Harvest What You Sow

Chapter 1

The summer of 1966 was hot and dry in mid-Missouri. By August the flowers were wilted and the streams almost dry. Everyone who had a car or a bicycle would head to the swimming pool or closest lake to cool off. Our house didn’t have air conditioning. At night my father turned on the big exhaust fan in our attic to pull slightly cooler air in from outside. Even at that it was hot when I went to bed. I no longer wore pajamas but even my boxers were too much. My two younger sisters were in the bedroom next to mine with the adjoining bathroom separating our rooms. Mom and Dad’s room was on the other side of the house.

My sisters were twins two years younger than my fifteen years. When I was thirteen they were a nuisance but recently have become pretty cool. I liked to pull their blonde ponytails. They still were each other’s best friend. They tell me they love that I’m their big brother. When my friend Joel came over they spied on us. He and I would play checkers or chess on our screened back porch. This summer he’s gone to his grandparent’s farm.

After Joel was at the farm for about two weeks his grandmother called my mother to invite me to the farm and visit Joel for three weeks. When Mom told me about the invitation she asked me if I thought I wanted to go. I hesitated long enough that she said, “Your father and I think it would be good for you to get out into the country. You might like the fresh country air and getting sunshine on your white, lanky limbs.”

“Why?” I said, frowning slightly.

“You and Joel seem like best friends. With him gone Dad and I think you spend too much time alone doing things inside the house.” I’m a loner even though my sisters think every girl in our class had a crush on me.

Joel was my friend but I never called him my best friend out loud. While we played games I’ve never slept overnight at Joel’s house nor had he at mine. I wasn’t sure I was going to like being with him constantly for three weeks.

Two days after the conversation between Mom and Joel’s grandmother took place I finally decided I would go. That night was miserably hot so I left my door to the hall open, which I normally didn’t do. That way more of the outside air would be pulled into my room. I thought my sisters were asleep so I left my bathroom door open, too. I lay naked on top of the sheets trying to go to sleep. I don’t know what I was thinking about but I felt my dick fill and point straight up to the ceiling. The moon was bright enough to cause my dick to cast a shadow on my thigh. I looked at my erection and tried to remember what I was thinking about. I heard a giggle so assumed that the girls were awake. The giggling stopped and I didn’t move.

Suddenly Sarah and Susan ran into my dark room and jumped on the bed. I didn’t have time to cover myself. They could clearly see I was naked and hard. I yelled whispering, “Get out!” Neither of them moved.

 Sarah said, “Sam, we’re sorry. We’ve never seen you this way. Does it look like that very often?

With anger in my voice I snapped, “It happens to every boy you know. You’ve had the human body classes haven’t you?”

“Yes, but we’ve never seen one up close. Can we touch yours?”

“You can if you don’t tell Mom and Dad. They would not like it.”

“We won’t tell.” Susan cautiously reached out her right hand. She was usually bolder than Sarah. Rather than touch she wrapped her hand around it.

“Have you done this before?” I asked surprised at her boldness.

“Yes, Rex asked me to touch his penis when we were playing in Georgina’s basement. His was soft not hard like yours.”

“What about you, Sarah?”

I could almost feel her blush as she sat crossed legged on my bed. “No, I haven’t. Can I touch your dick?”

I said, “That’s what’s it’s called rather a 'penis’. When Susan lets go you can touch me.” She reached her hand out and did exactly what her sister had done. At that moment I decided I would take this further. “Susan, close my door and turn on the light by my desk.” She did as she was told as Sarah continued to hold on to me and rubbed slightly. After turning on my desk lamp Susan slowly walked back to my bed.

“My gosh, Sam, you have so much hair on your body.”

“That’s what happens to most boys my age. Hair grows everywhere. Have you heard that boys ejaculate?”

“That’s how the sperm gets to the egg, right?”

“That doesn’t happen only when boys and girls are having sex. Boys practice.”

“How?” Susan asked naively.

“OK, watch. Your boyfriends may ask you to rub them or even suck on their dicks.”

“Gross, I’d never do that.”

“OK, watch me.” For some reason I was really turned on. I couldn’t let them know I liked teaching them about boys. “I grab my dick and begin to move my hand back and forth up and down.” Both girls were mesmerized and stared intensely as I rubbed. I noticed that Sarah had moved her hand to the front of her shortie pajamas. I moved faster and was enjoying watching their faces. I felt the movement in my balls and knew I was going to cum soon. I was panting and breathing deeply and suddenly a sticky stream of white shot onto my chest. The girls were initially quiet.

As I slowly came down neither Sarah or Susan said anything until Sarah looked at Susan and said, “So that’s sperm.”

“That’s what makes babies, so don’t let any boyfriend enter you unless you are ready to have a baby.”

Susan said, “Can I touch the cum? It looks sticky.”

“We’ve gone this far so I guess you can.” Both girls reached out to touch the white sticky liquid. Neither said anything until I said, “I have tasted my cum. I don’t think it has much taste.”


“Enough of this. You guys go to bed. This may sound crazy but I want you to know that you can ask me any questions you have about boys. I won’t know all the answers but I’ll do my best. I could never get answers to basic questions from Dad. I will be as honest as I can be. I’m your big brother and I love you both.”

“We love you, too, Sam.” They both hugged my neck and quietly left my room. I got up to wash off the result of my demonstration. I smiled, wondering whether what I did is what older brothers are supposed to do. When I got back into bed a soft cool breeze came through my window. I slept soundly and didn’t wake until I heard Mother say it was time for breakfast. I threw on my ratty running shorts and a sleeveless tee shirt and joined the family for a breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, hash brown potatoes and Mother’s delicious homemade biscuits. She placed a newly opened jar of homemade strawberry jam in front of my plate.

Susan and Sarah both smiled as I sat down in my regular seat across from them. Mother brought up the subject of my going to Joel’s grandparent’s’ farm. I confirmed that I had decided to go. That began a conversation about how I was going to get there. I had my driving permit but not my license. One of my parents was going to have to drive me or I was going to have to take a bus to a town about fifteen miles from the farm. Mother told me to call Mrs. Jasper and accept her invitation and discuss the best way for me to travel to the farm.

When I called she answered, “May, here, who is calling?” After I introduced myself she said, “Sam, we’re so happy you’re coming. Joel has told us all about you.” I told her about my travel options and she stopped me saying, “As it happens Joel’s parents are driving over this weekend. I’m sure they’d be happy if you traveled with them.” The thought of my being in the car for two hours with adults I didn’t know terrified me. When I told mother what Mrs. Jasper said she thought it was a great plan since neither of my parents wanted to drive me. When I called Joel’s mother she told me she and Mr. Jasper would be happy to have me ride with them. We agreed on a time Friday afternoon when they would pick me up. She suggested that I didn’t need to bring too much since the older Mrs. Jasper was always doing laundry. She didn’t mention a swimming suit so I presumed there wasn’t a pool nearby.

The week dragged. I had to finish people’s lawns that I mowed and trimmed before we left on Friday. My neighbor, Freddie, said he would mow for me while I was gone so the grass didn’t get high and scraggly. I didn’t think it would grow much because when I trimmed dust flew everywhere.

Man sitting on toilet

Sam Surprised

After breakfast Thursday I went up to my room to straighten up and pack my duffle. I hadn’t bothered to close the bathroom doors because I thought mother had taken Susan and Sarah shopping. Suddenly Susan walked into the bathroom not noticing me sitting on the john. She turned and looked surprised, “Sorry, Sam, didn’t know you were here.” She turned but before she left looked at me. “Sam, Sarah and I have something we want to discuss with you before you leave. Can we talk tonight?”

“Sure, what is it about?”

“We’ll tell you tonight. Mom’s waiting for me.” She turned and left me sitting on the stool. Thankfully, the air wasn’t stinky. After I finished I stood in front of the mirror admiring my body. I was almost five feet seven inches tall with a normal amount of muscle. My light brown hair needed to be cut before I left for the farm. I was proud of my dick which was almost fully grown. I rubbed my dick thinking about what my sisters saw fully extended. I smiled and gave my dick a pull. After my shower I went into my room and started thinking about what I was going to take to the farm. I remembered what Joel’s mother said about not taking too much.

All day long I wondered what my sisters wanted to talk to me about. After dinner Father suggested we watch television. His favorite show was the Luci-Desi Comedy Hour which was on in the summer. After that show was one of my favorites, The Defenders, with E.G. Marshall and the handsome Robert Reed.

The girls left our TV room after the comedy hour. When The Defenders was over I went into the kitchen for a glass of milk and two newly baked sugar cookies that mother made after she and the girls got home. They were soft and delicious. I hurried to my room to see what the girls wanted to talk about. Not two minutes after I got into my room both girls walked in with serious looks on their faces. Susan said, “Sam, we’re sorry we walked in on you the other night.”

Susan said, “I apologize for not knocking on the bathroom door this morning but it was open.”

“Really, no problem.” I rationalized that it was part of my duty as a big brother. “I know you girls will have lots of boys after you. The more information you have the better decisions you will make.”

Sarah spoke, “This is serious. Susan and I have been discussing taking birth control pills.”

“What? You’re too young. Have you asked Mother?”

“Not yet. We’re interested in your opinion.”

“Yeah, your friend, Robbie Hanson, has been pushing me to have sex with him,” Sarah said.

“Robbie Hanson, in my class?”


“I didn’t know you were dating him.”

“Sarah and I have been on a couple of double dates with him and Tory Jameson.”

Shocked, I said, “A couple of dates and he is suggesting sex. He is bolder than I would be.”

“I told him 'NO’ but we thought we would ask you what you thought.”

“Well, to tell you the truth I’m still a virgin. I don’t have a girlfriend. I never had to think about your question.” I paused and said, “OK, here are my thoughts on the subject. If either of you guys would get pregnant I would hurt the guy who did it. If you think you’re going to give yourself to Robbie or anybody take the pills. Mother will have to agree, you know.”

“We know she is going to take some convincing. We will wait until the time is right.” Susan paused, “Now for the other thing we came to talk to you about.”

“There’s more?”

“Since you shared your body with Sarah and me we thought it was only fair that we showed you our bodies.”

Sarah said, “Susan had the idea after she saw you in the bathroom. I’m shyer than she is.” As she was speaking Susan was taking off her shirt and unsnapping her training bra. Her breasts were evident but not very full. She dropped her shorts and panties in one move. I was shocked and couldn’t speak. I’m sure my face showed it.

Sarah loosened her buttons before opening her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She smiled and said, “Sam, do you like what you see?”

I smiled, “Sure, but my dick is getting hard. It shouldn’t be because you are my little sisters.”

Susan said, “Do you want to touch?”

I kept my hands down and said, “Enough. Looking is fine but touching is not fine.”

Sarah said, “That brings me to our last point. Since we’ve already seen you jack off we are suggesting leaving our bathroom doors unlocked, if not completely open. You can watch us and we can watch you.”

“Even when you’re dealing with your period?”

“Maybe not that, but if you can’t be comfortable around your brother who can you be comfortable around.”

I said, “When I get home we’ll see if all of us are OK with what Sarah suggests. All three of us have to be comfortable leaving the doors open. Do you think Mother is going to ask?”

“We’ll cross that bridge when you get back.”