The Lance Carter Family

by Pertinax Carrus


The Carter Family

The Carter family lived in a nice but modest home in the Brentwood area, not far from the Jelsma-DeVries home.  They have been in the same house since Lance married Joyce in the spring of 1994, and have invested hundreds of hours of labor in making it into one of the most attractive in the neighborhood.  Lance had married a local girl, Joyce Lynn Sterling, of the Sterling Clothing Company, shortly after settling in Clifton.  His wife was an avid gardener, and so the property displayed the most impressive assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes imaginable in the beds bordering the house, with miniature shrubs along the walkways.  Lance was more into carpentry, and so made certain every aspect of the house itself was in tip-top shape, with the shutters painted every three years and similar maintenance activities.

Joyce is a daughter of Walter Sterling, of the clothing manufacturing company in Clifton.  She held a fairly non-demanding job as ‘executive assistant’ to her father, who was the President of the Sterling & Kilbourne Clothing Company, with her brother, James, being Second Vice-President.  This job allowed her plenty of time for her other interests.  In addition to gardening, Joyce is a member of the James Madison Chapter of the DAR, she works with the Sibyl Ludington Chapter of the CAR, she is involved with several other lineage groups, she volunteers with the Red Cross and the United Way, and puts in some time with the St. Rita Home for abused women and children.  And so, although she does not hold a demanding job, she does keep busy.  Lance and Joyce have two children, a son, Walter, now 18, and a daughter, Roselynn, now 16.

Walter Franklin Carter was born on 14 April 1997 as the elder of the Carter children.  He attended local public schools, graduating from Brentwood Academy in May of 2015.  He has been a regular member of the CAR, and after his birthday in April he moved up to the SAR, in the Maj. John Castleman Chapter as a descendant of Thomas Carter of Virginia.  At Brentwood, Walt was on the soccer and baseball teams, and a member of the debate society.  He is undecided on a future career, but will enter the University as a major in history.  He takes after his father in being tall, blond, and brown eyed.  From his athletic activities, Walt is well developed, with a tight stomach and a nicely sculpted chest.  He also has an appealing personality, thoughtful, and with a very attractive smile.  For the summer, Walt has a job at his grandfather’s company.

Roselynn Hope Carter, known as Lynn, was born on 22 March 1999.  She has just completed her sophomore year at Brentwood.  Lynn was a sandy blonde, standing five foot four, and weighing 120 pounds.  She had brown eyes, with eyebrows darker than her hair.  She had bow lips, with a killer smile when she wanted, but when she pouted her father found her irresistible.  By the summer fo 2015, Lynn was well developed in the chest region, wearing a 34 C size bra.  Her hips have flared in a most attractive manner.  This development has taken place within the last two years, largely unnoticed by other members of the family in this respect.  In school, Lynn was active in the drama group, and also ran track, and was an avid swimmer.


The Problem

It was Wednesday, June 17.  Zip Todd went to his office to check on some dates respecting his up-coming visits to Africa and Asia for two professional conferences in August.  He had uncharacteristically left some materials in the office, whereas he regularly dealt with such matters in the library at home.  After picking up the materials desired, and spending some time talking to a few colleagues who were about in the summer, he decided to stop by the Faculty Club for a drink and more conversation before returning home.  With Sandy gone to the Roanoke Valley Horse Show, he found it kind of lonely at home on occasion.  Thus, he was present when Nate Rygalski, now half way through his second year as General Manager, called him aside.

“You’re a friend of Dr. Carter, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Not intimate, but a friend, definitely,” Zip answered.

“I think he needs a friend right now.  He’s been in the bar for several hours, drinking steadily, and seems depressed or something,” Nate reported.

“I look into it, Nate,” Zip promised, and set off to do just that.

He entered the bar, and saw Lance at a corner table by himself, looking, as Nate said, pretty depressed.  Zip asked the bartender for a Bourbon and Sprite, which the man had already fixed anyway, as it was Zip’s regular order.  Grinning at the bartender, Zip picked up his drink and approached Lance.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked.

Lance looked up.  He looked surprised.  “I was just thinking I need a miracle, and lo and behold who shows up?”

Zip chuckled as he took his seat.  “Not often I’m considered a miracle.  What’s the occasion?”

“I came across something this morning that has me totally baffled as to how to handle it.  Maybe a little confidential advice from someone older and wiser will help,” Lance said.  Zip noted that, while he was slower than usual in his speech, Lance was not slurring his words or hesitant about responding, so his drinking had not seriously impaired him.

“Always glad to help, but I’m not sure about that older and wiser part.  Especially the older part,” Zip kidded.  “When’s your birthday?”

“Second of December, 1963,” Lance replied.

“Damn!  I am older than you.  But only by a few months.  My birthday is 15 July 1963,” Zip admitted.

“Ha!  I knew it!” Lance exulted.  “Now, how about some advice.”

“Sure.  Always glad to spout off.  But do you have anything in particular you want me to spout about?” Zip asked.

“Did Nate send you in here?” Lance asked, apparently changing the topic, but only slightly.

Zip laughed.  “He did mention that you looked depressed and could probably use a friend.”

“I’ve kind of been expecting it.  I’ve been here at least three hours.  I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much time in the bar,” Lance admitted.  “And, yes, I could use a friend.  Someone I can talk to in confidence.  It might help me straighten out the mess in my mind right now.”

“That’s the second time you’ve mentioned confidentiality, Lance.  I think you know I’m not a gossip,” Zip assured him.

“Yeah,” Lance heaved a sigh.  “And that’s why I’m willing to talk to you about what’s bothering me.  It’s not the sort of thing I want spread all over campus, or all over town, either.”

“Understood.  You’ve been here a while.  Have you had lunch?” Zip asked.

“Uh, no.  I guess I’ve just been sitting here like an idiot,” Lance said.

“Drinking on an empty stomach is almost guaranteed to make you look like a different kind of idiot,” Zip said, and motioned for the bartender.

When the bartender approached the table, Zip told him to bring Lance a burger and fries, with all the fixings.

“How do you want that?” the bartender asked.

“Uh, medium well,” Lance responded.

“Coming right up,” the bartender said.  He was obviously relieved that Zip had taken the matter in hand, and was doing something to avoid an awkward situation.

Then Zip sat and waited for Lance to explain.

Lance took a couple of minutes to gather his thoughts.  “This morning, I was doing some work at home on a paper I’m presenting at a meeting in the fall.  Joyce is away at some kind of state CAR meeting, and the kids were out, so I had lots of quiet time.  My paper is kind of technical, involving several varieties of shale.  You know the New Albany Shale Basin is one of the most promising in the country for future oil and gas production.  There have been wells there since the 1850s, but they seem to have dried up since World War II, but modern methods promise ....”  Lance stopped and blushed.  “New Albany shale is not my problem, however.  I do get sidetracked.”

“We all do.  I know I do, and it drives Sandy wild sometimes,” Zip admitted.

“Yeah, Joyce, too.  Anyway, I was working on this first thing in the morning, but wanted to check my written work against some maps and charts I have on a disk.  Well, the disc drive on the computer in my home office was acting up, so I went down to use the one in the rec room.  I found another disc already in the player, and so removed it.  But before putting mine in, I noted that this one was a home made one, and was labeled ‘Walt and Lynn, May 2015.’  I thought that kind of odd, so I plugged it in and turned on the player.  I must say there was a very slick looking opening page, with the title and pictures of the kids.  But then, when I got into it, I was absolutely shocked at what I found.”

At that, Lance seemed to hit a road block.  He went silent.  His facial expression indicated he was working things out, but nothing came out of his mouth.

“So, what are your kids up to?” Zip finally asked, to break the logjam.

“Zip, it was the most disturbing, but also the most sensual, the most beautiful, and the most erotic thing I have ever seen,” Lance managed.

“You have some pretty good looking kids,” Zip encouraged him.

“Yeah, but ....  This was not normal family photography.  In fact, I think I can say it was pornography.  Very well done, but pornography nonetheless,” Lance confided.

At that point, his burger and fries arrived.  The bartender set it down, and beat a hasty retreat, pretending he had heard nothing.

Lance looked at the food before him.  “Sorry, I need this,” he apologized, and proceeded to bite into his burger.

“Go ahead,” Zip said.  “Sandy’s out of town, too, so I’m at loose ends, with no deadlines.”

Chewing evidently helped Lance to organize his thoughts.  “I never realized Lynn was such a ... well, a sexy being,” he admitted.

“How old is Lynn now?” Zip asked.

“She was 16 on March 22,” Lane replied.

“Sixteen is when a lot of girls arrive at a very critical phase, sexually and socially speaking,” Zip said.  “I’ve gone through it was my girls, and now with my oldest grandkids, too.”

“But, Zip, she looked positively erotic.  In one shot, she was lying on her bed, looking aside from the camera, with her mouth just barely open.  Her hair was pulled back on the side facing the camera, but was down on the other side.  It was the expression on her face, Zip.  It was such a ‘come hither’ look that ... well, damn it, that I got a boner,” Lance admitted.

“Lance, that’s only natural, given the kind of photo you describe.  Has she given you that kind of look in fact?” Zip asked.

“Well, no, but ....  Oh, hell.  You’re right.  A guy would have to be gay or half dead not to get turned on by that look.  But I still feel ... out of place, I guess,” Lance said.

“Well, in a way you were.  The DVD was not intended for you, was it?” Zip pointed out.

“No, of course not.  I’m not sure who it was intended for, though.”

“Go on.  Anything more on the disc?”

“Oh, yeah.  Lots.  But the kicker, the thing I’ve been sitting here trying to come to grips with, is that Walt is fucking Lynn.  It was obvious from how they acted and what they said that this was not a one time deal.  And, damn it!  I know it’s considered perverted and all that, but it was also one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen,” Lance said, at which he began to cry.  Softly, and trying to cover it, but crying nonetheless.

“Okay, Lance.  This is important.  I don’t mean anything I say to deny that.  But it’s not the end of the world,” Zip encouraged him.

“But ...  But ...  But that’s incest.  And their futures.  And the family.  And ...  Oh, shit!” Lance became inarticulate.

“All right.  Like I said, this is important.  But you can handle it if you keep your cool.  A sixteen year old girl and a ... how old is Walt?  Eighteen?”

Lance nodded agreement.

“And an 18 year old boy are having sex.  I would be surprised to find that they were all by themselves in that.  I know for certain that my kids had sex by that time,” Zip tried to put things in perspective.

“Yeah, yeah, I know.  But the incest .....”

“Lance, this is not by any means the first time a brother and sister have engaged in sex.  I cannot reveal names, any more than I will repeat what you tell me, but I know of many examples among the children of those we are both acquainted with,” Zip told him.

“So, what about a normal future?” Lance asked.

“In a few cases, the brother and sister decided to stay together.  They are passing themselves off as a husband and wife, and are a completely ordinary couple as far as most people are concerned.  But in most cases, this is just another example of rampant teen hormones.  It’s a passing thing.  Most of the cases I know of resulted in the siblings eventually each finding a more socially acceptable partner, settling down, and having kids like everyone else,” Zip told him.

“A girl who has fucked her brother can be successful in finding a decent husband?” Lance queried.

Zip chuckled.  “Listen to yourself.  But, essentially, yes.  How many coeds at the University have multiple partners, but get married as soon as they graduate?  And, if Walt and Lynn don’t advertise it, who will know who she’s had sex with?  Very few guys expect their wives to be virgins when they meet them at the altar these days.  I don’t know in every case, but in at least a few, the husband was aware of the wife’s past history, as she was with his.  I strongly advise this kind of honesty.  It avoids so many pitfalls later,” Zip said.

“I ...  I suppose Joyce knows ...  I can’t help but wonder whether Lynn is using protection,” Lance expressed another worry.

“Most sixteen year old are,” Zip said, “unless, of course, they are intending on getting pregnant.”  Then, seeing Lance stiffen, he quickly added, “but even that is not a disaster.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that more than one high school girl of our acquaintance has sported an extended stomach.  That’s not as much of a problem as it was back in the dark ages when you and I were their age.”

“The consequences for the children ...,” Lance began.

“You’re a scholar.  Do a little research.  Not nearly as dire as the public is led to believe.  Less than 10% chance of serious problems, assuming the two parents are healthy,” Zip informed him.

Lance had about finished his burger and fries.  He played around, gathering crumbs with his finger as he considered what Zip was telling him.  “You make it seem almost normal,” he objected.

“I’m trying to convince you that it’s not an unmitigated disaster.  I never intended to imply that there were no problems,” Zip said.  “But, Lance, I think you’re reasoning in advance of your data.  You’ve seen the video.  And, I know, that’s a lot.  But you haven’t talked to the kids.  There’s a lot you don’t know.  How did this get started?  What are their long-range plans?  Is Lynn on protection?  Is everything completely consensual?  How does Joyce play into this?  And something I’m sure you’ve considered, who was the cameraman?  Just to name the most obvious.”

“The cameraman!  Damn!  No, I have not thought of that, not until now.”  Lance took a deep breath.  “Okay, wiser and older friend, where do I go from here?”

“You said Joyce was out of town.  When is she expected back?” Zip asked.

“This evening, as a matter of fact,” Lance said.

“Okay, my first piece of advice, which you can take if you’re a good enough actor, is to say nothing to the kids until you’ve had a chance to talk to Joyce.  Where’s the video?” Zip asked.

“Uh, let’s see,” Lance hesitated.  “I was kind of out of it after watching most of that show.  I’m pretty sure I left it in the player.”

“Good.  If the kids come looking for it, they’ll find it just where they expect it to be.  So, again, say nothing to them until you’ve had a chance to speak to Joyce.  Then the two of you agree on how to handle this before you talk to the kids.  If there is disagreement between you, it will confuse the kids, and also give them a chance to play you off against each other,” Zip said.

“Makes sense,” Lance agreed.

“Next, remember that you love your children, and this is not the end of the world.  Let them explain as much as possible.  You and Joyce keep the upper hand as parents, but you don’t have to be the SS troops.  When this is over, you want a family relationship to still be there.  It will be different, but it can still be good,” Zip promised.

“I sincerely hope so.  You’re right.  As much as I find this confusing and ... I think your term was socially unacceptable ... I do still love the kids, and I do still want a relationship with them.  Both of them,“ Lance said.

“I was confident of that after hearing your description of the video,” Zip said.

“How so?”

“At least twice, you used the word ‘beautiful’ to describe what you saw.”

Lance paused.  “I did?  Well, it was.  If they had been two kids I never saw before, I would consider that video a prize winning piece of porn.  It really was well done, and the ... the interaction between Walt and Lynn was beautiful.  They really are into each other, and there’s no doubt in my mind at all that this was entirely consensual.”

“A point to the good,” Zip noted.  “Now, when you and Joyce confront the kids, make sure you’re both calm.  Yelling never produced good results.  Tell them what you discovered, then let them explain.  You really cannot decide on the future until you know where the kids stand.  Then take it from there.  And you and Joyce can call on me, or on Sandy, whenever you think it might help.  After all, our youngest, Hettie, is almost 16, you know.”

“You’ve already been a great help, Zip.  I said I needed a miracle and here you are.  I know, nothing is really different.  But talking with you has made it seem so much more ... not acceptable ... handleable, I guess.  I actually feel like we can get through this,” Lance said.

“Good.  That’s the first step to a solution.  Why not contact Joyce, and the two of you have dinner at my place.  Sandy won’t be there, but Aunt Josie can put on a pretty good spread, and it’ll give you a chance to talk to each other before facing the kids.  They can fend for themselves for one night, I’m sure,” Zip proposed.

“Excellent.  I’ll text Joyce right away, and the kids too, if you don’t really mind someone barging in on you,” Lance said.

“Feel free to barge,” Zip grinned.

And so Lance caught Joyce in the car with another woman on her way home, and she told the woman to drop her off at Todd House.  The kids signaled they would be okay for dinner.  Zip and Lance departed for Todd House, and to inform Josie that there would be two more for dinner.  At dinner, it did not escape the notice of either Lance or Joyce that Hettie and Curtis were very much the couple, and Hettie mentioned that she would turn 16 in August.  Although they went to different schools, Hettie knew Lynn from CAR, and was also interested in the outcome of the meeting of the state leaders over the past two days.  That, therefore, took up most of the dinner conversation.

After dinner, Lance and Joyce retired to the front sitting room, where their privacy was assured.  They were there for about an hour and a half.  When they emerged, they looked bedraggled.  They thanked Zip, but said it was time to talk to the kids.  While Joyce gathered her stuff she had with her from the state meeting, Lance called home.  He told the kids he and Joyce would be home shortly, and wanted to talk to them about a matter of importance, so they were not to go out, nor go to bed.  It was just about 9:00, but one never knew with kids.


The Solution

Walt and Lynn did not know what their parents wanted with them, but they did know what they had been up to of late, so they were apprehensive about the upcoming meeting.  Walt checked, and their video was still where he had placed it after retrieving it earlier that day.  Lance and Joyce came home, got themselves comfortable, with Joyce depositing the materials she brought home from the state CAR officers’ meeting, and she changed clothes.  Lance put off questions from the kids until his wife was ready, merely telling them to get comfortable in the lounge.  Finally, all four were assembled.

Then, in terse and efficient words, Lance informed his children of what he had discovered that morning.  He added, “I spent much of the day thinking about what to do about this.  Thanks to some good advice, I waited for your mother to come home.  We have discussed it between us, but she, of course, has not seen your cinematic endeavors.  Now, you tell us what is going on.”

That approach greatly surprised the kids, but it also served as a relief.  There was no shouting, no threats, no accusations, but instead an invitation to explain.  For several moments, there was quiet, as the two kids gathered their thoughts.  Then there was confusion, when Walt tried to take all the blame, but Lynn refused to allow him to do so.

“Stop,” Lance commanded.  “You’re not making any sense.  One at a time.  Lynn seems to be better organized, so, Lynn, you go first.”

Lynn looked like she was going to stick out her tongue at her brother.  It was such a smug and juvenile look, Lance had trouble associating it with the sexy vixen he had seen on the video.  But, once she got started, she was articulate and organized.  Lynn admitted to having been sexually active for over a year, since shortly after her fifteenth birthday.  She told her parents she had fucked with six guys, including Walt.  Two were pretty good, three were real losers, and Walt was spectacular.  That certainly made Walt perk up.  Lynn insisted that she had come on to Walt shortly after her sixteenth birthday in March.  Walt again tried to interrupt and take the blame, but his parents told him he would get his chance later, and let Lynn continue.  Lynn explained that she was concerned about the prom at the end of the school year, as last year was when she lost her virginity, and the guy was one of the losers, who just took her cherry, squirted in her, then left her unsatisfied.  So, she got Walt to fuck her, to show her how it should be done.  Walt has a great reputation among the girls at Brentwood.  Then, she got him to help recruit a decent guy to be her date.  That was Dustin Shipley.  Dusty was a junior, and a team mate of Walt on the soccer squad.  He is a grandson of Dr. & Mrs. Shipley, but neither Walt nor Lynn knew anything about his parents.  He lived with his grandparents.  They had a couple of trial runs before the prom, and then everything went very smoothly.  Much better than last year.  With that recitation, Lynn came to an end.

Lance and Joyce had a number of questions about Lynn’s presentation, but decided to keep it simple, and let Walt have his turn.  Joyce asked only one question.  “You are being careful about your contraceptives, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mom.  Every day,” Lynn reassured her.

Lance then said, “Okay, Walt, you’ve wanted to talk, now talk.”

Walt considered for a moment.  “Lynn said most of what needs saying, but she made it out like she made all the decisions.  As the older one, I should have known that sooner or later this would blow up on us, and called a halt.”

“As if,” Lynn murmured.

“Okay,” Walt admitted with a red face.  “I admit I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Lynn is really hot, and the spice of incest made it even hotter.”  He sighed.  “Maybe I would not have had the guts to quit, even if I did decide to do the right thing.”

His parents almost could not control their laughter at his expression.

Walt continued.  “I guess you guys know I’ve been sexually active for a few years.  Like Lynn, I started when I was 15.  I won’t try to snow you.  I enjoy sex a lot.  And I have tried to be responsible about it.  I always ask the girl if she’s on protection, and, even though I don’t like it as much, I do carry condoms to use if she’s not.  I swear, I have never forced anyone, or tried to put pressure on anyone to do something she doesn’t want.  And I do try to bring the girl off at least as often as me.”

“That’s true,” Lynn interrupted.  “That’s what the girls at school say, and why I turned to Walt in the first place.”

“I’m glad to hear that, but let your brother talk.  We did not let him interrupt when you were talking,” her mother admonished Lynn.

“Thanks, Mom.  Sometimes it’s really hard to shut Lynn up.”  That earned Walt another nasty look from his sister.  “I guess there’s not much more to say.  Oh, one more thing about being responsible.  I don’t know about girls talking at school, but I am not one of those guys who tells everybody who he fucks.  I know on Mondays in the locker rooms, some guys never shut up about that, but I think that’s pretty cheap.  I never told anyone I fucked Lynn, except two people.”

“And who were they?” Lance asked.

“One was Dusty.  Like Lynn said, I kind of hooked him up with her for the prom in May, and we had a few practice sessions,” Walt said.

“Oh, you were involved.  When Lynn said she had a few practice sessions with Dusty, I did not realize they involved you,” Lance said.

“Well, after she told me what a washout her prom date was last year, I wanted to be sure, and she did kind of encourage me to be there, twice,” Walt admitted.

“I insisted,” Lynn said.  “I mean, Walt said Dusty was okay, and so did some of the girls, but I did not want another disaster like last year.”

“So, what was involved in these ‘practice sessions?” Lance asked.

Walt started to reply, hesitated, withdrew into himself, sighed deeply.  Lynn got an exasperated look, and jumped in.

“I fucked with both guys.  When Dusty fucked me, Walt kind of gave him directions.  Then, he showed Dusty what he meant when he fucked me,” she said.

“So, it was a three-way fuck session,” Lance concluded.

“Yeah,” both kids agreed.

“And that was being responsible?” his father asked Walt.

“I thought so.  I didn’t want Lynn all upset again.  I mean, I know Dusty from soccer, and I know what some guys say about him, but I couldn’t really be sure.  And he didn’t mind at all.  In fact, he asked to have another three-way soon,” Lance defended himself.

Lance sighed.  Kids looked at these things differently than he did at their age.  Zip was right about that.  “Okay, let’s move on.  Who was the other person.  You did say two?”

“Oh, that was Julie,” Walt said.

“Julie?  Julie who?” Joyce asked.

“Our cousin, or whatever.  Juliette Strickler.  She’s a major in something at the University that involved making films and videos, and she did all the camera work for our video that you saw,” Lynn said.

“Oh, yeah, the video,” Lance said.  He had almost forgot what brought all this on, so intrigued was he with his children’s sex lives and their outlook on them.  “Why did you make the video, and what do you plan to do with it?”

“Well,” Lynn said, “Julie was telling us about this class she was taking at the University.  The kids were supposed to make a video to show off what they learned, about technique, you know.  She showed us hers, and it was really, really good.  Then she told us about a kid in the class who made a video of two of his friend fucking.  That got us interested.”

“That got Lynn interested,” Walt mumbled.

Lynn sighed.  “Okay, it was mostly my idea.  But it was a major turn on, and Walt liked it well enough when we got into it,” she insisted.  “I think Julie did a great job.  We watched it together, and after Walt fucked both of us.  Me and Julie.  But, I don’t know what to do with the video.  We don’t want it spread around.  This is definitely not the one she did for her class.”

“I should hope not.  And we definitely do not want it spread around either,” Joyce insisted immediately.  “Is the copy your father saw the only one?”

“Yeah,” Walt said.  “Julie knows it would be a major embarrassment if it got spread around, so after she quit editing and things, she gave it to me, and told me it was the only copy.”

“Well, I guess that answers some of our questions,” Lance said.  “One more thing needs to be brought out before your mother and I decide what to do about all this.  What are your plans, as far as your future relationship is concerned?”

“Our future relationship?  Oh, you mean are we going to keep fucking and all that,” Walt deduced.

“Yeah, all that,” his father mocked him.

“Well, we never really talked much about that,” Walt said.  “I mean, fucking Lynn was great every time we did it, and I’d love to continue doing that, but we haven’t made any real plans.”

“What the folks want to know,” Lynn said with some exasperation at her brother’s density, “is whether we are hopelessly in love, and plan to spend out lives together forever.  And the answer is ‘no,’” she concluded.

“Oh, no, nothing like that,” Walt agreed.  “Like I said, Lynn’s hot, but I’m not making any lifelong commitments.  Not until I’m out of college anyway.”

“Well, that’s a relief,” Joyce said.

“Is there anything else you kids want to say before your mother and I decide what to do?” Lance asked.

“Yeah,” Walt said.  “I knew this would blow up in our faces some day, and I had real fears about how that would play out.  You guys have been great.  You let us explain everything.  No matter what you decide, I’m sure it will be just, and something I can live with, even if I don’t like it.  Thanks.”

“Yeah, Mom, Dad.  You’re great parents,” Lynn added.

Lance smiled.  “Trying to influence the judge with soft soap will not work.  Now, you two make yourselves scarce, but not too scarce.  When your mother and I have had a chance to talk this over, we’ll be wanting to see you again.”

“Yes, sir,” Walt said, as he and his sister left the room.

With the kids gone, Lance and Joyce consulted for nearly half an hour.  Then, having reached agreement, they called Walt and Lynn back into the lounge.

“Your father and I have reached agreement on how to handle our problem children,” Joyce announced.

“Aw, Mom,” Walt protested.

“Actually, we’re quite pleased with how both of you handled yourselves this evening,” Joyce elucidated.  “Some things were brought out which we greatly appreciate.  We were impressed with the concern Walt showed that his sister not have another disastrous prom, for example, and with the insistence both of you showed in taking responsibility, not trying to blame the other.  And we are not surprised that you are both sexually active, although we are a bit surprised at just how active.”

“But, there are some things we also find troubling,” Lance inserted.  “Neither your mother nor I had any idea that your freshman prom was such a disaster, Lynn.  And we are somewhat concerned by ... well, I guess by the numbers of sexual partners you both seem to have had, and the casual way you look on these relationships.”

“Dad, we are not sluts or anything,” Lynn protested.  “Okay, I’ve fucked six guys, but I will not fuck just anyone.”

“I did not mean that, Lynn.  Okay, as I said, you kids look at these things differently than we do, and than we did when we were your age.  At this point, all we’re asking of you is that you continue to be responsible.  And, yes, Walt, that did sink in.  You have been responsible, and we recognize that, and appreciate it.  I guess at this point, we’ll have to leave it that we do see things differently, and you have to accept that our way is just as valid as your way,” Lance said.

“So,” Joyce continued, “your father and I have agreed on a few conditions, or rules, I guess.  We are your parents, and we need to be informed about what is going on.  Walt is now eighteen, but he is living in our house and is financially dependent on us, and Lynn is sixteen, so we think we have the right to set some rules, some guidelines.  The first, and I guess the most important, is that you keep the lines of communication open.  From now on, we want to know what is going on that might result in problems, or significant decisions in your lives.”

“Like what, Mom?” Walt asked.

“Well, if Lynn does become pregnant, for example.  Or, if either of your become involved in a serious relationship.  Or if, heaven forbid, either of you come down with an STD.”

“Okay, I think I can agree to that,” Walt said.  Lynn nodded her agreement as well.

“Fine.  Now, next thing, we do appreciate that you’ve been responsible by your own standards.  We want you to continue that.  Use good sense in selecting partners.  Don’t do anything  really dangerous.  Keep private things private.  I guess that means continue what you’ve been doing, and any deviation from that is something you need to discuss with us,” Joyce said.

“Mom, we know not to talk to just anyone about fucking each other.  We know it could cause problems.  We don’t think letting Dusty and Julie know was irresponsible, but we will be careful,” Walt said.

“Good, we’re agreed then,” Lance said.  “Now, about that video.  We think it’s a real time bomb waiting to go off.  If anyone outside the family sees it, it will be a disaster.  So, we want you to give us the video.  And, if you find out that there really is another copy, you will try to get possession of it, and give that to us, too, and if you can’t get it, let us know about it.  We are really concerned about this getting out.”

Walt gave a visible sigh.  “Okay.  There goes the best jack-off material in the world.”

Joyce could not contain her giggle at that.

“One last thing,” Lance said.  “Tell Dusty and Julie that all is known.  In other words, let them know we are up to speed on your sexual high-jinks.  We don’t want any awkward moments, and you owe it to them anyway.”

“One last thing?  Is that all?” Walt asked in surprise.

“That’s all,” his father confirmed.

“But, that not only leaves us free to engage in normal sex, like other teens, but even to continue our incest,” Walt pointed out.

“We are well aware of that.  We decided that forbidding you that would lead to tensions, to sneaking around, and to lack of honesty.  Your father and I really appreciate the honesty with which you answered our questions this evening, and we want that to continue,” Joyce said.

“You guys are great!  All the soft-soap from before is inadequate to tell you how much we appreciate your understanding.  I love you,” Lynn cried out, and hugged her mother.  Walt looked a bit uncertain, then he, too hugged his father.

And so, the crisis passed.  Zip was right.  Yelling would have gotten nowhere.  And Walt delivered the video to his parents that evening, and Joyce got to see her children in action.  She agreed with Lance.  They were beautiful.