There’s Something About
A Fielding Boy

Chapter Nine

“It is the passion that is in a kiss that gives to its sweetness; it is the affection in a kiss that sanctifies it.”- (Bovee)

I pulled Robbie’s right arm over my shoulder and secured it with my right while gripping him with my free arm around the waist in an attempt to keep him upright and locomotive.  Fortunately, he was just a smidge shorter than me and weighed about the same so it wasn’t that difficult!  Now all I needed to do was get him moving toward the door!  Surprisingly, once his feet started moving and he seemed securely anchored to me, we started walking, after a fashion, toward the door.  I glanced over at Lee to see how he was fairing with Tim and noticed he was holding Tim in the same manner and making just about as much progress as I was with my charge. We maneuvered the boys out through the front doors just in time to catch the shuttle back to the campground! 

We settled our inebriated colleagues, one beside Lee and the other with me, in the first two seats on the bus.  It seemed to be a chore to keep them upright as we bounced and jounced on the road to the campground.  I could only imagine how much of the frothy brew the two of them guzzled down before and during the dance. Robbie’s head slowly slipped onto my shoulder, causing me concern, if he got sick, he’s barf all the beer and food he had left in his stomach all over me. He didn’t and neither did Tim baptize Lee with his stomach contents.

The nearer we came to the campground, the more convinced I became that, although they’d probably quaffed a fair amount of suds, their present condition was more of a combination of alcohol and tiredness. The shuttle bus stopped at the campground office where we disembarked, holding the boys upright, and began a somewhat weaving, but purposeful walk to my camper.  About half-way, Robbie seemed to gain some focus to his eyes and cleared his muddled mind enough to announce,

“I’ve got to piss!”

I heard a muttered, “Me too,” come from Tim followed by a disgusted, “Oh great!” from Lee, adding, “We better find a place before they piss their pants!”

Luckily we were near one of the several combination restrooms and shower houses the campground had scattered strategically. Many campgrounds have “whiffy-biffy’s” but not River View! Lee and I steered them to the men’s side of the restroom and stood them in front of the urinals and waited! Tim looked at Robbie, Robbie looked at Tim, and said, “I got to piss,” to which Tim replied, “Me too!” and grinned at Robbie.

“Oh, shit!” I grumbled aloud. “Robbie, put your hands on the wall and lean forward,” I instructed with as much patience as I could muster and when he did as I said, I reached around, unzipped his fly (finding he was going commando), fished out his uncut cock, and pointed it as the urinal. “Go!” I said emphatically.

As he pissed, I took the opportunity to check out Tim, who under the same orders from Lee, was doing his duty as well.  His penis was about average or a little above, but circumcised. In a contest, it’d be hard to judge, between Tim and Robbie, who was better endowed.  As I held Robbie’s dick in my hand and he emptied his bladder, I felt it began to chub; he was looking at Tim and smiling!  Tim’s dick was now beginning to fill Lee’s hand as well.

“Okay,” I announced, “finish up and tuck your dicks back in your pants; you boys are headed to bed once we get to my place!”

We helped them stagger the short distance to my camper, managed to get them inside and deposited in the two easy chairs in the living area while I opened up the futon which served as my couch.  The only time I ever used it was when one of my sisters and her family visited; then I used the futon for them and a spare tent for the kids.  Lee helped me pull it out and fold down so we could get the bedding on it. Robbie was starting to act more sensible and so was Tim.

Lee said, “Boys, strip and get into bed!”

“If you have to get up to take a leak,” I added, “I’ll leave the bathroom light on.”

Their clothes in a heap, naked as jay-birds, Tim and Robbie crawled into bed.  As they did I couldn’t help by scan their nakedness. Neither of them was fat or out of shape and looked as though, other than this evening, took care of their bodies.  They were both very attractive and by the way Tim looked at Robbie, very much in love.  Tim snuggled up close to Robbie, front to back, both let out a sigh of satisfaction as Tim’s right arm reached across Robbie and pulled him even closer. With that, they both seemed to fall asleep.

Lee and I stood a minute and looked at them.

“When did Tim get here?” I asked.

“Saturday afternoon, I think,” Lee answered speculatively. “This afternoon and evening is the first I’ve seen him since the end of the term.  His folks live in Des Moines, so I think he went home first and then up here;” knowing those two he continued, “they probably didn’t get a wink of sleep Saturday night!”

“Reading the classics, I should imagine,” I said, tongue-in-cheek.

“More like assuming the classic pose!” Lee laughed.

I gave him the quick tour of my camper, although there’s not much to see since there are only three rooms; a kitchen, dining, and living room area, the bathroom/shower room, and the master bedroom.  In the bathroom I did show him how to flush the toilet since the handle to do so was on the side.  In the bedroom, he looked at the queen-size bed, then at me, and raised his eyebrows, questioning if we both were going to sleep in the same bed.

I wanted him to share it with me but I wasn’t certain he’d want the same, so I just shrugged my shoulders, pointed toward the living room, and said, “They’ve taken the only other bed, so you’re stuck with me, I guess.”

He smiled and nodded approvingly and began to undress. He lifted his shirt over his head and his naked upper body came into view.  Almost hairless, except for a few on his chest and under his arms, his upper body was trim, devoid of any body-fat, muscles well developed but not overly so, with nipples small, round, flat to the pectoral muscles, and tapering to a slim, but larger than mine, waist.  My mouth started to dry out and I swallowed in anticipation of what the rest of him would look like!

Averting my eyes quickly else he thought I was ill-mannered, I pulled off my polo shirt, turned my back, shucked off my shoes and socks, and dropped my pants!  I was hoping I could make it under the covers before my cock became so hard and visible it would embarrass me. Left standing clad in only my light blue bikini briefs, I turned to scurry under the covers, looking quickly at Lee; I stopped, gob-smacked at the sight before me.  A soft “wow” emerged from my lips!

Standing before me, naked as the day he was born, was everything I’d dreamed on in a lover, a boyfriend, and a life-partner!  I scanned from his chest to his “innie” navel, to his hips, slim, trim; back to his lower abdomen, and focused there on his maleness!  Lee had a small patch of pubic hair and from that, extending down in front of a low-hanging, smooth scrotum filled by two walnut-sized gonads, was his penis; uncut, thick, at least six inches long in a semi-flaccid state, smooth, hairless, with very visible veins running the length to his foreskin, where the helmeted head was beginning to peek out, already shiny with drops of pre-cum. It was the most magnificent example of manhood I thought I’d ever seen!

I pondered what it’d look like fully engorged as my own cock became even stiffer!  I forgot all about the guy on the bicycle I’d encountered several times on my drive over here.  Lee definitely outclassed him I thought, and then some!  I dropped my head in embarrassment and before I could get under the covers, Lee stepped up to me, lifted my chin with his hand, and asked, “What’s the problem, Chad?”

“You’re – you’re so – beautiful,” stammered, “and look at me; I feel like a dandelion in a field of roses, out of place and ugly!”

“Shh,” he said softly, comforting me, letting his lips brush my cheek, and began flicking his tongue lightly behind my ear, culminating in delicate kisses down my neck, and under my chin.  I shivered with every contact!

“I think you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid eyes on,” he confessed sincerely, kissing me on my lips, flicking his tongue across my quivering lips just before he pulled away. “No one is ever going want you or love you as much as I do right now and want to forever.”

God, I damn near melted into a puddle like the “Wicked Witch” in “The Wizard of Oz” as he said those words. Lee continued placing little kisses on my lips, my face, neck, and down my stomach, when he knelt, and worked my briefs down and off. He stood, wrapped his arms around me, cupped my butt cheeks with both hands, and pulled me close to him; close enough my railroad-spike stiffy contacted his lower abdomen, while it felt like the Washington Monument was slowly sliding up my torso. He gently massaged my soft mounds, sliding a finger every so often in and out of the cleft, flicking my anal ring.

Shivers raced up and down my body with every contact. Lee moved his hands to the front, and with one, cupped my balls and with the other gripped my rod!

“I’m not nearly as big as you,” I said quietly.

He lowered his head, studied my turgid cock, licked it once with his tongue, bringing me  almost to orgasm, and said, “You said it all wrong; you’re the rose of summer blooming brightly in a field of dandelions,” and stood, looked at me with eyes full of love and desire, and kissed me – really kissed me! His lips, warm, moist, and velvety smooth, contacted mine and it was unlike anything I’d experienced at this point in my life!  I pressed back, wanting to return my passion with the same passion he was expressing to me, wanting, needing more of Lee Fielding.

I opened my mouth to receive his probing tongue and allowed our tongues to touch, to feel, and roam.  I could feel the seepage from his organ on my stomach and the slipperiness my own offering was making on his as our hips gyrated in passion. Lee guided me back to the bed, held me in his arms as we both lay down, and then maneuvered me on top of him so we were face to face, our naked bodies and stiff cocks throbbing between us, pressed tight to each other.

His warm kisses, the intimate contact of his lips on mine, the slight thrusting up and down our bodies by each of us, brought me closer and closer to a blinding orgasm.  My cock kept sliding up and down his hard rod, making contact with the soft, but hard head, and smooth outer surface. We gripped each other closer in our desire, he thrust up against me a couple of more times and I erupted all over him and me. At the same time I heard him gasp and felt him begin to pulse his seed between us. With each copious spurt, he grunted softly his pleasure and release. After five or six strong bursts of his thick offering, he sighed and relaxed somewhat.

“I’m sorry,” I said apologetically, “I just couldn’t hold it. It’s just I’ve never been with another man!”

“Me neither,” he responded. “In fact, I’ve never kissed one either!”

Well that made two of us!  We lay together, me resting on him warm body, head on his shoulder, and enjoying the closeness and intimacy we’d shared.

“Never,” he said in amazement, “in a million years did I ever imagine I’d really meet you!”

“Why’s that?”

“I dreamed of doing this since I first saw you gassing up your truck in Waverly as I started out for home.  Every time I saw you after that, when you’d pull out, passing me on my bicycle, I see you looking at me or the time I saw you a campground over in Iowa.”

I raised my head, astonished at what he said. “Bicycle- you’re the guy on the bicycle?”

Lee looked at me querulously, puzzled I should ask.

“Yeah, so?”

I began giggling like a young boy in love for the first time; well perhaps a young man in love for the first time would be more correct.

“I can’t help it.  It’s just that I saw you too, but not your face.  I dreamed of this as well.”

We both admitted our almost delirious, furious wanking episodes fantasying on the lover we never thought would be!  I even mentioned my speculation concerning the big sausage I thought the bicyclist was concealing in his lycra riding pants and how I decided, when I saw him nude just a short time before, the guy on the bike couldn’t even compare to what Lee had tucked away.

After laughing ourselves silly, I finally got up, went to the bathroom and brought back a warm, wet washcloth to clean ourselves up.  Lee reached for the cloth, but I withheld it.

“No, Lee,” I pleaded, “let me do it!”

I carefully cleaned the drying spooge from his chest, stomach, and when I reached his cock and balls, he led me through the process of cleaning an uncircumcised penis.  As I washed him, he began swelling and lengthening again.  I wanted to taste him, as he had me, so I leaned over and swiped his cockhead with my tongue and savored his taste.  He tasted nice, warm, almost nut like.  I couldn’t resist so I encased the now exposed head with my lips, but he gentle pushed me back.

“I’m pretty sensitive right now; perhaps later,” he said.

Lee reciprocated and carefully, sensuously cleaned be as well.  As he did, he spoke softly to me; of his love, his desire to be with me, and how beautiful I was to him.  I fell asleep listening to his voice. I woke a couple of times during the remainder of the night and each time I felt his arms around me, holding me comfortably secured to his warmth.  It was as I always hoped it would be!

In the morning, I woke first, slipped out from under his arms, put on my light robe, and went to the kitchen to fix our coffee.  I looked over at Tim and Robbie as I worked. Their covers were kicked aside and Tim was pushed up tight against Robbie’s rear-end and as I watched, Tim would give a little thrust every now and then.  “Even in their sleep,” I thought, “they love each other.”

“Five will get you ten,” Lee said softly, surprising me since I didn’t hear him come up behind me, “Tim’s buried balls deep in that soft bubble butt of Robbie’s”

It was a bet I wasn’t going to make!  Instead, I covered them up, then poured coffee for us.  Lee was still naked (that is one magnificent piece of equipment attached to that man of mine) so I found a spare robe for him to wear.  We stepped outside and sat at the picnic table to enjoy our morning brew. Before we went back in, having finished our coffee, Lee put his arms around me, hugged me, and kissed me, long, slow, and tenderly.

“I can feel you’re in love with me,” I kidded, feeling his cock pressing into my stomach.

“You bet I am,” he responded.

Robbie and Tim were awake and up when we stepped inside.

“Coffee?” I asked.

“Any coke?” was Robbie’s response.

“In the fridge,” I said pointing at it.

It seemed strange, for me at least, sitting drinking coffee with Robbie and Tim naked and erect, and Lee also erect, but clothed in my spare robe.  It didn’t bother me, just was different.  It came to me, listening to the small talk, we must feel comfortable in each other’s presence and with our sexuality.

My phone rang while I was getting dressed.  Bill Iverson invited me to the house for lunch and an afternoon of interviewing or “visiting” as he preferred to call it.  I accepted and he asked to talk to Lee.  I handed the phone to Lee, wondering how Bill knew he was here.

Lee listened a minute, grinned, and said, “You bet I did!” and handed the phone back to me.

“Lee’s going to join us today,” Bill said and rang off.

“What did he want with you?” I asked Lee.

“He wanted to know if I finally had balls enough to finally let you know how I felt!”

He certainly did!

The shower became quite a busy place as we prepared for the day.  As the dutiful host, I chose to shower last and ended up with a cold shower.  The camper hot water heater was not very big.  Robbie and Tim tried to save hot water, so they claimed, by showering together. Lee and I both laughed when we heard Robbie squeal in delight and Tim moan signaling their climaxes!

“I’ll bet,” Lee mused, “Tim is bent over Robbie’s back just a giving it- at least, that’s the only position I’ve seen them in the morning, when I wake and walk by Robbie’s room when Tim spent the night.”

I wondered what position would be our favorite someday, if and when we ever did the “nasty” as some people refer to it. Personally, I would call it “making love” although I haven’t had any experience.  I hoped, secretly, Lee would prefer to “top” me!

Tim’s car was downtown so, since we would have to take them there to get it, I suggested we have breakfast at the little café – my treat since Lee had bought all of the drinks the night before. The only stares we elicited were those of the locals who took a quick look at Lee and a longer look at me before smiling and settling back to finish their coffee or breakfasts. I was certain Lee and I was the talk of the town after the dinner and dance the night before, but I wanted everyone to know I was laying my claim on him and moved closer, putting my arm around his waist.  Lee just smiled in acknowledgement and hugged me back.

After breakfast, the boys headed across the river to Robbie’s while Lee and I drove out to Dan’s and Bill’s house.  Lee needed a change of clothes and everything he had was out there.  Dan and Bill were puttering around outside in a flower garden, waved when we drove in, but didn’t follow us inside.  I walked behind Lee up the stairs to the second floor bedroom he was currently using.

Mesmerized, full of love or lust, I watched as he disrobed; his cock plopped out of his pants, hanging soft, and wobbled over his low hanging ball sack as he stepped out of his pants and when he pulled his shirt over his head.  He was just as alluring and elegant in the daylight as he was in the half-light the night before at the camper.  Looking carefully, beyond just the svelteness of his trim body and prodigious, wonderful penis, at his hands I found them to almost delicate with long fingers; perfect, I thought for an artist.  When he moved, he was as graceful as he was beautiful.

Stepping closer to him, I wrapped my arms around him, raised up on my tiptoes, and kissed him, long and deep.  Pulling back after releasing his lips from mine, I saw a soft, happy, satisfied look on his face and in his eyes.  It didn’t take Lee long to harden up or me either. When I reached down, thinking I might give me a really great “good morning,” he stopped me!

“Better not just yet,” he cautioned, “Dan or Bill just might come in; I heard the front door open and close.”

Lee quickly dressed and sure enough, there was a light tap on the door.

“You boys decent?” inquired Bill.

“Yep!” we both replied at once.

“That’s a damn shame,” mocked Dan.  “We’re about to have coffee on the porch.”

I made a quick detour to my truck to retrieve my brief case before I joined the others on the porch just in case they wanted to start our interview early.  The coffee was just right, the coffee cake was scrumptious, and, according to Bill, a favorite of both of them so Dan made it quite regularly.

Laying my tape recorder on the table and taking my note pad in hand, prepared to begin, when Bill said inquisitively, “Now where did we leave off?”

“Oh, yes,” he said, “I remember; Danny was telling you about my first trip to the farm and meeting the family.” 


I was hard as a roofing nail all the way out there; leaning up against Danny, his arm around me, his warmth and teen boy smell kept me that way.  I hoped it would deflate before I had to get out of the truck.  We were at the farm way too soon!  I took a look around as we drove into the farm yard.  It probably wasn’t the neatest I’d ever seen, but it certainly wasn’t a “junkyard” as Grandpa Sorenson led me to believe from his comments. Chickens and ducks waddled around the yard, clucking, quacking, and generally being “foul” depositing little dabs here and there. The “hired hand’s” house, where Carl and Dave and their families lived, according to Danny, were just a short distance from the large, two-story, main farm house.

“Watch where you step,” Danny cautioned as we alighted from the truck and took a swipe with his foot at a chicken which got too close as far as he was concerned. “Can’t stand the fuckin’ things,” he grumbled.

Walking into the kitchen, “Wipe your feet, boys,” warned Danny’s Aunt Agnes; with that, I began meeting the family.  Carl, one of Danny’s older cousins (the one who lost his left arm below the elbow) and his wife (she had a little one on her hip and was definitely pregnant with another), Dave, another older cousin (the one who lost his right leg below the knee) and his wife (she had two little ones and also was pregnant), and of course Sammy, and Ross.

All of them seemed anxious to meet me and delighted Danny brought me home.  I felt at home immediately, but really felt at home when Aunt Agnes, as she insisted I call her, handed me a couple of warm peanut butter cookies and gave me a big hug.

“Better eat’em while you can, before the hungry horde attacks the cookie jar,” pointing her thumb over at Danny and his cousins.

“Dad’s up at Robert’s helping him cut hay,” Carl said quietly, “and Dave and I could use some help from you, Gary, cutting some of our own, if you don’t mind.”

Gary didn’t mind one bit and left with them, while I helped Danny gather eggs, feed and water the poultry.  Everyone gathered back at the house at lunch time.  Aunt Agnes fed us homemade beef and vegetable stew with hot baking powder biscuits. It was mouth-watering good, to say the least!  Rationing was still on for many items, but the Randal’s raised their own meat and vegetables along with having milk cows to supply the plentiful milk and butter served with lunch.


“Speaking of lunch,” Dan interrupted, “it’s time we ate; I’m hungry!”

Dan had homemade pizza prepared and ready for the oven.  Baked just right, hot, and washed down with a cold beer provided a perfect meal! It didn’t take long after we finished for Bill to begin where he left off in his story.


After lunch I helped Danny, Ross, and Sam clean the smelly, shitty milking parlor in the barn.  When we finished, we were not only stinky but smelly and sweaty as well. Danny suggested we go for a swim. There was a nice creek, with a deep swimming hole, running through the pasture on their property and we headed in that direction.  Ross and Sam stripped naked and jumped in. I hesitated, wondering if I had guts enough to do it also.  I’d never been swimming naked before, but once Danny stripped, I did too!

While we were ducking and grabbing and horsing around, Gary joined us. When we tired, we climbed out of the water and I watched as big boy and little boy cocks and balls flopped, bounced, and even stood upright as we walked up on to the grass. Sammy decided to leave, but the rest of us stayed, sitting on the grass letting the sun dry us.  Danny moved behind me, extending his legs and putting me in between.  He eased me back against his chest, reached around me, and with one hand massaged my little ball sack and with the other began slowing sliding it up and down my stiffening cock.  I could feel his hard prick rubbing up and down my back as he did me.

Danny leaned forward, released my penis and using his hand, turned my head to his and kissed me! It was like the Fourth of July; rockets, bombs, sparklers, and bright lights flashing through my head and eyes; my stomach tingled, my balls pulled up tight, and I shivered all over! It was the most amazing thing I’d ever experienced!

He pulled away and my attention was distracted by Gary and Ross standing just to the right of us. Ross was bent over and Gary was leaning across his back, his arms locked under Ross’s armpits and over his shoulders, his head resting up against Ross’s neck, and crotch up tight to Ross’s little butt. Gary was just a pumping his ass, giving it all he could, and Ross wasn’t objecting one bit!

Shocked at seeing something like that in public, in front of us no less, I squeaked, “Danny, what are they doing?”

Danny turned his head toward me, gave me another deep kiss, saying, “I believe they’re fucking;” looked over at them again, shook his head up and down and said, “Yep; Gary’s fucking Ross!”

“Are we going to do that?” I asked hesitantly.

“Not today!”



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“It is the passion that is in a kiss that gives to its sweetness; it is the affection in a kiss that sanctifies it.”- (Bovee)


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