Cobey Hodson

by Caleb Wilson




Part 7


I felt Mitch’s tongue swirling in my mouth and him caressing and massaging me as I rested in his arms. I couldn’t begin to explain what he was doing to me, or the feelings that were crashing through my body. He broke the kiss and my eyes flew open to see him looking down at me. No words were needed to express the emotions that had been stirred by that one kiss. As we silently gazed at each other, searching the others face we were each aware of a longing to continue as before. Seeing that desire in my eyes, he lowered his face to bring our lips together again.




I hadn’t realised the attraction that I had for Mitch before we kissed. So, when he broke the kiss for the second time, I eagerly gazed at his face to gauge his reaction, and whether he felt the same towards me.


He smiled as he looked at my questioning gaze, “Not bad for a beginner!” he said.


“Is that it?” I asked, a little annoyed at not getting the response from him I’d hoped for.


Putting a finger on his lip and striking a pose of contemplation, he quipped, “Okay, then A-Plus.”


I turned my back on him, and made my way to the settee and slumped into it, not at all pleased with Mitch’s reaction. 


Mitch came over and sat beside me, “What’s wrong?” he asked.


“Nothing’s wrong.”


“Then, why the glum face?”


“Because, I thought you enjoyed the kiss as much as I did!” I blurted out. “Instead, all you could say was not bad for a beginner!”


He quickly reached out to me, pulled me into his lap and wrapped his arms around me, almost making me disappear.


“I love you, Cobey Hodson!” he whispered passionately in my ear, “Have done from the day you blasted me on the stairs after our little mishap in the classroom. But just now, not knowing how you felt, I tried to make light of my enjoyment of the kiss.”


I struggled in his arms, finally getting myself free as he loosened his grip. “Shit!” I blurted out, swivelling to get myself face to face with Mitch. “You mean to tell me, you’ve been fancying me for the last couple of weeks or more?”


He didn’t bat an eyelid, but just smiled and said, “Yep.”




“Why, what?” Mitch enquired, still smiling.


“Why did you fancy me, even though we didn’t get along at first?”


“Because to me, you’re the best looking and the brainiest kid in the school, and anyway, why do I have to have a reason? It just happened. The heart wants what it wants, as they say.”


“Okay, I suppose that’s a good enough answer, but I’m sure there’ll be a lot of kids who’d disagree with you about the looks department. The other point is, I’m not too sure I feel the same way about you, as you do for me.” I saw Mitch’s face drop when he heard those words, and I couldn’t help laughing as I said, “But I think I’ll be able to construct a more informed opinion if we were to rehearse my kissing technique again.”


“You little shit!” he yelled, squeezing me even tighter into his body. Then, he eased his hold on me. Nuzzling my head with his chin to make me look up at him he said, “Cobey, we have to talk.”


“Jeez do we have to? What about my kissing technique?”


“Cobey, I’m serious,” and by the look on his face, I knew he meant it.


“Okay, I can guess what this is about,” I said as I moved from his lap and took up a position at the other end of the settee. I slipped my shoes off, and sat with my legs folded. I wrapped my arms around them, then rested my chin on my knees, looking at him and saying, “This is about us, and how our parents will react if they were to find out, or if we were to tell them.”


He got up from the settee, came over to me and lifted me into his arms, as if I weighed zilch. “You’re one smart arse,” he said, as he carried me from the room.


“Where are you taking me?”


“Where we’ll be more comfortable.” he made his way out of the room and along the passageway. Coming to the bedroom, he pushed the door open, which made me a little bit nervous. He walked to the bed and dumped me on it. Mitch kicked off his shoes and joined me on the bed. He lay on his back with his hands behind his head, saying, “Seriously Cobey, we have to discuss the consequences of what could happen. Not only the reaction of our families when they’re informed about our relationship, but also if anyone other than our families happen to find out.”


“Do we have to tell anybody? We haven’t really done much but kiss.”


He turned over on his side, placed his elbow on the bed and rested the side of his face in his hand; “Do you want to keep it just a kissing relationship,” Mitch asked?


I had read about the basics of hetero and homosexual relationships and also the various positions of sexual gratification, which both types of couples used. Lying on Mitch’s bed, I couldn’t picture myself taking his dick up my rectum, or for that matter, putting my mouth around it.


Hesitantly, I said, “Umm, I’m a bit scared of doing anything else. Uh, I....” and I was cut off by Mitch as he said, “Okay spit it out and don’t be nervous, otherwise you’re never going to be able to say what you mean.”


“It’s about anal and oral sex, I don’t fancy doing that kind of thing right off.”


Mitch started laughing, and I got really annoyed thinking that he was laughing at me. “What’s so bloody funny? Maybe you might like a dick up your arse or in your mouth!” I blurted out.


But, before I could carry on with my ranting, he grabbed hold of me, and as he lay back on the bed, he pulled me so that I was lying on top of him.


“Is that that the only reason you think I want to be with you, so that I can stick my dick up your arse?” 


“I’m sorry,” I said a bit subdued and ashamed at my outburst.


He pulled me higher up his body so that our faces were level saying. “It’s okay Cobey. You only said what a lot of kids would say who don’t know the difference between going with someone because you love them, and associating with someone just for sex. When I was your age, I would have been just as nervous.”


Then looking serious Mitch asked, “How many times do you think I’ve had my dick up someone’s arse or in their mouth, or for that matter the other way round?”


I didn’t voice my response, only shrugged my shoulders. Raising his head he pecked me on the lips, then said, “Zilch, like you I still have to experience it.”


I laid my head on his shoulder saying, “Then we can learn together, huh?” 


“I suppose,” he said stroking my head, “Only one little problem.”




He gave a slight laugh before saying, “Who’s going to do the teaching?”


I moved my position from lying on top of him, so that I ended up sitting on his abdomen. Gazing into his hazel eyes that always seemed to be asking something of me I said, “Well, you’re the oldest, so you must know more than me. You can do the teaching.”


“What, you’re joking! You’re supposed to be the brains, you do it. You can read all about it on the net or in books, then we can practise it.”


“Bollocks, theory is one thing, practical is another! I didn’t even know how to kiss till you taught me.”


He pulled me down, and I pushed my legs out to lie on top of him again. Maybe it was because I had been sitting on his lower abdomen that had caused it, but as I stretched on top of him, I could feel his hardness on my leg, which prompted my dick to react in a similar fashion.


“That thing is out of control again!” I said, as I squirmed and rubbed my dick on his stomach.


“At least I’m not trying to get off. Are you trying to bury that piece of flesh in my guts?”


He grinned at my sudden look of embarrassment. Then more seriously said, “I think they need a bit of relief.”


“Uh, what do you mean?” I asked, rolling off him and onto the bed.


“Cobey, don’t act stupid, you know what I mean.”


I was literally shaking. My erection had disappeared and in a strained voice I stuttered, “Uh, um, yeah, um, what do we do?”


Mitch must have sensed my nervousness. He grabbed hold of me and pulled me into an embrace. After squeezing me reassuringly into his body, “Nothing, if you don’t want to,” he said gently.


“I managed to squirm my way up from his arms, so I could look at him, “Really, you don’t mind if we don’t do anything, even though you’re all worked up?”


He kissed me on the end of the nose saying, “It Takes Two to Tango.”


I frowned, “Huh?” I said, puzzled by his remark.


“It takes two people to make love, Cobey,” he said smiling.


His voice and smile had a reassuring effect on me, and my nervousness drained away. Lowering my head, I whispered, “You’ll have to show me how to tango.”




He untangled himself from me and rose from the bed, went to the door and locked it. Making his way back to the bed, he began taking off his shirt and vest exposing his upper body. His chest was very well developed, and I could see the muscles ripple with the movement of his arms as he put away the clothing he’d removed, Mitch stood by the bed looking at me. I hadn’t budged since he’d left the bed. Suddenly, he started to undo his trousers while at the same time turning his back on me and sitting on the bed as he lowered them. Although I was still very nervous I quickly shimmied over to the other side of the bed while at the same time divesting myself of my shirt and vest. I stood with my back to Mitch and lowered my trousers, leaving them on the floor. Now only in my boxers, I climbed back on the bed and looked over to see Mitch, standing by the opposite side of the bed in his underwear. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets, when I saw the bulge in his briefs, it was ginormous! Well compared to my insignificantly sized dick, his had that appearance.


He joined me on the bed, and as we lay side by side he put his arm around the back of my head. Grabbing my shoulder, he pulled me into his body. As I became aware of our head-to-toe bodily contact, my five inch erection was now feeling fit to bust, and just as I began rubbing it against his thigh, he lifted me up and dumped me full length on top of him.


Oh God! I could feel that bulge of his now rock hard dick mashing against my own rigid member. I needed to expose this hard bulge and see it, because it felt like a bloody truncheon in his briefs. I lifted my body and lowered my hand to the top of his briefs and pulled downwards, to be rewarded with the sight of his rigid dick springing upward and slapping against his abdomen. I quickly whipped off my boxers, and lined my dick up alongside that hunk of flesh, lowering my body onto Mitch’s. His arms came around me and crushed us together, both of us groaning. Instinctively, I started to hump against him, and after five strokes my dick was blasting my semen between us. I suddenly felt Mitch thrusting against me, holding me even tighter. About three seconds later, spunk flew out of his pulsating cock to mingle with mine, consummating our feelings for each other.




We lay panting, me with my head on his shoulder, revelling in the feelings of contentment, with Mitch gently stroking my head as I watched his chest rise and fall as his breathing returned to normal.


“You okay Cobey?” he lovingly asked, his voice barely above a whisper.


I raised my head to look at him and smiled answering, “That was pretty quick wasn’t it?”


“Yep,” he said, “I’ve never cum so fast in all my life!”


“Do you think we set a world record for the fastest cum of all time? I think we should contact The Guinness Book of Records,” I said.


He laughed, as he quipped, “Idiot, they won’t take our word for it, there has to be an official witness,” and he pulled me closer so we could bring our lips together.


We broke the kiss. Mitch looked at me saying softly, “I guess we just sealed our love.”


I pecked him on the lips and smiled saying, “Yep, and if we don’t get this gunge off us, we’ll be stuck together for life.”


“Not a bad idea,” he said stroking my head, “but I suppose it might raise a few eyebrows. Or, we can wait a while then go for another round before deciding to get clean.”


“Wait, I’m ready to go for one now.”


“I’m not a fourteen-year-old, I need a little bit longer to recover.”


“Okay Old Man, take your time.” I said. The next thing I felt was a hand slapping me on the arse, and Mitch laughing at my yelp of surprise.


“That’s from the ‘old man’!” he said, grinning as I rubbed the cheek of my bum where his hand had made contact.


“How big is your cock Mitch, when it’s hard?” I asked, as I moved off him and lowered my hand to fondle his flaccid member, which had the effect of getting it to raise its head again.


“The last time I measured, it was just over seven inches.”


“That’s quite a bit bigger than mine!”


He looked at me thoughtfully, “So, are you going to tell me, or do I have to ask?”


“Tell you what?” I said, massaging his balls while acting dumb.


“Never mind, it’s not important.”


“Umm, it’s nearly thirteen centimetres.”


“So, why the measurement in centimetres?”


“Sounds more impressive than five inches.”


He smiled, then taking my hand off his dick he pulled me into an embrace, and brought our lips together for a brief kiss.


“Thanks to your fondling and massaging, I’m ready to go again,”


I looked down at his dick, which was standing proud and seemed a whole heap bigger than seven inches. I wrapped my hand around it again. This was all so new to me, and I was getting quite fond of handling it. I gave it a few more quick strokes.


A pair of hands lifted me off the bed and put me on top of his body for the second time. I lined my dick alongside Mitch’s and started pummelling away.


This time, we didn’t set any records for the quickest cum ever. But, when we did cum, it was awesome! I think Mitch was timing himself, so that our orgasms would erupt together. He timed it well, and we were bucking and thrusting together as the spunk flew from our cocks. Not as copious as the first time, but the feelings for me were much more intense, leaving me lying on top of Mitch totally knackered.    




Mitch was the first to move. He wrapped his arms around me and holding me even tighter, he rolled over on the bed till we were near the edge. Then putting his feet on the floor he stood with me in his arms, my feet dangling a good six inches from the floor. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist and Mitch took off, heading for the bathroom.


Inside he switched on the shower, waited until the water had heated, then with me still literally stuck to him he stepped under the flow of water.


“You’ll have to get down,” Mitch whispered in my ear, “ if you want all that gunge, as you call it, to be washed away.”


“Just let me stay here a little longer, I sighed contentedly.” As I hugged him a little bit tighter, my dick responding to being squashed up against his body.


“God, you’re horny!” Mitch exclaimed, “It’s only been five minutes since your last cum and you’re digging that thing into me again!”


“Can’t help it.” I said, pecking him on the lips, “Anyway you’re to blame!”


“Me?” he said indignantly, “How the hell did you come to that conclusion?”


“Well you’re the one who suggested we needed a bit of relief, but I needed a lot more than you thought,” I kissed him on the nose and jumped to the floor, my dick standing proud.


We finished our shower, only after much fondling of each other’s loins, with the excuse that we were washing each other, rather than just having a good feel.




I had to put the same clothes on after the shower. Mitch, on the other hand threw all his in the dirty clothes laundry basket, and got a complete change of clothing.


“It’s only four thirty p.m.” Mitch said, when he’d finished dressing, “You fancy going for a drive? We can go to the mall and have a look around.”


“Just the two of us, no Shawcross?”


“You scared of Shawcross!”


“No, but we can’t talk openly if he’s listening in on the conversation.”


“Only us, no Shawcross!”




He went to his bedside and pressed a button by the headboard that I hadn’t noticed before.


“Yes Mitchell?” Shawcross’s voice came from the speaker.


“Can you bring the car around to the front door, Vince?”




“Come on.” Mitch said, “He’ll be there in a couple of minutes.”


I followed him down to the front door, and as we exited the house, Shawcross arrived with the car. He stepped out and left the engine running.


“Do you wish me to accompany you?” he asked Mitch.


“No its okay, Vince,” Mitch responded, “We’re only going to the mall.”


Shawcross made his goodbyes, and we climbed into the car. Within ten minutes, Mitch had the car parked, and we were riding the lifts down from the multi-story car park to the shopping mall.




We’d only been moving along the walkway for a couple of minutes, when from behind us, I heard a high pitched voice call, “Mitchell!”


We both turned at the same time, to see a couple of girls bearing down on us. I recognised one of them from school but didn’t know her name, as she was in 6B, the other sixth form class. The other girl I’d never seen before.


They were both very attractive, and on reaching us they each grabbed one of Mitch’s arms saying, “How nice to meet up with you!” As they started walking off with him along the parade, arm in arm totally ignoring me. I watched them for a minute, then made for the mall exit. I knew my way around pretty well, as I visited the mall nearly every Saturday with my mother. A couple of minutes later, I was out and making my way to the bus terminus. Seeing a bus that would take me home, I quickly boarded it. As the bus carried me homewards, I had time to contemplate what had taken place at Mitch’s house, and also how without even thinking less than an hour later, he had walked off with a couple of girls.


Within fifteen minutes of boarding the bus, I was opening my front door and stepping inside. I went straight to my room and changed, then sat down at my PC to finish copying the course work Mitch had lent me. This time, as there was no guilt about insulting Mitch, I was able to work steadily for nearly an hour before I heard the front doorbell ring. Knowing that it might be him, I went down and opened the door, to see Mitch standing with a scowl on his face.


Before I could say a word, he yelled out, “Why the fuck did you have to piss off?”


I didn’t say a word just slammed the door in his face.