Harvest What You Sow

Chapter 3

The sun was bright when I woke and found Joel lying naked on top of the bed covers. I shook him, “Let’s get up and get over to Jerry’s.”

He groaned and stretched, “We’ve got to turn the alfalfa to dry it. If we don’t turn the hay will spoil and be harmful for the animals.”

“We’ll start after breakfast?”

“Sounds good.” We ate silently but I noticed he looked at me occasionally and smiled. I suspect he was thinking about last night. Wearing the same old clothes we had on the day before I got into the pickup and started it up. The gear shift was on the column which not the same as I had driven before. It proved to be easier than our shifter which was on the console.

Before we started toward Jerry’s we made sure the fuel tank on the tractor was full. Joel drove the tractor and I followed him. Joel finished cutting the remaining hay which we didn’t cut yesterday. I watched from the truck. Joel followed Grandpa’s admonition and went slowly so the blades of the mower didn’t get clogged. By the time we finished it was scorching hot and both of us were soaked with sweat. We rested in the shade and drank ice cold lemonade from Mason jars that Grandma had sent with us. We hitched the rotating hay rake to the tractor I got up on the seat and began to move slowly through the hay we cut yesterday. I turned only the hay cut yesterday so that went pretty fast.

When we finished we approached Jerry’s house where the truck was parked. There didn’t seem to be anyone home. I assumed Jerry was in Jefferson City at the state capitol. Joel got off the tractor and said, “Let’s go for a swim. Jerry told us to use the pool.” I was hot and sticky so the idea really appealed to me.

Two men swimming

Sam and Joel in Jerry's Pool

We stripped and jumped into the cool, almost cold, water. Joel surfaced with, “How the fuck can the water be this cold when the air is so hot.” I didn’t answer his rhetorical question and swam toward him. We splashed around until I realized how hungry I was. Joel agreed. He drove the tractor back with the attached mower and I followed in the truck. We left the hay rake over at Jerry’s.

When we got to the house Grandmother said, “Boys, I think it’s too late to get a canoe today. I’ll take you in the morning on my way into town.

Joel said, “Can we do it Wednesday? We still have to turn the hay one more time before we can bail.”

“That’s fine with me. I suspect your canoe ride with take two to three hours. After I shop and unload the groceries I will park the truck down near the gate. When you finish on the river you can walk the canoe up to the gate. That will be easier and safer than driving the truck out to the river and taking a chance of getting stuck.” After lunch we took our blanket out under the oak tree and took a nap for an hour or so. I said, “Joel, you want to go down to the river?”

“You mean take our quilt.”

“Yes. What do you think?

“I have a better idea. Why don’t we take this quilt with us tomorrow? When we find the right spot, you know…”

“Do you know if your Grandmother has KY or lotion that we could borrow? That might make our playing more comfortable.”

“I’ll check in the bathroom when Grandma is fixing supper.” He told me he found two small jars of KY and took one with the intention of returning it after our canoe trip. We finished turning the hay on Tuesday but it took almost four hours. Wednesday was hot but not as hot as the day before. We wore different clothes than we had worn mowing. Grandmother dropped us at the canoe rental. She gave Joel the money he needed. We told the canoe rental outfitter that we would bring the canoe back. He didn’t need to pick us up down the river. Before we got our canoe we had to wait as a group of giggly Girl Scouts to get set up with canoes, paddles and life jackets. Joel said what I was thinking, “I hope we don’t have to float with them all day.” The first hour our worst fear was realized as the girl’s canoes went back and forth in front of us confirming that they had little idea what they were doing.

Fortunately, their leaders directed them to stop at a low sand bar along the otherwise steep sided river. It appeared that they were going to do their picnic there. We paddled on as fast as we could. In about two and half hours we reached the Jasper’s farm which we could tell by the pattern of fallen trees before the slope we usually climbed up. I stood by the canoe as Joel took our lunch, water bottles, quilt and other items up to the top. I threw the rope painter up to him. With him pulling and me pushing we got the canoe up to the top.

As usual Joel was undressed almost immediately. I followed suit. We sat eating our sandwiches and fruit. Joel said, “Let’s show the little girls some dick and ass when they canoe by?”

“Won’t we get in trouble?”

“Yelled at by the leaders, maybe. What else can they do?” As soon as we heard the giggling girls we slid down into the river. The girls’ view was obscured by the fallen trees until they were parallel to us. We stood in the water to our waists and waited. As we hoped one of the leader canoes passed before we stood naked waving at the girls. Fingers were pointed and the laughter grew as we waved not only our hands but our dicks. Before the final leader boat passed we sunk down into the water but kept waving. After they passed we climbed up to our quilt.

Joel said, “Is it my turn yet?” He was stroking himself.

“I’m ready but can’t we make out. I like when you kiss me. Will you do that?”

“I guess so.” We lay down on the quilt and he leaned over and gave me a quick kiss. I reached for his face and gave him a big juicy kiss which he returned. I chewed on his ear lode and then his nipples. He was enjoying what I was doing. We were both hard when Joel rolled onto his back with his dick pointing straight up in the air. I took the KY and slicked his dick. He insisted that he grease my asshole. No one other than me had ever touched that part of me. I leaned over to give him access. He not only greased me he pushed first one finger and then two into my hole. It hurt but I knew his dick would hurt more. “You’re tight. We’ll see how this goes.”

As he had done two nights ago I stood over his reclining body and slowly lowered my ass toward him. He held his dick as his crown entered my anal cavity. The pain was intense. I stopped. He said, “Slowly, that’s the key.” He was right. The lower I went the better it felt. I did what he had done and started going up and down. “I’m trying not to cum because I want to do you when you’re done.”

“I’m not sure I can hold out. The sensation is intense.” Without announcement my dick spewed out. “There’s your answer.” My thick white cum was roped onto his stomach and his chest. He took a finger full into his mouth.

“You taste good. Do you like riding my cock?”

“Yes, but I’d like to fuck you in bed. I think it would be more comfortable.”

“When it gets cooler.” I slowly pulled off and lay down beside him. He got on his knees while smearing KY on his member. He lifted my legs. I held them as he slowly pushed his dick into my asshole. I was loose as he slipped in and started his movement in and out. He went slowly as if trying to let the experience last. He leaned down and kissed me several times before he lost control and shot his load inside my body. I knew he was sensitive so I squeezed my asshole tightly around this dick. His face suggested he was experiencing agonizing pleasure.

We lay in the grass until the annoying flies forced us to get cleaned up for the trip to the pickup. We chose to walk naked across the field and pulled on our shorts and flip flops shortly before we reached the canoe rental store. The shorts came off after we drove away.

We stopped the pickup in the shade next to the shed. There were several cars parked near the house. Joel said he thought his grandmother was having so sort of a church meeting. Instead of going to the house we spread the quilt in the bed of the truck. We lay there talking until we heard Grandpa’s truck. We quickly pulled up our shorts and got out of the truck bed to meet him. He asked about the canoe trip. We told him it was fun but didn’t tell him how much fun.

Thursday we worked with Grandpa. Our work started shortly after six on Thursday morning. Grandpa drove the bailer and Joel attached one of the two bail catcher wagons to the bailer. Grandpa started bailing and we drove back to get the second hay catcher. When we returned Grandpa stopped and unhitched one wagon which was more than half full and attached the empty one. We drove the hay to Jerry’s barn and began stacking the bails. Each weighed fifty pounds and by mid-morning my arms and back were aching. By the time we stopped for lunch I could hardly walk. The pain I felt in my ass when I woke up was not totally disguised by the pain I felt in all my muscles.

For lunch Grandma had set up a table and chairs in the front yard under the magnificent oak trees. It was a little cool breeze. Everything we ate was cool or cold which was the way it should have been. Cold fried chicken, cool coleslaw, cucumber and red onions in iced, sugared vinegar and finally cold peaches. There was plenty of ice tea which Grandma poured over the ice in our glass. We didn’t talk much until Grandpa said, “Boys, good work. You go back over later and finish stacking the hay we’ve bailed. We’ll bail the remainder tomorrow.”

Two hours later the sound of his truck motor woke us from a nap on our quilt. We waved at Grandpa but didn’t know where he was going. Grandma told us he had been called in to work because there was some disturbance at his correctional facility. We rubbed our eyes not realizing that we had been sleeping so long. Grandmother said, “Boys, get over to Jerry’s and finish stacking the hay. It’s supposed to rain tonight. If it doesn’t you boys need to finish the bailing. Ray didn’t think he’d be home tonight.”

Joel and I moaned and walked to the pickup dragging. Once back at Jerry’s barn we were faced with one entire hay wagon to be unloaded. We worked quietly for an hour before the stacking was done. We were hot and sweaty. There was no activity around the house so it looked like Jerry wasn’t home. We stopped to take a quick swim and cool off. We hadn’t hit the water when Jerry opened the back door and stepped onto the pool deck. We were shocked and embarrassed being naked in his pool. He said, “Looks wonderful. How’s the water?”

“Cool but refreshing. Hope you don’t mind us swimming?”

“Not a bit. Can I join you?”

“Sure, it’s your pool.” We laughed as he stripped. He had not only dark brown hair on his head and face but also had plenty of hair on his chest, middle and legs. I assumed his ass was the same which was confirmed as he got out of the pool.

Once we were on the pool deck letting air dry us Jerry said, “Is Ray coming to finish the bailing?”

“We don’t know. If he doesn’t Sam and I will finish tomorrow. We know how to run the bailer. It will probably take all day.”

“I’ll plan to work with you which will make the stacking go a little faster.”

“It’s hot work.”

Jerry said, “I know but I like to get sweaty. At least I know I have accomplished something which often isn’t true in my regular job. In my work you’re never sure anyone will do anything. Sorry to be complaining.”

“No problem. We should get going.”

He didn’t want us to leave and said, “You boys want a beer. I know you’re underage but you deserve one or two.”


Should we sit up on the deck? Do we need to dress?”

“I’m not going to but do what you want...” We sat in folding chairs waiting for him to come out with our beers. I noticed as I am sure Joel did that Jerry’s member had plumped since he went inside. He handed us our cold, refreshing beers. He sat across from us as he continued to grow. “You guys can see my dick likes to be outside and free. For me that doesn’t happen very often.”

Joel shocked me and said, “Looks like it needs some attention.”

“Are you offering?”

“Yeah, Sam and I are good at getting each other off. We will show you what we can do?”

“I don’t think so. I could get in a lot of trouble if anyone found out. I’ll take things into my own hands.” He rubbed himself until he satisfied himself. “Gawd, I needed that. I hope you didn’t mind my show.”

We smiled, got up and ran toward the pool. Jerry joined us.

Standing with us Jerry said, “Use the pool whenever you want to. By the way, I understand you’re here for another week, correct?”

“That’s right. My parents pick us up a week from Sunday.”

“Well, the Saturday before you leave I’m having a pool party. Most of the guys coming I went to school with at Poplar Bluff High School. No women, men only. Swimming will be clothing optional. You guys are welcome. I’ll invite Ray as well.”

“Do you think Grandpa will come to a naked party?”

“He has before. He has a really big dick.”

“We know because he swam with us in the river last week. He’s almost as big as this beer can.”

“I shouldn’t say but he knows what to do with it, too.”

Joel looked surprised, “You mean you and he…?”

“Let’s just say he and I have fooled around. Don’t ask anymore.” The three of us laughed. Jerry continued, “Would you boys be interested in making some more money next week?”

“Sure,” I said.

Jerry said, “Unfortunately, I’ve got to go back to Jeff City on Monday for, at least, three days. Would you be interested in not only cleaning the outside in advance of the party but also the messy, inside of the house? I’ll give you a list of things to buy for the party. Ray will have to go with you to buy the booze and beer. I don’t think he’ll mind.”

“Sure. When do we start?”

“Finish the bailing and stacking. We’ll plan either tomorrow afternoon or Saturday. Ray’ll be home then?”

“We don’t know because he was called in because of some disturbance at his facility.”

“Well, you fellows should get on your way. I’m sure May has supper waiting for you. See you tomorrow morning.” We drove off in our shorts and didn’t bother to lace up our tennis shoes.

Naked man sitting on his haunches in a crop

Jerry in the Oats

At breakfast Grandmother said Grandpa had returned in the night but was sleeping. She suggested we go and finish the bailing. We told her Jerry was going to help us. When we arrived Jerry was bend down naked in his field of oats looking at the crop. I said, “What’re you doing?”

He looked up and smiled, “Oats are ready to be harvested. I going to arrange for a friend with the harvester to come over and take the grain off. I hope he can come next week then you can bail the remaining straw. I’ll use it for bedding when the horses arrive.”

“When are the horses coming?” Joel asked.

“Well, I own two quarter horses but board them since I am gone so much. As soon as this special session of the legislature is over I hope to bring them out for the fall. I need to ride. Let me get dressed so we can get to work.”

He was gone a few minutes and reappeared in a tattered cotton shirt, cutoff jeans and work boots. He had a funny floppy hat on his head. He and I watched as Joel started the bailer. Joel started slowly as the bails flew into the attached catcher wagon. When it was half full Joel stopped so Jerry could unhook one wagon and hook up the second one. The work was as painful as yesterday but I figured there was only one more wagon needed to clear the field. For the final wagon we had three people stacking.

When we were finished we were hot and sweaty. He invited us to swim even though he said he had to call first and arrange for the oat harvester. We declined and said we might come back later. We were sure Grandma had lunch ready. After we parked the bailer and the hay wagons we found she and Grandpa were sitting in the front yard. Grandpa inquired about our progress and we told him that with Jerry’s help we were finished until the oats were harvested. Joel told them Jerry had offered us a job for next week in advance of a party he was having. After Grandmother got up to clear dishes Joel said, “Jerry said you’re invited to the men only party.”

He smiled, “Jerry’s parties can get frisky. Did he invite you boys?”

“Yes, what do you mean frisky?”

“You boys are old enough to know that sometimes men like to only be with other men.”

Joel said, “Yes we know.” I looked at him surprised that he said what he said.

“Didn’t I hear moans coming from your room a couple of nights ago?”

Surprised Joel said, “Did Grandma hear?”

“If she did she didn’t say anything. She wouldn’t approve but won’t say anything. I’m sure your dad and his two brothers did things that they never told us about. You saw how comfortable your dad was when we were swimming in the river.”

I said, “Jerry mentioned that he wanted us to pick up supplies including booze and beer. He suggested that you might go with us since we’re too young to buy alcohol.”

“We’ll do that on Thursday when I’m off.” Grandmother returned and the conversation about the party stopped. She volunteered to fix lunches to take when we’re working. We told her we preferred to come back to the farm for lunch.

Sunday afternoon Jerry came over for a few minutes ready to drive to Jeff City. He dropped off a key and two hundred dollars to pay for the party supplies. After breakfast the next morning Joel and I went over to Jerry’s to survey what needed to be done both inside and outside the house. We decided to work outside since Monday was supposed to only be in the eighty’s. I clipped and Joel mowed the large front and back yard on Jerry’s riding lawnmower. Since his house was relatively new the trees provided no shade. After lunch we returned with the intention of swimming but decided when we went inside the air conditioned house to contain our activities of Jerry’s king size bed. He told us to wash the sheets so we knew it didn’t matter if we got them dirty. I commented, “Do you think Jerry meant to leave the air conditioner on?”

“I bet he did it for us.” We pleasured each other for more than two hours. I was in Joel and he was in me twice even though I only came once. Joel managed to shoot two loads. We found we really liked the lube Jerry had in his bedside table. It was better than KY. Tuesday was housecleaning. We chose not to wash the sheets because we planned to use them, at least, one more time.