Jake's Hand – Take 2

Part 18


We arrived home the next afternoon after a long drive with Alec at the wheel, him unwilling to let either Jake or me spell him. Well, he’ll get tired of long drives when he gets older. Alec announced he was going to spend the night at his mother’s, I’m sure because he wanted to give Jake and me a night of privacy.

I suppose I should have carried Jake over the threshold—or maybe he should have carried me—but we simply stood in the doorway and kissed passionately for what must have been five minutes. We entered the condo carrying our few camping belongings, and, as Jake put them away, I put the finest bottle of chardonnay from my cellar—well, the back of my closet was the wine cellar—into the freezer then led Jake up the stairs to the shower. We slowly undressed each other, our eyes never leaving each other’s face. Well, they did while I pulled his undershirt over his head and he mine, but that was all.

We climbed into the shower and scrubbed each other down. Jake started to get frisky as his scrub of my back became a scrub of my backside and lower down, but I had another idea, so I fended him off. We finished showering, dried each other off, shaved, and then I led Jake to the bed.

“Stay put,” I said, and I slipped down to the kitchen to retrieve the now cold wine, which I opened. I pulled two crystal glasses from the dining room—thank you, again, first wedding guests—and hiked back up the stairs. It was nice not to have to worry about clothes, at least until Alec came back.

Meantime, Jake had put clean satin sheets on the bed, had pulled down the blankets and was sitting on his side of the bed, still naked, looking absolutely ravishing. I poured us both some chardonnay and sat alongside him, facing the opposite direction, our thighs touching. I clinked my glass against his and looked him directly in the eyes. We both smiled, sipped some wine and smiled again. No words needed to be spoken. I was so unbelievably happy, and I’m sure he was as well.

The soft lights illuminated our naked bodies. We simply gazed at each other, fresh love emanating from our eyes, smiles dominating our faces, laughter rising in me as I thought of what had just happened. I was incredibly happy to the point of periodic giggles. Jake must have felt the same.

All I wanted was to sit beside Jake. After a long while, I put my fingers on his mouth and pressed them against his lips. “Beautiful, wonderful smile. One point for you.” Jake had a look of mild surprise on his face. He knew I didn’t willingly allow him points, let alone give them to him.

“Potlatch points,” I explained, cryptically. North Coast Indians would have potlatch ceremonies in which the ritual purpose was to give everything they had away to those invited.

Jake nodded his head. He put his fingers on my eyebrows. “Handsome. Straight, thin, dark, well-defined eyebrows. One for you.” I glowed my best.

I ran my fingers through his damp hair. “Gorgeous soft auburn hair, with curls. One for you.”

He put his hands alongside my head, letting his thumbs rest on my cheekbones. “And a face for angels. One for you.”

“Golden hazel eyes.” I caressed his face and kissed him deeply, my tongue darting into his mouth. “I love you so. One for you.”

“Dark eyes that shine,” Jake said as he caressed the back of my neck. He leaned over to kiss me. “One point for the greatest love of my life.”

“One for the sheen of tears in your eyes.”

“Tears of joy. Likewise a point for the glistening of your eyes.”

“We’re still even.”

“No, we’re tied,” Jake said, raising his hand and showing his ring. He parked another kiss on my lips.

He then ran his fingers softly through the hair on my chest. “One more for you, handsome.”

I gazed into his eyes for the longest time. This was starting to turn a bit corny. I put my finger on his sideburn. “And I love that first gray hair.”

When Jake finally digested what I said, he started to look nervous and nonplussed, and he started to fidget, his eyes darting about trying to see himself in the glass covering the water-color painting near the bed. I could barely keep a straight face. “Wait a sec, would you?” Jake flung his body away from me, jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom, his erection flopping side to side with his movement. “Where?” he shouted as he searched through his hair with his fingers, his face right up at the mirror. He kept looking in the mirror.

I was now giggling till my sides were splitting. He looked out of the bathroom door. “You ARE vain, Sawyer. I knew it. A genuine point for me.”

“A point?” He walked over to the bed, I’m sure revenge in his thoughts.

“A point, yes, because I proved you’re vain. Which I already knew, of course.” I pulled him down on the bed again and kissed him. I traced my hands down the sides of his body to his narrow waist, then traced them around the waist. “One point for your trim waist, sexy.”

He moved his lips to my right nipple and then my left nipple leaving them aroused. “Two for you.” I balanced it with my turn.

I ran my fingers through the cloud of Jake’s reddish pubic hair, then grasped his erection. “Perfect. Ten for you, Sawyer.”

He reached down and cradled my testicles then ran his hands along my now aroused penis. “Nine for you.” He got a mischievous grin on his lips.

His revenge. I reached across behind him and suddenly yanked the pillow from behind his head and started swinging. “No more truce, eh? No more potlatch points from me. It’s back to normal, Sawyer.”

He suddenly grabbed the pillow from my hands and threw it at me. Perfect shot. “Another point for me.”

“Unfair! No points during sex. That’s the rule.”

“Okay! Okay!” he said, whereupon he walloped me on the side of the head with the pillow. “A point for me.”


“It would have been a point, I mean. It’s like a pre-season win in baseball—which is a rare occurrence for the Mariners, I might add.”

I heaved another pillow extra hard at his naked body for that comment. We threw pillows at each other until we both were panting from exhaustion.

“Are we even again?” I asked as I pulled him down on the bed.

“No.” Jake laughed. “We’re tied.”

I leaned over and kissed him fully on the lips, and we stopped scoring. My tongue danced with his as we locked our mouths together, letting the feelings course through our bodies. Jake wrapped his arms around my shoulders as we moved to a reclining position. I bent my knee and slid it between his legs, moving it slowly up till my thigh pressed against his testicles.

“Mmm,” he said throatily. I caressed the outside of his thighs and let my hands drift, going from the hardness of his muscles to the baby-skin softness of his butt. The familiar sounds of enjoyment emanated from Jake’s throat as I traced the crevice from his lower back to his anus. I pulled the cheeks of his butt to put soft pressure of his balls against my thigh. Again an “Mmm.”

Time for another kiss—a long and sweet one with our tongues intermingling and the warmth of my body touching Jake’s and his touching mine. I felt the moistness of skin against skin. The kiss was done in the way we have grown to like, as we have grown to know the nooks and crannies of each other’s bodies over the past two years.

Lying side by side on the bed, I looked into Jake’s eyes and he into mine as silence held between us. We slowly drifted into each other’s souls like the current that pulled us together in the swimming hole that afternoon in Mississippi. Our bodies touched, and then our lips came together again. Jake lifted his leg over mine and I felt his warmth, and then the softness of his leg hair sent electric feelings throughout my body. Jake rolled over on top of me, pulled his head and shoulders back and looked me in the eyes. A lock of his hair fell across his face. I brushed it aside. Our erections were pressed between our bellies.

“Have I told you I’m so un-fucking-believably happy, Robbie?” he said.

”Many times, Sawyer, but I don’t understand why.”

“Because of you, asshole, and you know it, and now I have it down on paper that you are committed to me and me to you. No escape.”

“No escape for you, either.”

I pulled his lips down to me. I inserted my tongue in his mouth and let it roam his lips and tongue. Jake slid his leg ever so gently over my foot to the outside of my calf, a caress stimulating the hair on my legs like a soft, warm breeze would. He knew I liked that, and my erection stiffened in response

I let my hands stroke his back and buttocks lightly. I felt the surge pushing through his penis with each pass and the empathy surge flowing through mine. Our mouths stayed locked together.

Jake pulled back and looked me in the eyes again. I moved my hands to his armpits, feeling the dampness there, then let them caress down his side to his hips and back again.

“Slow down,” he said, as he rolled us both over till we were facing each other once again, me on my right side.

I let my left hand trace across his chest until my fingers landed on his nipple, which quickly hardened under my touch. Jake let his right hand drift lightly through the patch of hair in the center of my chest, then slowly moved it down past my navel, into my treasure trail, ending up with his fingers entwined in my pubic hair. He then retraced his way back to my chest, then over to my nipples, which hardened and sent electric feelings through my body.

“You can do that all night long,” I said.

“I might,” he replied, “but I bet you can’t control yourself that long.” He reached down and tweaked my balls lightly.

“Mmm. Well…I wouldn’t want to restrict the options too much, and if you keep doing that, I’m going to unload them.”

“Sorry.” Jake kissed me on the tip of the nose and returned his fingers to my chest. “Well…,” he grinned, “not really that sorry.”

With the fingernail on the back of my thumb I traced a path from his inner thigh, around his ball sac and alongside his penis. I made sure the back of my hand brushed against the warmth of his erection as my hand went past, causing Jake to sigh with pleasure. His penis bobbed its pleasure as well, particularly when I tweaked his nipple.

Jake moved his head over and started to plant soft kisses on my neck and then my shoulder. He moved his mouth across the top of my chest, pulling lightly on my chest hair with his lips as he moved. He moved down to my left nipple and wrapped his lips around it and let them rock back and forth on the hard nub, stimulating me to the core of my sexual being. Then he used the tip of his tongue to rim my nipple, before he slid his tongue over to my other nipple and got it into an excited state.

I put my hands on the back of his head and let them run softly through his hair. That must have been enough encouragement, because he started to drift lower, circling my navel with his lips and then his tongue. That was tickling me, and I started to respond, but Jake was ahead of me, moving his tongue and lips down my treasure trail to my pubic hair.

“If you’re going to go much lower, my mouth will dry up from inactivity, Sawyer,” I said.

“Use it to speak sweet nothings.”

“I’d rather taste sweet somethings.”

Jake was doing wondrous things to me—and I to him. And we both did all the things we most enjoyed until almost dawn. Like first time lovers. Dozing only to refresh ourselves. Or reload.