There’s Something About
A Fielding Boy

Chapter Eleven

“That is what the title of artist means: one who perceives more than his fellows, and who records more than he has seen.” – (Edward Gordon Craig)

Lee stood looking at me, his eyes seeking some signal indicating my willingness; a smile and nod of my head beckoned him to bedroom sanctuary. He nodded his acceptance and stepped inside. I settled back on my bed, robe discarded, my naked body on display for him, and my cock at full mast, inviting him to partake of me as he wished and I desired!

His eyes never left mine as he carefully disrobed; his body now in full view and inviting, intensifying my desire for him to love me. My eyes were drawn to that magnificent piece of man-flesh sticking out in front of him; it was stiff, thumping with each beat of his heart, the foreskin drawn back revealing a thick, plum shaped head on the end of rather lengthy, wide and substantial shaft, rooted in a moderate pubic bush.  I almost gasped aloud seeing the length and size of his staff wondering how my small body would accommodate such a beautiful instrument of love!

Before he crawled into bed with me, he reached down to his pants on the floor and extracted a tube of something and placed it on my night stand next to my alarm clock.  As much as I wanted to see what it was, I found I couldn’t divert my attention from the beauty that stood before me.  Although I’d seen him naked before, the morning after the reception, I still thought, “God, he is a beauty to behold!”

Lee slipped into bed and meshed his body with mine; lowering his face to mine, carrying part of his weight on his elbows, yet allowing our stomachs and penises to make contact, each organ twitching and dripping in anticipation of what we both knew was going to come. He brought his face into contact with mine and kissed me with a deep passion and I returned it!  Locked lips led to his arms tight around me as he rolled me over so I was on top, fully resting on his stomach, my shorter frame fitting comfortably and lightly on his. A couple of thrusts by him signaling his intention; he released my lips and began kissing and nuzzling his way south. First his lips caressed my chin, moved to my neck, and then my nipples, bringing squeals of delight from me, for the first time realizing how sensitive those small parts of my body could be, continuing his journey down my chest, licking over my solar plexus, tantalizing my tummy with his tongue, encountering my navel with a swirling tongue dipping attack, and finally resting his nose at the base of my now really, really stiff, and dripping pecker!

He flicked out his tongue, taking a tentative taste of that delicate instrument of mine and bringing a giggle from me, before licking and kissing his way up my short length to the head, where, after lapping around the head with his warm moist tongue before a tickling small insertion of his tongue-tip in my piss-slit, engulfed the head and shaft in his warm, moist lips and mouth. He bobbed up and down, maybe four or five times before I squealed in dismay and delight, “Oh, my God, Lee, I’m cumming!”

I expected him to pull back, but he didn’t, instead he continued to nurse and coax each and every drop from my body, savoring and accepting it! The more he nursed the more sensitive I became until I shivered a final little spurt out onto his tongue.

“I’m so sorry,” I moaned apologetically.

“Don’t be,” he mused, “we’re not done yet! We have a lifetime to practice.”

Maneuvering me back down his body by placing his hands on my hips and pushing until our lips meshed again, he shared the taste of me with me.  I found it interesting and delightful and tasted of me and him! I’d tasted my own cum but mixed with his saliva was a new experience. My head on his shoulder, resting cheek to cheek, his arms about me, I said, “Lee, I want you!  I want you so bad; more than just a blowjob or hand-job!”

“Are you certain?”

“Just as certain as I know I love you and you love me!”

There was no doubt in my mind of his physical and emotional attachment to me and me to him.  Our first sex experience with each other, the night of the reception, was limited to oral and physical masturbation, but not anal sex.  It was going to be a first for me and I thought would be a first for Lee. I was offering my virginity to him and I wanted him to take it!

Lee nodded, answering, “I want you so bad as well, but I don’t want to hurt you either.”

He kissed me, adding, “I want to be with you every day and every night of the rest of my life.”

He rolled me over onto my stomach, reached over to the night stand, retrieved the tube he’d placed there earlier, explaining, “Lube!” and squirted some on his fingers and began preparing me, stretching and lubricating my rear portal for his entrance. He kneeled between my legs as he worked carefully and gently, talking softly to me, telling me how beautiful I was and how inviting my soft bubble butt was to him.  He would stop, sigh, lean over, and nuzzle my cleft before stretching forward, and kissing my neck or my face or the middle of my back. When I made no resistance or complained of pain or discomfort as he worked the lube into me, he pulled his fingers free.  I tipped my head to the side and back, watching him as he applied lube abundantly to his shaft. Placing a goodly glob in his hand, he lathered it up and down his cock until it was shiny slick, his cock-head fully exposed, slightly darker than the shaft, and dripping with pre-cum.

Lifting my hips, he pulled a pillow around and slid it under my hips, elevating my butt; using his hands, he spread my soft mounds, and placed the head of his leaking cock at my twitching, puckered entrance.  Nothing needed to be said by either of us as he pushed and the bulbous head popped through the anal ring.  He paused, letting me adjust to his intrusion and allow the muscle at my entrance relax enough to allow his cock to make further progress into me, and began leaning forward and pressing his thickness deeper and deeper until he was resting on me, his stomach comfortably cupped in the curved small of my back, his cock buried balls deep in my bowels!

Lee lay quietly, not pushing, not pulling, letting his stiffness and my interior become accustomed to each other. It felt like his big rod was carefully rearranging my bowels as he twitched and moved ever so slightly!

“Are you okay,” Lee asked concerned that he may have damaged me or hurt me by inserting himself all of the way.

“Fine; I just feel full!”

Lips close to mine, his breath softly caressing them,” he whispered, “I love you so much; I think life would hold little value for if you were not here!”

Lee hesitated before beginning a slow forward back motion, just a little bit at a time, until he was fucking me with almost the full length of his tumescence, yet not pulling free of my body with his actions. His rocking, thrusting of his hard cockhead and staff, over my prostate, through my anal ring, and into my lower bowel quickly brought me to highly erotic, almost electric climax, not in the same volume as the first time, but just as mind-blowing or more!  I squeezed and massaged his cock with my stomach and anal muscles, as I spent my seed, bringing Lee to the peak as well. 

Lee pushed in deep, as deep as he was capable of since his crotch hairs were pressed up tight to my chute and came, strong, voluminous, with squirt after squirt of his semen into my lower bowel. With each pulse, he groaned in ecstasy, bringing additional, albeit dry, spasms to my own cock. I really couldn’t feel the sperm shooting into me as some people claim, but I did feel his cock thicken and his penile muscles expand it each time as his cock expended the contents of his balls into me. The interior warmth I felt was from his considerable length and friction of the fuck, not the liquid he was depositing I thought.

He finally groaned his finish and leaving his still stiff rod inside, leaned completely forward and rested his body on my back, butt, and legs. I could feel him begin to shrink inside me as we relaxed until he slipped out, leaving me feeling empty! He rolled me over and, after settling on his back, brought me to his front.  I rested my head on his shoulders as he hugged me close to him.

“I cum a lot,” he confessed.

“I know,” I giggled.  His thick, white offering which was not absorbed by my body was beginning to seep out, dripping down my crack, onto my balls, and his legs.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that ever!”

With that statement, he began kissing me again.  I pulled back enough to respond, “Me neither, but I really loved it!”

Raising up on an elbow, kissing him again, I reached down to play with his flaccid penis, and asked, “If you’ve never done this before, how did you know how what to do in order to get this into me?” sliding the foreskin back and forth over his cock-head. I could feel the pulsing of his heart as blood coursed through his fleshy tube.  My ministrations were beginning to bring his cock back to life, so I slipped his foreskin back and took a swipe at the piss slit with my tongue- just to stimulate conversation; bullshit, I enjoyed the taste of his fluids!

“I asked Robbie!”

Lee hoped, at least according to him, to be able to make love to me sometime in the future and he didn’t want to appear foolish doing it for the first time or hurt me in the process considering his lack of experience, his size compared to my small butt, and the limited knowledge he gained from the internet.  He decided his younger and much more experienced cousin would be able to offer him advice about the proper way to fuck another guy, especially with a large cock going into a small opening.

Lee is so much more of an introvert than Robbie, I would’ve have loved to be a fly on the wall during the conversation, watching their faces and listening to their mumbled questions and responses.

“I don’t know who was more embarrassed,” Lee bemoaned, “Robbie or me!  Robbie and Tim have been lovers for several months now so I thought I’d just outright ask.  Tim has a pretty healthy looking dick, so I figured Robbie could give me some pointers.”

Robbie stumbled and mumbled trying to find the words to describe what happens and finally, wishing someone else would do it, called Tim on his cell phone. Tim was at his parent’s farm in Iowa at the time, but was more than willing to tell Lee what to do.

“Robbie,” he explained, “is always on the receiving end and not the giving, so he may not really be aware of everything I did the first time or now!”

Listening to Lee tell the story, I began to suspect Robbie knew very well what Tim did, but was too embarrassed to explain it to Lee.  I suppose it would be like asking your mother how to fuck the man you love or something like that.  Tim’s advice to Lee must have been good, since Lee and I really enjoyed the experience and I had no pain, some discomfort at first, but no real pain.  It was more of a feeling of “fullness” followed by a seismic jolt to my balls and cock every time his cock slid by my prostate gland. I thought I could feel, once he bottomed out, his dick pressing up against my stomach, but it was probably just my imagination.  He was big, there was no doubt about it! I figured I must be a natural bottom; at least I hoped so, because what Lee did to me was really “over the top,” if you know what I mean!

I woke once during the night, dreaming of being stuffed again, but soon realized it wasn’t a dream! Lee was deep into my already well lubricated tunnel, gently thrusting back and forth, loving me as only he could do.  As he twitched and began firing another heavy load into my bowels, I heard him sigh softly to himself, “I don’t what I did to earn such pleasure and beautiful lover.”  I said nothing, but did flex my butt muscles, helping him milk out the last vestiges of his sperm deposit.

I was pretty tender when I got out of bed in the morning. Lee slept on as I sat on the toilet, emptying my bowels of the remnants of our love-making, and then climbed into the shower to clean up.  I dried, hung up the towel to dry, and paraded naked out to the kitchen to make our morning coffee.  I thought if he’d sleep for another hour or so, I could do some writing.  No such luck!

He called softly from the bathroom, checking to see where I was. When I answered, he peeked his head out of the door, grinned, and asked, “Okay if I take a shower?  I’m really a bit crusty – especially a certain part of me.”

Laughing, I responded, “I know what you mean; I took mine earlier. You know where the towels are.”

Putting my laptop away when he exited the bathroom, sans towel, his delicious looking dong, flopping back and forth, to and fro, and his low hanging balls wiggled and jiggled while he walked toward me, I couldn’t help but wonder how he was able to get that fleshy organ of delight into me, but damned happy he could and would again!

“What’cha working on?” he asked.

I avoided an answer, set the laptop case aside, and countered with, “Ready for coffee?”

After his took his first sip, with a very satisfied sigh and a head nodding approval, looked at me, furled his eyebrows in question, asking, “What’s on your mind, Love?”

It was nice to hear him call me “Love.”  I stammered, trying to find the nerve to say what I was thinking and finally blurted out, “I was thinking, if you wanted to, I’d love to have you move in with me, you know, live with me, maybe?”

He said nothing right away, so I quickly added, “You don’t have to decide right away; you can take some time – that is if you really want to!”

Lee scratched his head, causing my stomach to turn flip-flops fearful he was going to say no, and replied, “My clothes and things are in my truck.  Let me put on some pants and I’ll bring them in.”

Putting my coffee cup down, I jumped up, stepped around the table, and kissed him! I was so happy and by the look on his face, he was too.

“I’ll help,” I said excitedly.

“Better put some pants on first,” Lee advised, giving my cock a couple of fondles and then a little tug.

As we unloaded his clothes and found room in the closet and drawers, I soon came to the conclusion I just wasn’t going to have room enough, however, I didn’t say anything, yet.  Lee brought in several canvases, some art supplies, a very nice digital camera with extra lenses, a couple of sketch books, and something he called his “portfolio.”

“Can I take a look?” I asked tentatively, hoping he’d say yes.

He laid the large thick folder on the bed and opened it.  Inside were various unframed watercolors, charcoal sketches, and pencil drawings, all of superb quality!

“These are wonderful,” I commented, truly in awe of his talent. “How do you do it?”

“Well,” he pondered, “I had some great teachers who let me grow my creativity and didn’t try to stifle or change my style, only enhance it.  I put to paper or canvas my interpretation of what I see, adding those nuances I feel add dimension, emotion, or other pulchritudinous features to the art.”

I had no idea what he meant, but I think he meant “beauty” which was fine with me since that’s what I saw also. Slowly turning each page, finding something wonderful on each, I looked at landscapes, birds of various species, including waterfowl, still-life’s, and many more.

“Have you sold any of your work?” I asked.

“Some, but when I was teaching, I really didn’t have the time to spend on my own work or seek markets.  The ones I did sell I sold at weekend farmer’s markets. Now that I’m not working, I hope I can build up an inventory of salable items and open a small studio or shop somewhere to market them.”

Toward the back of the portfolio I came upon a pencil drawing- an almost erotic pencil drawing- of a young boy, nude, on the cusp of pubescence, sitting on a rock near a stream, a relatively good-sized (for his apparent age) uncircumcised penis nestled on maturing testicles, springing from a pubic region populated with very few, but developing strands of hair, resting against his right thigh, and with his head turned, his full facial features hidden, but enough to know he was an extremely handsome young man.

“Wow!” I said. “This lad is beautiful!”

“I meant to put that away somewhere,” Lee apologized. “It’s not something for general display.”

“You mean my boyfriend indulges in drawing erotic art?” I asked jokingly.

“Not really,” Lee responded, “but H. L. Mencken did say one time The great artists of the world are never Puritans and seldom ordinarily respectable. This is one I just had to draw, the beauty and the innocence compelled me to commit it to paper. I suppose I could be labeled as a “pederast” of something, but the human body is a work of art unto itself.  Michelangelo and others rendered many images of the human body, adult and child, and I don’t recall reading of any of them being tossed in jail for it.”

I looked at the pencil drawing carefully and, although I’d never met him or seen a picture of him, the body structure, the features of the head and that part of the face I could see, and definitely the size of the young lad’s sexual organ was the clue to his identity.

“It’s your younger brother, Lucas, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but you can’t tell him or let anyone in the family know, okay?  I should never have drawn it, but he was so beautiful, so innocent looking, sitting on the rock near the stream on our farm, drying himself in the sun after we’d been swimming, I just couldn’t get it out of my mind until I sketched him.”

I knew then my agent was correct; Lee could partner with me illustrating my books.

My thoughts were interrupted as Lee sighed, “I suppose we could store some of this I won’t use for a while at my folks in my old bedroom.  The only problem with that is Luke uses it now and he has it full of his things.”

“Well,” I said, “that might be a solution, at least until we can get it to my place on the Pecatonica. I have two spare bedrooms and a lot of room.  There’s even room in the garage for your truck and, if you’re interested, a small hired hands house you could use as a studio.”

Lee, looked up, a puzzled look on his face, a look that turned slowly to one of suspicion or concern as he asked, “You have another place; a place of your own besides this camper?”

I nodded carefully, almost fearful of admitting it.

“It has a big garage, a three bedroom house, a hired hands house, and what else?”

“Just a barn, chicken yard, big garden, all on about forty acres is all.”

“How do you afford it?”

“I write!”

“I know you write, but you must sell a great deal to make the kind of money it takes to purchase and maintain the property and this camper!”

“I do!”

“Perhaps,” Lee queried carefully, “you should tell me about it?”

“Do I have to?”

The look on his face was understanding, curious, trusting, yet giving me permission to do as I wished.

. “I would never ask you or force you to do something you didn’t wish to do; I love you too much for that. Instead, I trust you to do what you think you must do or what you feel is right. If you want to tell me you may, if you don’t, I’ll understand.”

What the hell do I do now? Do I want to go through life keeping secrets from the man I love?



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