Taz & Kodak III: Metal Peace

A Rick Beck Story

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Taz is back to work on the mesa. He’s accustomed to a Spartan life, leaving the jungles of Vietnam before settling in Montana. He mends fences, herds cows, chases rustlers, and lives in a cabin with the beloved Kodak, his trusted companion. They like a life where they depend on themselves and each other.

Little does Taz know that Sam Jones, head of the White Brotherhood, cultivates a grudge. Taz helped bring down the WB's foothold in rural Montana. Jones calculates the best way to get to Gen. Walker is through the B.A.R. Wielding cowboy.

Out of reach, Sam Jones is determined to strike back. After spending years stockpiling weapons and manpower, it's destroyed in a couple of days by Gen. Walker, who knows a thing or two about tactics and how to flush an enemy out into the open.

Forced back into action when his ranch and Taz are threatened, Gen. Walker doesn't plan to let Jones win.

What Sam Jones has set into motion can't be stopped.