There’s Something About
A Fielding Boy

Chapter Fourteen

“My days have been so wondrous free, The little birds that fly With careless ease from tree to tree Were but as bless’d as I.” (Thomas Parnelle)

Waking the next morning, laying on my side, butt tightly backed up to Lee’s crotch, his arms around me, and breathing softly in my ear as his head rested on my shoulder, I flexed my sphincter a couple of times and realized indeed, he was still inserted deeply into my rear portal! He was sound asleep, resting so peacefully, I hesitated to move much more for fear of waking him.  Yet, again, that might not be such a bad idea!  I must admit, I’m a confirmed bottom! There are many gay couples who eschew that particular form of love for whatever reason, but not me!  That steely, soft, humongous massager of Lee’s can rest in my velvety chute anytime he wants.  When he tickles my prostate with each thrust of his hips, it electrifies me, and sends me to an orgasmic high unknown to me before I met him!

Every now and then, I felt him push forward, stiffen, and the head of his princely prick would swell, and then subside as he shifted back a little. Even in the movement back, his tumescence was not diminished! No, it stayed hard, filling and stretching my anal ring, reaching into me the full eight or so inches it was.

I knew I should get up and spend some time on my novel, but it felt so damned good being held and loved by Lee Fielding! His warmth, tenderness, and obvious love for me was evident, even in his sleep!  I felt him begin to stir, stretching his legs and body, driving even deeper into my body; his arms reached around, one hand cupped my balls and the other encircled my own stiff shaft.

“Good morning!” he murmured sleepily in my ear. “Did we stay this way all night?”

“I think so, but if we didn’t, it’s a nice way to wake up.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” he said as he began a slow, erotic fuck!

For a couple of neophytes to gay love, we were rapidly becoming more than just accomplished, each knowing what the other liked and doing our best to pleasure him.  Not only did I enjoy anal sex with Lee, but oral, frottage; you name it, it was fine with me.  His cum had a taste, somewhat salty, with just a hint of almond flavor, and was thick, tapioca-like, and abundant.  His description of mine was almost the same, except a little thinner, but even more abundant than his, which I doubted, but it was nice to hear!  Such is the life of a happy couple!

We were going to meet Dan and Bill at the “Riverside” that evening for a fish fry, but the rest of the day was ours to do with as we desired. I figured it’d give me a chance to not only work on my novel, but to organize and transcribe some notes I made the night before and try to pull  them into a story of some sort or at the very least, place them in my files for future reference.  My file on Dan and Bill was rapidly growing!

After breakfast, I asked Lee if he was up for a visit to my family in Verona on Sunday after we made a trip to introduce him to my house on the Pecatonica. I was a little apprehensive waiting for his reply, although he’d announced to his own family he was going to move in with me, since I wasn’t certain he wanted to leave here and all of his friends and relatives.

“Great idea!” he said enthusiastically, “Why don’t we take my truck and I can leave what I don’t need while traveling, there. When we decide to leave here with the camper, I can load up the rest of my stuff and haul it over to the Pecatonica.”

Apparently he had no problem with re-locating!

While he worked outside sorting what he’d leave and what he’d take in the back of his truck, I worked on the draft of my book and my notes from the previous evening.  The book was moving along well, perhaps it was the actual experience of loving someone and being loved in return that made the words flow easily, but the plot and the dialogue were shaping up into a very readable and attention-holding manuscript. Lee made a trip to Dan and Bill’s and to his sisters and pretty well filled up the empty spaces he’d made in the pick-up.

By lunch time, we were ready for a break! When I mentioned to Lee, mornings seemed to be my most creative time of the day, he disagreed, commenting he thought I’d been pretty creative in bed the night before; that earned him a hug and a kiss! I’d been noticing he was so much like Dan; whenever Dan was close to Bill, he just had to touch him or hug him.  His eyes lit up every time Bill came into view and he just didn’t seem as if he could do enough for his lover. Yep, Lee was the same; maybe it was just in the Fielding genes, but I loved it!  He;d just look at me and grin! I don’t know who was happier, me or him!

“Riverside Pub and Eatery” was busy when we arrived, but Dan and Bill had a table reserved and were waiting for us.  I brought my tape recorder, just in case! The fish fry was an all you can eat (AYCE) and the choices were perch, walleye, catfish, or cod, broiled, fried, or baked!  We all chose the catfish, deep fried with hush puppies and coleslaw as sides.  Of course, the obligatory cold tap beer was available for “wetting our whistles.” The meal was delicious!

The dinner table conversation centered on how pleased Dan and Bill were seeing Lee and me together.

“We just didn’t think Lee would ever find the right person to settle down with,” commented Bill, “until you showed up in town, and then he started acting just like Danny did years ago – totally smitten! If he could’ve lived in my pocket he would have and I would’ve let him.”

Danny just grinned his response!

Lee and I accepted their invitation out to the house after dinner.  I insisted on paying for the meal, over their objections.

“Last night cost you plenty,” groused Dan, “I don’t know why you think you have to pay for this too.”

I swear, they don’t miss a thing that happens in town!  I paid the bill anyway, they’ve treated me enough as it is and knowing them as I’m beginning to, they’ll be doing it again soon enough anyway.

Lee started the conversation at the house, after drinks were served, by bringing up the encounter at the “Riverside” the night before and Hickory, Frank, and Jack telling the story about the big fight in the parking lot years before.

“We heard about it,” mused Dan, “that’s why we didn’t think you should pay tonight, Chad. Guess you learned to be careful about running a tab when someone tells a story, didn’t you?” and jabbed me in the ribs.

“It was well worth it!” I answered and it was. “By the way, Bill,” I asked, “who taught you how to make a sap and how to use it?”

“Grandpa Sorenson,” he answered with a knowing smile and a nod of his head.


I was scooting down the hall, trying to dodge all of the other kids as I made my way to English class when Hickory Woods stopped me, pulled me aside, and, after looking around to make certain the wrong people didn’t overhear what he was saying, told me what he’d overheard while sitting in the can.

“George Nelson and that bunch of thugs he runs with are planning to waylay Danny when he walks you home after school on Friday.  Once they’re done with him, you’ll be next.”

It scared the shit out of me; not so much for me but for Danny! There was no way he could win in a fight against seven or eight big ugly fuckers like that bunch, even if Ross and Samuel helped him!  I figured I’d help too, but I was so damned small! Sure, I’d been in a couple of fights back at my old school, but they were just the pushy-shovey types with no one really punching!

“Hickory, you just got to warn him!” I said desperately. “He can’t just walk into that, okay?”

Danny walked me home after school like usual, but was very quiet, not his usual, upbeat self.  I noticed he walked most of the way home with his arm around me, like he was protecting me or trying to hold me close enough so he wouldn’t lose me.  He didn’t stick around long once we got to my house claiming he had some chores to take care of.  I didn’t ask what and he didn’t volunteer!

At supper, I was so upset I just couldn’t eat; my tummy hurt and flip-flopped like I was going to throw up.  Momma figured I was coming down with something and sent me to my room to rest.  I was sitting on my bed when I heard a soft knock on the door and Grandpa Sorenson asked if he could come in and join me.

He sat down beside me on the bed and waited quietly for me to say something. I turned toward him, wanting to say something, but I just couldn’t!  My bottom lip was quivering and a single sob escaped my lips!

“Something happen today at school?” he asked.

I just nodded knowing if I tried to speak, I’d just break out and cry and I really didn’t want to do that!

“Like what happened in gym class a while back?”

I wobbled my head from side to side, the tears in my eyes building!

“Want to tell me about it?

I nodded in the affirmative, but my sadness and fears overwhelmed my mouth and when he reached out to put his arms around me, I sunk my head onto his chest and sobbed my heart out! I managed, after a couple of minutes, to choke out what Hickory told me George planned on doing on Friday after school.

“Are you afraid, Billy?” he asked gently.

I nodded “yes” but said “No!”

“Oh,” he reasoned, “not for you but perhaps for someone else?”

I nodded again and catching my breath and bringing my sobs under partial control, I explained, “Grandpa, there’s more of them than Danny can handle and I know he won’t back down and it’s all because of me!”

Taking another deep breath, “It’s just not fair! They just won’t leave us alone! What the hell did Danny and I ever do to them? I want to help, but I know Danny won’t let me, but I’m going to anyway ‘cause I just can’t let anything happen to him just because of me!”

Grandpa rocked me back and forth in his arms and said, “Billy, it’s not your fault at all. Some people just can’t stand to see others happy.  Maybe they had something against Danny before you came here or perhaps they don’t like you and Danny together.”

He was quiet, contemplative for minute or so, “You really like that Fielding Boy a lot, don’t you, Billy?”

I nodded, “Yeah, really, really a lot!  I know you don’t approve, Grandpa, but when I’m with Danny he makes me feel like there’s no one else in the whole world except me he’d rather be with and when he’s not with me, I miss him so much my heart just aches!”

“My, my,” he whispered, “you’ve got it bad! Billy, it’s not that I disapprove because I don’t; I just don’t understand! Of course, there are lots of things in this world I don’t understand or know about and probably never will!  What I do know is if you’re happy being with him then that’s the way it’s going to be!”

“What’ll I do, Grandpa? Those boys are big, mean, and nasty and I don’t think they fight fair either!”

“What do you want to do, Billy?”

“I want to run up to them and knock the hell out of them, that’s what I want to do!”

“Then, why don’t you?”

I reared my head back, pulled away, and sat down back on the bed before I answered.  I thought he’d lost his mind!

“Grandpa, look at me!” I said, standing up in front of him, my hands on my hips. “Do I look like Joe Louis or Charles Atlas?”

“Well,” he said tipping his head to the side as if to appraise my physique, “now that you mention it, no, but can you fight?”

“Yeah, but don’t you think I’m pretty small compared to high school boys?  I don’t think I can fight hard enough to make a difference!”

Grandpa pursed his lips, nodded thoughtfully, and said, “Then, you need to fight smarter, not harder!”

Before I could protest again, he continued, “Wasn’t David smaller than Goliath when he slew him with a rock?  Isn’t a hornet smaller than a man, but its sting can chase a man or many men away?”

I slowly nodded my head in agreement.

“Billy, you need to be both David and the hornet, hitting them and stinging those bully boys where they least expect a little guy like you to hit or sting. You understand?”

It was then he showed me how to make a sap and how to use it!  His parting words of advice were pure, simple, and direct; “Pick out the biggest, ugliest, meanest one of the bunch and bloody him proper before anyone can react.  After that, fight like hell!”


“That’s exactly what I did,” laughed Bill.

“I wondered what in the hell he was going to do with that lumpy sock he pulled out of his pocket and kept swinging it back and forth,” confessed Dan. “I soon found out when he let out a shout and tore across the parking lot toward that bunch.  We were so damned surprised, it took a minute for me to figure out what he was up to and then we tore ass after him.  I figured he didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of doing any damage, but by the gods, when he walloped George in the beezer with that sock and dropped him, I knew we had a real fight on our hands then! When my cousins bailed out of the truck to help, we had it all over within about ten minutes. Hell of a good time, wasn’t it Love?”

“Maybe for you, but, shit,” Bill commented, “it was all I could do to stay upright and besides, I drew first blood on them and then one of them clobbered me in the face and cut my lip.  That’s when you guys jumped in and saved my ass!”

“By the time it was over,” Dan added, “we were all bloodied up some, but I knew then no one would bother Billy again while he was in school!”

“Then why did you put the barn rats in George’s truck?” I asked, wondering if it really happened or if Hickory was embellishing the story.

“Oh,” Bill piped up, “Dan didn’t do that, he’s scared shitless of rats!  I got Ross and Samuel to catch’em for me and I did it!”

We had a great evening with lots of laughs, as usual, visiting with Bill and Dan, but as the night grew later, we made our excuses, explaining we were going over to my place on the Pecatonica in the morning and move some of Lee’s things in. I wanted to ask what happened to Gary, but I didn’t think the time was right so I didn’t.

The next morning Lee and I drove, in his truck, to my house on the Pecatonica.  It wasn’t a long drive, a couple of hours or so, and we arrived about mid-morning.  As we drove down the lane to my home, Lee acknowledged his approval, with a very appreciative, “Nice; a California Bungalow style.”

I really didn’t know what the style of the house was; it was just a house, as far as I was concerned, I called home. It is a one-story, three bedroom home, The largest of the three  I use as a master bedroom and the other, somewhat smaller rooms as a spare bedroom and the other for storage and as an office. I have a desk top computer, printer/scanner, a couple of book cases and filing cabinets containing my research and drafts. One shelf on one of the bookcases holds those paperback novels that have been published.

The front porch used to extend the full width of the home, but the older couple who owned the place before me remodeled it into two separate sections; one half was a three-season porch and the other half a heated sun room with plenty of windows to allow the sun to radiate warmth and light – hence the name, sun room!

“Park here in the front,” I said gesturing at the graveled parking area near the concrete walk leading to the front steps and door. “We can unload your things here and carry them in once you’ve looked the place over and decided where you want to put things.”

I unlocked the front door, stepped aside, and allowed Lee to enter.  The front door opened immediately into the living room, although in one corner of it.  Straight ahead there’s the hall leading to first on the left, the master bedroom, next the spare room, and my office in the third, and directly at the end of the hall, the bathroom. The bathroom was also remodeled before I bought it and was equipped with a double sink, new cabinets, linen closet, and tub/shower combination.

The two bedrooms were smaller than the master bedroom and the one I used for an office had windows on two walls, allowing a cross draft for summer breezes to aid in the ventilation and cooling. 

To the right, as you entered the house, the main part of the living room, the brick fireplace on the far wall definitely caught your eye! I rarely used it, but it was functional and did provide a great deal of heat when fired up. Looking to the right of the fire place, French doors opened into the sun room, giving quick and easy access to its brightness and leisure atmosphere.

Swinging to the left of the fireplace was the large open door way to the dining room; beyond the dining room, continuing through another door, was the kitchen and pantry.  A door leading from the kitchen to a mud/laundry room where the washer and dryer were located, also led to the back door of the house through which the back yard, small orchard, and large garden area could be seen. The stairs to the basement were also located near the back door and allowed me to access the furnace, water softener, electrical boxes, and other mechanical equipment.

“How long have you had this place?” Lee asked.

“About three years; an older couple lived here for a number of years.  He worked for the county, farmed a little, kept some livestock, and a large garden.  After he retired, they did a great deal of remodeling on the home and really enjoyed the house and its location. The view of the Pecatonica, the small wooded copse, and rolling countryside was what really convinced me to make the purchase when it came up for sale.”

“…And the reason for that was?”

“He passed away and she decided to sell and move closer to a daughter in Dubuque.  Most of the furniture currently in the house came with the purchase. Some of it I’d like to replace since it really doesn’t fit my character, but now we can choose new furniture together, if you want, and give it our own stamp, so to speak.  There’s even an old grey Ford tractor with some farm equipment attachments in the barn.”

So far, Lee hadn’t said whether or not he decided to stay here with me or not! I was getting to be a little edgy until he asked, “Room for my truck in the garage?”

That was encouraging, at least he was going to spend the night, I thought.

“Is there room in the closet and dresser in the bedroom for the clothes I brought?”

“Plenty!” I said with a giggle.  I knew now he’d made up his mind to live here with me. “I don’t know where you want your art supplies and other things, so maybe we better move those things into the spare room until you can get them sorted out where you want them.”

Fortunately, I had a couple of ribeye steaks in the freezer as well as a package of frozen mixed vegetables I was able to prepare for lunch.  The steaks and veggies, topped off with a nice glass of red wine, were just right for lunch.

During the afternoon we spent time wandering around the property and letting Lee become familiar with it.  As we walked around, he noted, as we passed the large garden area, we could grow our own vegetables. The small hired hands house, used only sporadically as a guest house when the previous owners still lived here, contained one bedroom, small kitchen/dining area, and bathroom.  It was heated and could be used in the winter, if necessary. Lee looked it over carefully, but made no comments concerning any possible use.  I’d once considered using it for my office/writing, but decided to use the small bedroom instead.

 Entering the barn, he spotted the tractor, looked it over carefully, before commenting, “It may take some work to get it running well again, but it should be fine. There’s a two-bottom plow for it, a disc, and even a front bucket.  We can use it to plow garden, move snow, and all kinds of stuff.” He seemed pretty excited about that!

“Ever think of raising a few chickens; maybe a pig or two; perhaps a beef for butchering?”

I don’t think you can really take the farm out of a farm boy, but since I was raised in town, I didn’t have that same passion, but I thought it wouldn’t be long until I did since he saw things I didn’t.  Would life be dull with Lee Fielding? Far from it, I thought. Would it be satisfying, comfortable, and happy? Absolutely!

We found we could make love just as passionately in our bed at home as passionately as we could in the camper. Lee seemed at home here and I really felt it was home for me as well now that he was here to share it with me.

The next morning after breakfast, we drove up to Verona so Lee could meet my folks. If he was at all apprehensive, he didn’t show it.  But, on the way up the front steps, I felt his hand on my back and when I introduced him to my folks, he kept one hand on me while he shook with the other. Lee Fielding just wasn’t going to let me get very far from him.  He was so much like Dan!

At dinner, Mom and Dad seemed most pleased with their son’s choice for a boyfriend and treated him as if they’d known him forever.  My sisters and their families arrived, just to check out the boyfriend I assumed, and they too, were impressed with him.  Of course, he had to answer a jillion questions, but handled it all quite well. The nephews and nieces were on their best behavior; I would imagine on pain of being skinned alive by their parents I would imagine.

When we readied ourselves to leave and return back to our own home, one of my sisters whispered to me, “I think you’ve got a keeper, Little Brother!”

I thought so too! I was as happy as a fat tick on hounds back and the way Lee looked at me, I figured he was too.



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“My days have been so wondrous free,
The little birds that fly
With careless ease from tree to tree
Were but as bless’d as I.”
(Thomas Parnelle)

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