There’s Something About
A Fielding Boy


“If I should say to the novice, ‘write from experience and experience only,’ I should feel that this was rather a tantalizing monition if I were not carefully immediately to add, ‘Try to be one of the people whom nothing is lost!’” (The Art of Fiction- Henry James)

Lee still slept peacefully when I arose, shuffled out to the kitchen area of the camper and fixed our morning coffee.  My intentions were to let him sleep since the day and night before seemed exceptionally long and full of activities and celebration for both of us, but seemed to impact him more because of the role he played.  Our camper was parked in the yard at Drs. Ross and Jim’s acreage and had been for the two days since our arrival from our home on the Pecatonica.

Danny and Billy met us there and were now, I hoped, resting comfortably in one of the guest rooms in the house.  They too should be extremely tired since they day and night’s activities were wearing on those much younger than they were and Dan and Bill didn’t excuse themselves until it was quite late.  I’m amazed, each time we are with them, at the vigor and vivaciousness they have for their ages!

The day before was a perfect, beautiful June day; the wish and envy of every bride and groom!  Adriana, slowly being escorted by her father, her arm delicately looped over her father’s arm, white dress accentuated by the glowing, warm smiles of joy on her face as she neared the alter at the front of the church.  Waiting there for her, eyes focused on his bride-to-be, Luke’s face was just as radiant. Waiting with him was his best man, my very own Lee, two groomsmen, Scott Meyers, soon to be his brother-in-law, and cousin, Adam Fielding from the Iowa Fielding’s.  Smiles of joy and approval decorated their faces as well.

Waiting, smiling just a broadly, albeit with tears slightly streaking their cheeks, Adriana’s bridesmaid, a cousin from her father’s side, and a two maids of honor,  classmates from high school. All looked quite lovely!

Dr. John knew full well, those three short years ago after the dustup at the county fair, he was destined to be the father of the bride sooner than he wanted or intended! His hope was the two of them would finish college and then get married since they both just graduated from high school three weeks before, but Adriana would have no part of it! Luke was her life and she was his and they would face life and college together!

All were focused on Adriana, except for Adam; his gaze was fixed beyond her to a spot about seven rows back on the bride’s side of the church.  Although it may have seemed to the ones gathered there his attention was on the ceremony about to take place, it seemed to me his real attention was on something else.  It took me a few minutes, once the minister had started the ceremony to finally spot the object of Adam’s attention; a very attractive, Asian-American young man, who, once realizing he was the center of Adam’s desire, flashed a shy, warm, and welcoming smile back!

I gave Bill a gently nudge and asked who the young man was. Bill took a quick look over his shoulder and answered, “I believe he’s Phillip Lee, cousin to Adriana on her Daddy’s side of the family,” before returning his attention to the ceremony at the front.

The ceremony was not overly long, the music appropriate, and the looks on Adriana’s and Luke’s faces as they said their vows was delightful!  We all gathered about two hours after the ceremony at a local supper club’s banquet room where the reception, dinner, and dance were being held.

Lee, seated at the head table with the rest of the wedding party, made the necessary and expected toast to the bride and groom during the meal. I was seated with Bill and Dan and Ross and Jim at one of the front tables reserved for immediate family.  After the meal, when the dance began and it was time for the wedding party to join the bride and groom and parents in dancing, Lee came to our table and escorted me to the dance floor.  Adam headed directly to one of the tables about half-way back and returned with Phillip Lee.  As they danced, I couldn’t help but notice Adam was about six inches taller than Phillip but it didn’t seem to matter to either of them.  I knew Adam, if he was a typical Fielding, would be able to make any adjustments necessary to ensure their compatibility, if you know what I mean!

Lee whispered in my ear as we danced by the couple, “If Phillip Lee is not aware of it, he’s being courted by a Fielding Boy!”

I thought Phillip was more than aware and willing for it to happen by the looks on his face.  After the party back in our camper, Lee courted me as only a Fielding Boy could and involved me in our own mutual dance of love.

I finished my first cup of coffee, reflecting on all that happened in the past few years.  My romance novels continued to be successful, providing us with a nice steady income and, along with Lee’s illustrations of them and his success in selling signed and numbered wildlife prints and original oils, we were more than well off financially.

I decided not to write of Bill Iverson and Dan Field’s romance and life together.  It is a story, I believed, of family; a family story to be told and retold from generation to generation and not committed formally to paper. It is a story not only of Bill Iverson and his Fielding Boy, Danny, but of me and my Fielding Boy, Lee; of Tim and Robbie Fielding, of Adriana and her husband, Luke Fielding, and of Philip Lee, who will have Adam as his Fielding Boy! This story is of a family who loves with intensity, protects with ferocity, feels for others with deep compassion, and gives to others in order to share the wealth of knowledge, opportunity, and materials. The Fielding Boys experience joy with the exuberance of youth, no matter their age; sadness with hearts exposed and vulnerable, and commitment with love and devotion for all eternity!

As I filled my cup for the second time, Lee stepped out from our bedroom, naked as I love him to be, his stiff rod sticking out in front of him pointing directly at me, and reminding me there is really something special about a Fielding Boy!

The End



Thank you for reading “There’s Something About A Fielding Boy.” I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.  I believe we must hope there is a bit of a “Fielding Boy” in all of us as we journey through life.


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