There’s Something About
A Fielding Boy

Chapter Ten

“Love really has nothing to do with wisdom or experience or logic. It is the prevailing breeze in the land of youth.” (Bruno Lessing)

It was late afternoon when I finally bid my goodbye and secured another session with Dan and Bill two days later. Lee walked with me to my truck and before I climbed in, brought me close, tipped my head back and kissed me!

“My campsite is only paid for through tomorrow,” I murmured as we parted lips.

“Don’t run away from me,” he cautioned, “because I’ll find you and bring you back!”

“I won’t,” I promised. “I’ll extend my stay.”

Lee nodded his approval and, as much as I hated to, I climbed in my truck and drove away.  The campground was virtually empty!  All of those people here for the reception and dance, including Doctors Jim and Ross, were gone- returning to wherever they came from.  The campground manager was more than happy to extend my stay for the rest of the month, with payment in advance of course.  I reasoned the extended stay would give me more than enough time to finish my research and interviews for Dan and Bill’s book.  In my heart, however, I knew it was only an excuse to extend my stay so I could be closer to Lee Fielding!  When he was around, I acted like a giddy schoolboy with his first love.  I was no schoolboy, but this particular Fielding boy was certainly my first love and I hoped only!

I sort of hoped he’d follow me back to my camper, but he didn’t!  A light snack at supper sufficed for my evening meal. The pizza at noon was more than filling and really hit the spot. I spent the evening organizing my notes and working on the draft of my latest romance novel.  I needed to get it done and on its way.  My budding relationship with Lee could easily cut into my writing time so I had to discipline myself even more so!  I had no idea how I’d break the news to him, revealing my real source of income.

My agent wanted to meet with me and I’d arranged that for the next day (the main reason why I couldn’t interview Dan and Bill).  It would also give me an opportunity to visit with my folks and anyone else who might be there.

Just before I left, the next morning, my phone rang and it was Lee. Before I could tell him I was leaving town for the day and going home to check on my house, he apologized for not coming out this morning.  He needed to see his sister, where he intended on staying originally, and explain he was staying at Bill and Dan’s instead.  After that, he was heading up to his folk’s house across the river.  Strange as it may seem, rather than living near the rest of the Fielding’s, his particular family group lived farther north near “Irish Hollow,” wherever that was. 

When I told him my plans, visiting with my agent, my folks, and checking on my house, I could hear the relief in his voice as he expressed his desire to see me once I returned to the campground. I told him I extended my stay for the rest of the month to “complete the background interviews I needed for the book.”  Well, I really didn’t lie; I also wanted to spend more time with him.

My heart fluttered like a butterfly’s wings heading south when he told me he loved me just before we rang off. I choked with emotion when I told him I loved him too and hoped to be home later this evening, if all went well, or the next morning if my meeting ran later than I expected.

Three and a half hours later, I was in conference with my agent.  The first item we discussed was her relationship with Dan Fielding and Bill Iverson and their inquiries concerning my talents as a published author. She apologized profusely and sincerely, adamantly insisting (and I believed her) she didn’t release the pseudonym I used or the nature of my work only that she is my agent and, yes, I am a very successful author!  There was no reason for her not to tell me the truth since I was a very steady paying client and we’d built up a very trusting agent/client relationship.

The romance novel and my additional endeavors concerning Bill Iverson and Dan Fielding were the next items on the list of things she wished to discuss. I happen-chanced mentioned I’d been with Lee Fielding at the reception and dance.

She smiled, “Of all the Fielding boys, he’s probably the nicest, the most artistic, and extremely good looking.”

I blushed, but asked quickly, “How big is his family?”

“Well,” she answered thoughtfully, “there’s a lot of Fielding’s, mostly male it seems, but Lee is one of five.  He has an older sister, two older brothers, and one really younger brother.”

“The two older brothers farm with his Dad and they have a pretty good sized and profitable farming operation along the Upper Iowa River. I do know,” she continued, “they have both bottom land and higher ground up on the ridges. They do mostly grain farming and livestock; pigs and black angus cattle.”

That answered my question and sort of gave some idea where they might live, but I really turned red when she suggested I collaborate with Lee on developing art work for my new romance novel and for the book on Dan and Bill.

“You couldn’t find a better person to work with and with his talent, he could really set the covers off and do some illustrations throughout the work,” she suggested, “that is, if you’re willing to discuss with him what you really write for a living.”

“I’ll have to think about that,” I replied.  In my mind, if I had guts enough to tell him, it’d save me the money I was paying others to do the covers and inside work and pay it to him.  In addition, we’d be able to spend more time together.  It’d appear to be a win-win situation for both of us. In all practicality, it made sense!

I promised to have a draft of the romance novel I was working on ready for the first editing and review in a month and a half.  It’d mean humping my ass since I was now otherwise occupied with Bill and Dan gathering material for a possible book and Lee on a more personal basis, I hoped.  We concluded our business and I drove out to Verona to my folks for a quick visit.

My youngest sister, the one just before me in birth order, was there as well, sans rug rats! Her boys were visiting with their other grandparents for the day in Dodgeville. I explained I could only stay for a short time since I wanted to check on my own place on the Pecatonica River south of Mineral Point. In actuality, I wanted to hot-foot it back to Lee as soon as possible!  My folks bought it, but not my sister!

She looked at me –accusingly- like she always did when she figured I had a secret to hide or did something I wasn’t supposed to.

“Okay,” she said, “spill it!”

“Spill what?” I replied innocently.

“What’s his name?”

“Who’s name?” I responded with feigned ignorance, hoping she’d drop the subject.

“The boyfriend!” she snorted back.

“I really don’t have a boyfriend,” I answered, fingers crossed behind my back. I wasn’t really lying; just because we said we loved each other, kissed a few times, and I really couldn’t stand to be apart from Lee and he from me, Lee hadn’t said I was his “boyfriend!”

Mom protested Sis’s inquisition, until she countered with, “Mom, look at him; he’s got that giggly, google-eyed look about him just like the time he fell in love with that football player in high school!”

“How was I supposed to know he was as straight as a telephone pole?” I responded indigently. “I was only in the seventh grade and he was a senior.”

“Well,” she said matter-of-factly, “you’re lucky he didn’t punch the snot out of you when you winked at him.  Instead he told you nicely he was already taken.  He most certainly was; only he was the one doing the taking! Remember how upset you were when you found out he got the head cheerleader pregnant?”

I was about to argue some more with her when my cell phone rang. It was Lee and, trying to have some privacy, I tried to leave the room to talk, but Sis laughed out loud, saying “Aha! I told you so; it’s the boyfriend!”

There was no hope now; I may as well answer it and get it over with.  Lee said he wouldn’t’ be back as soon as he thought, something came up and he had to stay overnight at his folks.  Just before he said goodbye, he informed me Bill and Dan wanted the two of us for dinner tomorrow evening, cocktails around five o’clock, and I said it would be fine with me.

I rang off to his “I love you” and hoped Sis would go on to other topics.  No such luck today!

“Okay,” she demanded, resuming the attack, “what’s his name?”


“The guy on the phone numb-nuts!”


“Lee who?”

“Enough already!” Dad ordered, finally entering the fray and bringing it to a halt. “Just tell her his damned name and what’s going on, just to shut your sister up, Chad!”

“Lee Fielding,” I confessed, “and I met him the other night doing research for a book my agent and I are working on.”

I proceeded to describe him (fully clothed), from his two to three inch height advance he had on me, his lithe, well-proportioned frame, light brown hair, dark eyes, arresting smile, and how light on his feet he was when we danced at the reception.

“Man, Little Bro’,” Sis said with a sigh, “you’ve really got it bad!”

I just nodded.

“Go for it then!” she said with a smile and a big hug for me.

The four of us ate lunch and I headed for my own home on the Pecatonica. It was late afternoon when I arrived.  Everything was as I’d left it before I began my camping trip, albeit, the house did need some airing out so I opened windows to let the breezes ventilate it. I mixed a brandy old-fashioned and sat on my three-season porch to enjoy the late afternoon and the view.  My two story home, on forty acres more or less, sat on a hill overlooking the river some two hundred yards in the distance.  The “Pec” did flood sometimes in the spring, but the house was high enough to avoid inundation so I really wasn’t concerned. All the same, I still purchased flood insurance, cognizant of the problems Gays Mills suffered years before. High water did affect the low lands, about ten acres which included a small grove of trees, near the river.

In addition to the house, there was a large two car garage, a small “hired hand” residence, a small barn which had been used for livestock by the former owners, a chicken house with a fenced in chicken yard (in need of repair), and a large garden area.  I always intended to put in a garden, but so far hadn’t gotten around to it.   The view from my porch was fantastic, the home was comfortable and roomy, and I loved it!  I hoped Lee would as well, if we became a couple.  I’d hate to have to sell this piece of property, but I would if it meant using being together.

The next morning, after an early start, I ate breakfast in Prairie du Chien and arrived at the campground shortly before noon.  Lee called a little after one, informing me he’d meet me at Bill and Dan’s around five, their usual time for cocktails.

“I would’ve come out to the campground,” he explained, “but we had a problem here that I had to help out with.”

It appeared shortly after his arrival at home the day before, his younger brother, Luke (age fourteen soon to be fifteen), tumbled while climbing off of a hayrack while helping with the baling and broke his arm. Not only did it put him out of commission, it shorthanded the crew, so Lee had to step in.  His dad had been operating one tractor pulling the hay baler, left with his Mom and Luke for the emergency room in La Crosse so Lee took over his duties on the tractor. They spent the night and would bring Luke home sometime around three in this afternoon. Once his Dad returned, Lee would be free to leave.

Lee met me, as promised, at Bill and Dan’s, shortly before five o’clock.  When I emerged from my truck, he bounded off of the porch, a wide smile adorning his face, grabbed me, put his arms tight around me, and kissed me, saying, “I’ve missed you so much!”

Kissing him back, I said, “And me you;” adding, “You sure smell good!”

We were only apart for a day, but I knew exactly how he felt. I missed his scent, his smile, his hands, and everything about him.  Sis was right, I really had it bad and I was determined to “go for it!”  As much as I would’ve preferred standing there snogging with Lee, we were polite and joined Bill and Dan on the porch for a before dinner libation.

Dinner over (rib eyes on the grill), we settled ourselves on the porch, since the evening was warm, pleasant, and definitely better than staying inside.  As I prepared my tape recorder and my note pad, Dan said,

“Bill and I have been talking about how we have been approaching this project.  We were of two opinions; one, couch our remarks and sanitize them, you know clean them up.  Instead of saying “I fucked Billy royally until his eyes bugged out’ we should probably say, ‘I entered him with caution, but full of desire and brought us both to a satisfying climax’ much like you ….some of those romance writers do.”

Dan almost slipped up, but covered it nicely I thought, and revealed what type of books I really authored. A quick glance at Lee gave me no indication he caught on to the “faux pas.”

“We finally came to the conclusion we’ve not hidden our relationship, except when I was in the service, from others so why not tell our story the way it was and is.  You can make the decision how it shall be presented.  If you want to clean up some of the language and descriptions we use, you have our permission to do so.  However, in the meantime, if we say we ‘fucked’ then that’s what we did! Okay?”

Lee smiled at me, amused at Dan’s candidness and my acceptance of their terms.


Danny had to help with “making hay” so after my day at the farm with him, we weren’t able to get together, except by phone.  The phone would ring shortly after supper and breakfast and whoever answered it, except me of course, would announce, “Billy, it’s that Fielding Boy for you.” It was a long time before Grandpa Sorenson called him anything else; Grandma and Momma, once they began seeing the seriousness of our relationship, did call him “Danny,” thank God!

The day before my twelfth birthday, just after supper, Danny called and asked if I thought I’d be home for my birthday.  I knew of no plans for anything the next day.  I was getting too old for a birthday party and besides I didn’t know anyone except Danny and his family so who would I invite? I told him “yes,” but it was his next question that perplexed me; “Do you wear pajamas to bed?”  Of course I did, who didn’t?

“Well,” he said mischievously, “I have something really, really special for you.  I hope you enjoy it.”

By bedtime, his strange question still had me wondering what in the world he could be getting me for my birthday.  Surely he wouldn’t be buying me new pajamas would he?  The ones I wore were hand-me-downs from one of my cousins and they really didn’t fit that well.  I was pretty skinny and had almost no hips, a nice butt however, but no hips, so to speak!

The night was warm so I only wore the bottoms to my jammies and opened both bedroom windows to allow what little wind there was to cause a cross-draft, hoping to cool me some. After tossing and turning for about an hour, I finally dozed off, entering the land of Nod, where the body relaxes and the mind engages in either nothing of value in remembering or in my case, lately, erotic, cock-stiffening, spasm jerking twitches from my love-stick.  Most of those events involved Danny and I loved it!

I woke with a start!  Something, somewhere caused my sleeping brain and body to wake with a certain immediate wariness, alert to some sort of danger signal not be ignored! I looked around my room, illuminated with the half-light of a full moon, shining softly, casting dark shadows, giving me an uneasy feeling.  I thought about looking under my bed to see if anything was there, but I was, like many youngsters, convinced if I did or stepped out of bed, something would grab me and haul me to who knows where!

The moonlight made reading my “Big Ben” alarm clock, ticking away on my night stand, relatively easy.  It was shortly after midnight. The alarm clock was a fixture in my bedrooms, wherever we lived.  Momma said the “tick-tock” of the clock seemed to comfort me when I was little and made me sleep better.  That well may be, but it sure as hell didn’t comfort me right now!

Disgusted to think I’d woken up, I shut my eyes, hoping to return to sleep. No sooner doing so, I heard the noise again! It was coming from outside my bedroom window! Shit, now I was scared!  My heart hammered in my chest with the rapidity of a drum line in a marching band, giving me cause to fear the noise it was making would betray my presence to whomever or whatever was outside that window.  Frantic thoughts of being hauled away by one of the crew members on the tow boats that plied up and down the river and used as a “fuck-toy” all the way to New Orleans or up to Minneapolis caused my little asshole to clench tight!

Finally, after a more vigorous scratching noise on the screen, I opened my eyes and saw- a finger, a hand, an arm reaching toward the screen covering my window. The window screen, constructed of a flimsy bit of woven wire, provided my only protection from what I thought was the evil lurking outside in the dark. Before I could get out of bed and retrieve the baseball bat in my closet, I heard a loud “psst” followed by a louder whispered, “Billy, are you awake?”

I jumped out of bed and holding my pajama bottoms with one hand so they wouldn’t drop around my ankles as I scurried to the window, I peeked out and saw Danny standing there, grinning like a shit-eating mule! Clad only in his bib overalls, no shirt, and no underwear I figured as well, he was a sight to behold at such an hour!

“What’re you doing here?” I hissed softly, conspiratorially not wanting to wake anyone else in the house.

“It’s your birthday isn’t it?” he giggled back. “Unhook the screen and let me in.”

I did as he requested and he quickly slid through the open window.  Inside, he secured the window screen again, turned, and stood looking at me, a satisfied, almost longing smile on his face.

“Does your bedroom door lock, Billy?” he whispered.

I nodded, rummaged around in my top dresser drawer, found the key, and carefully, quietly locked my bedroom door. When I turned around toward my bed, Danny stood in front of me, naked, overalls in a heap on the floor, his shoes alongside of them.  His nakedness, illuminated only the faint slivery glow of moonlight seeping in the bedroom windows, reminded me of those white, marble statutes of Roman and Greek men and boys pictured in the National Geographic© magazines, but none the marble men had a stiff obelisk pointing up toward their chest like Danny had! No, sir, certainly not!

Stepping closer to him, bringing my body in contact with his, the rampant, twitching soft, hardness of his rubbing up against my tummy above my sagging pajama bottoms, I waited until he raised my chin, then brought my lips to his, as he kissed me and wished me a “happy birthday, my sweet love.” Once said, he kissed me again, saying, “You’re the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen,” and handed me a small package.

Inside was a ring with a blue stone set in it and a silver chain.

“It’s a sapphire,” he said. “It belonged to my momma Aunt Agnes said and I want you to have it.  The chain is so you can wear it around your neck in case you can’t or don’t want to wear it on your hand.”

“It’s beautiful,” I said, my voice choked with emotion, realizing the value the ring must hold for him and now how he truly felt about me to give it to me. I looked up and could see the deep love he had for me bringing tears of joy to my eyes and soft sobs.  I buried my head in his chest and felt his arms surround me, holding me, and comforting me.

“Let’s go to bed,” he finally said and led me to my bed. Danny turned me, so I faced the bed and slipped my pajama bottoms off of me, leaving me as naked and exposed as he was. He ran his hands up my sides and then back down past my hips, below my knees, and back up, stopping at my quivering butt cheeks.

“Damn,” he said quietly, “you need to eat more; you’re skinny, but looking good,” he qualified quickly.

Danny placed a hand on my back and gently urged me to bend over, my butt pointing at him. He knelt on the floor behind me, spread my soft mounds apart, revealing my most precious place, and with his lips and tongue, proceeded to delight me in a way I’d never expected to be as erotic as it was.  I moaned softly, and he hushed me, “We don’t want to wake everyone, do we?”

Again, leading me, we crawled into bed, and I rolled over on my tummy as he asked me to.

“Lift your butt up a little, Billy,” he instructed.

When I did he spread my cheeks open and with a couple of fingers, spread some slick stuff around and in my asshole.

“Vaseline,” he explained, “should make it easier for you and me.”

He knelt behind me, his knees spreading my legs, and leaned over my back, his head close to mine, his hard cock resting in my butt crack, the head of it, seeping with desire, gently nudging my special orifice.

“Do you love me?” he asked softly, leaning a little more, exerting more pressure.


“Do you trust me?”

“With my life!”

“Do you know how much I love you and want you?” he whispered lovingly and pressed a little harder.


Danny sighed softly, leaned even farther forward and with one little push, inserted the large, thick head of his cock in through my anal ring.  He continued to lean and push and his long cock kept going farther and farther until I could feel his sparse public hairs tight against my ass and his low hanging balls rest against my small ones barely sticking out from under my crotch.

I thought it would hurt, but it didn’t; I just felt full, as his long (in my estimation and point of reference) thick cock stretched and seemingly rearranged first my anal muscles and  then my bowels as he journeyed it further and further into that special place. It was as if I was specially made to receive him and only him!  When Danny finally began that sensuous rocking motion back and forth over my love button, bringing soft sighs of pleasure from both of us, my urging for intensity and his providing it until we both poured forth our seminal fluids with me, for the first time, depositing my small amount on the bed sheet and Danny pulsing, gushing his copious thick cream deep into my very being, it was the final and full act of commitment we made to each other the night of my twelfth birthday!


Bill stopped, a couple of tears slowly sliding down his face, and looked at Danny with the same love in his eyes I thought he might have had many decades before.  As he moved to wipe those tears away, I noticed the blue sapphire ring on the little finger of his left hand next to the gold wedding band on his ring finger.

Danny leaned forward, kissed Bill softly on the lips. “I told him he was the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen and he still is!”

This was a good place to end the interview for today.  I arranged to meet them on the coming Friday for a fish fry and more interviewing.  Lee walked me to my truck, kissed me goodbye, but lingered, our lips not quite touching, as he looked into my eyes questioning, seeking some sort of answer from me. I returned his gaze, wondering the same thing, but just as bashful as he was about speaking it out loud.

Back in my camper, I nursed a glass of red wine carefully, thinking of what transpired between Lee and me, before stripping to my altogether, and climbing naked into bed. I barely had time to pull a sheet over me when I heard a soft rapping at my outside bedroom door. Quickly grabbing a robe and slipping it on, I opened the door cautiously, wondering who in the hell could be out and about this time of night! Opening the door, standing in the dim lights of the campground security lights, stood Lee Fielding!



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