Chapter 10 - ‘A Not So Welcome Homecoming’




    "Hey babes." Jason said groggily as he sat up in bed. Fiona was sitting on the end of the bed.


     "Well, hello sleepy head. Nice dream?" she asked casually.


     "Why? What was I doing?" He surreptitiously peeked under the covers at his package.


     "Oh, nothing, just moaning a certain name" She smiled tauntingly.


     He blushed a deep shade of red.


     She looked him in the eye, "Why didn't you tell me you had a boyfriend?"


     "What?" he asked, somewhat surprised.


     "We've always told each other everything, how come you didn't tell me?"


     "Fi, he's not my boyfr-"


     "Jase, I saw you kissing him. And I talked to him while you were asleep. You should see how much he cares for you."


     Jason swallowed a lump in his throat, "Um... I guess we did kiss, but that doesn't mean were 'together.'" He looked here in the eye. "Does he really care about me?"


     She laughed at his stupidity. "Jason, you must be the stupidest person in the world not to have noticed it. The way he looks at you, the look on his face when he talks about you... Jason, I think the love he has for you is only outmatched by how besotted with him you seem to be."


     Jason's flush deepened. "What do you think of him? I mean as a person."


    She smiled, "Well he seems nice enough. He's sort of mysterious though. I could barely get a word out of him, unless he was talking about you. And then he just jumped up and dashed off."


     "What?" Jason sat upright. "Where did he go?"


     "Don't worry, he's just in the backyard. He said something about 'stopping them' and then he told me to hang mistletoe around your room."


     "Awww, and here I was, thinking you just wanted a kiss!"


     "Oh shove off!" she laughed as she threw a pillow at his face."


     Jason easily caught the pillow and was about to toss it back at her when he caught sight of Matt in the hallway. He dropped the pillow.


     "Matt What the hell happened to you?" Jason shouted as Matt came through the bedroom door clutching his wrist.


     "Nothing" Matt grunted and tried to cover up his arm with his sleeve.


     "Don't be an idiot, your wrist is bleeding! We've got to put pressure on it and stop the bleeding." Fiona tried to grab Matt's hand, but Matt jerked it away.


     "It's nothing." He insisted. Matt slid his hand over the wound. In it's passage, the wound had healed, leaving not a single mark on his skin.


     Jason raised his eyebrows in surprise. "You gotta teach me that trick sometime, looks useful."


     Matt smiled tiredly at him. "I'm afraid we're going to have to be leaving. You can't stay here."


     "What about Fiona? We can't leave her here if it's not safe."


     Matt grabbed Jason's hand, "She'll be safe as soon as we're gone. The ground is hallowed, They can't come here anymore."


     "Then why do you have to leave? I mean if they can't come back..." Fiona asked.


     Matt shook his head, "Aye, they can't come here, but Miriam can." Jason visibly paled. "She won't bother if you're not here."


     Fiona looked confused, "Who's Miriam?"


     "No one," Matt hastily replied.


     Jason looked sharply at him before explaining to Fiona, "She's a bad person, she tried to kill me once. Unfortunately Matt sort of works for her." He hugged Fiona tightly. "Promise me, if she turns up here, you'll get the hell out of here. Promise."


     Fiona nodded and hugged him back. "Be careful!" she whispered into his ear.


     "Come on Jason, we have to hurry" Matt urged.


     Jason caught sight of Matt raising his glowing hand, out of the corner of his eye. He whirled on Matt, his eyes blazing with white fire. "Don't you dare, Matt! We're going to leave like conventional people, in a conventional way. Enough with your little hand trick."


     The force alone in Jason's eyes caused Matt to lower his hand. The glowing faded out. "Alright, but we have to hurry."



     Fiona let them out the front door and quickly locked it behind them when Jason insisted. She stood at the window and watched them as they walked down the white gravel path and onto the street.


     "Take care of him, Matt." She whispered. "'Cause if anything happens to him, whatever you are, I will hunt you down and make you suffer."



* * *



     Jason strode briskly down the street; dressed in some clothes he's borrowed from Fiona, black jogging shorts and a loose rugby-type shirt. Matt tried to focus on their surroundings, but his eyes kept being drawn back to Jason's smooth, tight ass. The flip-flops Jason had also borrowed from Fiona slapped rhythmically against his feet. A car drove past and Matt quickly caught up with Jason.


     "Where are we going?" he asked.


     Jason grinned widely, "What's this? The all-knowing Matt lost?"


     "I'm not lost, I'm just wondering where you think we're going. I mean, you don't know where the nearest safe-house is do you?"


     Jason arched an eyebrow, "You're right, I have no idea where the nearest 'safe-house' is. But you can't expect me to go on the run in these now can you?" he gestured at his ill-fitting clothing. "These shorts are so tight, I'm worried there will be permanent damage." He joked.


     Matt cast his eyes back down to Jason's backside, "Can't say I'm complaining!" he reached out his hand to caress Jason.


     Jason slapped his hand away and picked up the pace, "Yeah, well I'm freezing my ass off here."


     "That truly would be a shame."


     `What was going on?' Jason thought. `We kiss once and then suddenly he's different. He's more open and almost dirty!' "That's why we're going back to my house." He said out loud.


     Matt stopped dead in his tracks. "Y-your house?"


     Jason looked back at him, "Yeah, why what's wrong?"


    Matt began walking again and shook his head, "Nothing, it's just... No, it's nothing."


     They continued walking, this time with Matt in the lead. Now it was Jason's turn to admire Matt's physique. The perfect, broad shoulders and strong arms. Jason only wished Matt were wearing more revealing clothes than his current black trench coat. 'Wait a minute.' Jason thought to himself, 'When did he get changed?' He hadn't even noticed that Matt was no longer wearing his loose kaki shorts and t-shirt. He looked very gothic and imposing now.



     After a few blocks, they came to a wrought iron gate, set back slightly from the road. Matt and Jason approached it and Jason waved to the young security guard who manned the electronic gate from a cozy booth.


     "Hey, Paul."


     "Mr. Parker! I haven't seen you in a while, not since college started. Is your mother expecting you?"


     Jason grinned, "No, I wanted to surprise her."


     Paul chuckled, but eyed Jason's mismatched and ill-fitting clothes questioningly. Jason caught his look and explained.


     "I spent the night at Fi's house. I'm just dropping by to say 'hi' and pick up some clean clothes."


     Paul eyed Matt and then gave Jason a questioning look. He jerked his head at Matt slightly and winked at Jason. Jason grinned back as he took Matt by the arm and led him through the opening gates. He waved good-bye to Paul.


     "So you latter Paul."


     "Catch you 'round buddy!" he called after them.



     Jason had always liked Paul, their gay security officer. He'd come to work for his parents when Jason was fourteen, and they had been great friends since. Paul was only in his late twenties, but was one of the family's most loyal employees. He worked out constantly, and boy did it show.


     Jason had confided in Paul shortly after coming out to Fi and before telling his parents. Paul had told him he too was gay, and they'd spent many summers viewing the 'eye-candy' that happened to pass by. He was glad Paul approved of Matt. It made him feel that maybe his mom would like Matt too. He hoped she did, as Jason had realized he was rapidly falling in love.



* * *



     Jason walked them to the front door, where he disengaged himself from Matt's arm. He rang the doorbell, and a moment later it was opened by a middle-aged house servant.


     "Hia Nan!" he said as he sprung through the door.


     The woman laughed and hugged him, "Jason! What are you doing here, you clown?"


     Jason just grinned and hugged her back. Just then another woman's voice sounded down the white hall from a side study.


     "Nancy, I was just about to rustle up some food, would you care to join me for lunch?" Jason's mom called as came around the corner. Her eyes fell on Jason. "Jason!"


     "Hi mummy!" Jason shouted down the hall and began to run towards his mom.


     She held up her hand and he stopped. She looked at him crossly, "Don't you 'Mummy' me Jason Azreal Parker!"


     'Oh-oh!' Jason thought, 'She used my middle name, I must be in some deep shit.' His smile faded slightly.


     "And just what exactly do you think you're doing here? I had a telephone call from your professor, Mr. Wolf, informing me of your absence. Why aren't you in school right now?"


     Matt chose that moment to step into the hall, off of the porch where he'd been standing slightly to the side, just out of view of Jason's mother.


     "I apologize, Elizabeth. It's my fault." He said.


     She frowned deeply and her eyes became steely. "Hello Matthew."


     'Uh-oh' Jason silently thought.


     A long silence followed, which Jason eventually broke.


     "I take it you two know each other?"


     She ignored him. "What the hell are you doing here?"


     'Jesus!' Jason thought. 'Mom never swears.'


     "I'm here for Jason." Matt said. "They're after him now."


     "I don't care!" She snapped. "Get the hell out of my house!"


     "Elizabeth, be reasonable," Matt said calmly.


     "Mom I-" Jason began.


    "Jason honey, go to your room. And stay there 'till I come talk to you. Nancy, would you please make sure he goes?" His mom didn't even look at him.


     "I can go on my own!" He stomped upstairs and slammed the door to his room. The noise echoed around the large hall and Nancy raced up the stairs after him.


     "How dare you bring him into this! How dare you come here! How- How dare you!" Elizabeth managed to snarl. "After all you people have done to our family, you try and take my son from me? As soon as you get out of here I'm calling his sister. She can take him away from you."


     "Please," Matt pleaded with her. "Don't get Sara involved. Jason's in enough danger as it is. Please, let me stay with him, I-" He ducked just in time as a vase shattered on the wall behind him.


     Elizabeth grabbed another to throw at him.


     "Elisabeth!" He warned. "Don't do this."


     She hefted the vase and threw it at him. Bright light filled the hall, and then the vase shattered against the wall. Matt had disappeared.



* * *



     Jason heard the vase shatter from his room. He kicked the side of his bed and was rewarded with a sharp pain in his foot. "Arrrgh!" he screamed in frustration. "Why does no-one ever listen to me?" He sat down heavily on his bed and leaned against the wall. A scratch against his window made him look up. A twig tapped against the glass in a light wind.


     He dashed to his window and pulled it open. The old wisteria trellis still climbed up the side of the house by his bedroom. It had been his nighttime accomplice many a time when he was younger, as he snuck of to parties. He ran back to his wardrobe and quickly changed into some warmer clothes before returning to the window. He hefted his weight out onto the windowsill and tested the trellis with his foot.


     "Come on baby." He murmured. "Lets hope I don't weigh much more now."


     The doorknob rattled as Nancy tried to open the locked door. She knocked and called, "Come on Jason, open the door. I'm sure your mother means for your best."


     "Now or never, Jase." He said and swung his body onto the trellis.



     Elizabeth finally found a spare key to Jason's room and burst though the door. She saw the open window and knew immediately where he'd gone. She leant out into the brisk air and just caught a glimpse of Jason leaping over the high wall around the garden from a tree.


     "Oh Jason, why?" she sighed before closing the window and then the door behind her.



* * *



     Matt slipped around a white marble column into a white room. He softly made his way down a few steps and snuck up behind the seated girl. She had soft pale skin and luxurious, long blonde hair. She was dressed in resplendent white robes that accentuated her graceful form.


     He whispered softly behind her. "Ash!"


     Startled, she leapt up out of her seat. When she saw who it was, she ran to him and hugged him tightly. "Oh Matty, where have you been?"


     He hugged her back. "Sorry Ash. Miriam is on my ass again, I had to lay low. But I'm really worried, I think she may be in collusion with Damian."


     She frowned, "Everyone is talking about you now. Is it true?" she asked.


     "Is what true?"


     "Have you really found the One?"


     He sighed heavily. "I don't know. I've certainly found my one anyway."


     She looked up into his eyes and smiled knowingly. "Matt, you're gonna get yourself into a lot of trouble if you keep this up."


     "I know." He smiled back sadly. "But it's a stupid rule anyway." He drew a breath, "Look, Ash. I've been locked out of the system. I need you to find Jason for me; he's run away from his house. I need to know he's safe."


     "Of course." She sat back down on the backless chair and spread her hands out flat in the air before her. Her eyelids began to flutter madly. "Found him." She announced after a moment.


     "Where is he?" Matt asked anxiously.


     "He's near Tristfall Gorge, and he's- Oh God Matt!"




     She spread her hands apart and lifted them in front of her face. A small window opened up in the air before her. It showed Jason, leaning against a low wall overlooking a deep gorge. A small group of men were approaching him silently from behind. "Matt, he's in trouble! Hurry, I think it's Damian." She turned to find Matt, but he was already gone. A single white feather fluttered down through the air.


     She caught it softly in her fingers. "Oooh Matty, I hope you know what you're doing."