Brandon’s Boys


This is a series of stories about boys who have been abused. Some of them are gay, some not. For the most part, they are ordinary boys, who have been subjected to anything but ordinary conditions. While their experiences are not typical, they are all too real. Fortunately, they found a way out, a patron, in Brandon Dowling. Not all such boys are so lucky.

Major Characters

The boys are major characters, but they will each be introduced as he arrives on the scene.

Brandon Rodes Dowling

- young man, in his 20s.

- had been a teen idol on television and in the movies, and so had amassed a considerable fortune, but found it hollow and meaningless before finding his partner. He left California and settled in Clifton, where he and his partner share a house at 1324 Chestnut Street, in the area known as the Old University Neighborhood, or just the Neighborhood, a late Victorian/Edwardian section of town, which fell into slum conditions following the flight to the suburbs after World War II, but is now recovering.

- star of Precocious Grace about his meeting with Chris Todd, and With Malice Toward None, a defense of gay relationships, and his last film.

- adjunct professor of theater.

Christopher Dennis Todd

- in his later teens.

- partner of Brandon.

- an absolute marvel on horseback, and the intended successor to his mother’s Todd Farm, a horse farm specializing in American Saddlebreds. Chris has focused his efforts on dressage, but has won blue ribbons in nationally recognized competitions in both dressage and straight shows.

Christopher Todd Dowling

- young son of Brandon and Chris, born 22 May 2005.

- a joy and a competitive equestrian.

Dr. Bradley W. Todd, alias Zip

- Professor of Linguistics at the University of Clifton.

- born and raised in the black ghetto.

- with amazing powers utilizing unauthorized computer skills.

- father of Lamar, Chris, and three other siblings, Anastasia, Anthony, and Helen, who play minor roles in these stories.

- adopted his wife’s family name as his did not mean anything anyway.

Cassandra Anastasia Todd, alias Sandy

- heiress of a considerable fortune and of Todd Farm.

- major player in the American Saddlebred horse industry.

- always willing to help promising kids.

- mother of Lamar and Chris.

- with Zip, owner of Todd House.

Bradley Lamar Todd, alias Lamar

- eldest child of Zip and Sandy.

- born 1982.

- Catholic Priest, recently ordained, assigned to St. Martin de Porres, a predominantly black parish in a poor part of Clifton.

Barbara Menendez

- born 55.

- housekeeper and cook at Brandon’s Boys.

- outgoing and accepting, with a warm embrace for the unfortunate.

CH Todd’s Beauty

- Chris’s horse.

- mare.

- born 1996, presented to Chris New Year’s 1997.

- achieved CH status at the World Championship Horse Show, August 2003.

- CH stands for ‘Champion’ and designates show horses who have achieved a designated standard of excellence in the show ring.

Brandon’s Boys, Inc. Board of Trustees

- group home located next to Brandon’s house at 1322 Chestnut:

Brandon Dowling, President
Lamar Todd, Catholic Priest
Benedict Joseph Spalding, Psychologist
Joshua Castleman, Physician
Anjali Pennington, Lawyer
Nathan Winter, Policeman

Lesser Characters

Eudora Brooke

- parishioner at St. Martin de Porres.

- grandmother of Leon and Clarence.

Craig Crews

- current teen idol.

- former colleague of Brandon in the entertainment industry.

- still a good friend who visits Clifton from time to time ‘to get away from it all’.

Peter Amadeus Hoff Sr.

- Catholic Priest.

- assistant at St. Rose of Lima.

- faculty member at Baltimore High School.

Scott MacKenzie

- Manager of Todd Farm.

Kayla O’Malley

- Physician.

- half-sister of Sandy Todd.

- staff physician at the Todd Medical Clinic and University Hospital.

Anne Carter Payne

- black woman, mid 50s, recipient of Todd assistance who pays it back by volunteering at Brandon’s Boys, then paid help.

Chad Pennington

- lawyer.

- husband of Anjali Pennington.

- partner in Pennington, Pennington, & Rafferty.

Kevin Rafferty

- Mayor of Clifton.

- lawyer.

- partner in Pennington, Pennington, & Rafferty.

Stephanie Williams

- head of the Child Welfare sector of the Clifton Welfare Department.

A whole variety of lesser actors in this drama

Geographical Locations

The City of Clifton, Kentucky

- on the Ohio River.

The Old University Neighborhood, or just the Neighborhood

- late Victorian/Edwardian section of town lying next to the University campus.

Mansfield Park

- city park, laid out in the 1890's by Olmstead.

- located in the Neighborhood.

- site of ad hoc soccer matches just about every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

The Pike

- Westbrook Pike.

- major thoroughfare forming the eastern boundary of the Neighborhood.

O’Malley’s Pharmacy

- owned by Kayla’s husband Sean.

- on the Pike.

- fourth generation ownership.

Mike’s Gym

- gymnasium.

- part of Mike & Denise’s Place, Denise’s place being a tanning bed facility.

- on the Pike.

The Olympia Restaurant

- Greek & Italian cuisine.

- on the Pike.

- owned by the Zaharis family, cousins of Sandy Todd.


- incorporated high scale residential area bordering Clifton.

Todd Medical Clinic

- private medical facility.

- named for Sandy Todd’s father and partly owned by the Todds.

- located west of University Hospital.

St. Rose of Lima

- Catholic parish of the Todds & others.

- supporting an elementary school.

- located south of the Neighborhood.

St. Francis Xavier

- Catholic Hispanic ethnic parish.

- located north of the Neighborhood.

Lord Baltimore High School

- Catholic co-educational high school.

- located northeast of the Neighborhood.

Jouett County

- rural county located about an hour east of Clifton.


- county seat of Jouett County.

Todd Farm

- located in Jouett County about a mile east of Westbrook.