, “They’re twins who just turned fourteen.”

“That’s my age. Will I meet them?

“Yes, they’ll be home tomorrow night from a field hockey tournament.” After we finished at the water park we rode our bikes for a burger and milk shake before returning home. When we got home we were in my bathroom showering when Joel slapped a rat tail toward Randy’s butt. I watched Randy’s reaction which was to try to slap Joel’s butt. They shoved back and forth before wrapping a towel around themselves. We had decided to sleep in my bedroom rather the family room where we slept last night. I was hoping Joel and I would get into something but I doubted that anything would happen with Randy there.

When we were sitting in our underwear on my bed Joel he brought up the subject of working on the farm. We had to tell Jerry and Mr. Jasper soon so they could buy the calves. I had mentioned Jerry’s offer to my parents but I wanted to find out what Joel was going to do before I made a decision. He said, “Guess what? My parents aren’t going to allow me to work on the farm. They want me to go to some enrichment program to see if I can get into a fancy Eastern private college like Princeton or Yale. I haven’t told Grandpa.”

“Well, I guess I won’t go either.”

Randy piped up, “I think mom and dad will let me go.”

“Randy, the guy who lives next door to your grandparents offered to hire us to work on his farm all summer. Your grandfather offered us the same thing. I don’t want to go by myself even though I really like your grandparents.”

“Let me talk to my parents and see what they think.”