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I like stories which mingle history, humour, romance and a touch (sometimes more than a touch) of the supernatural.  Gay men necessarily live on the margins of society, even though less so now than they once did.  So they fit well in tales of the liminal and into the dark spaces between worlds, as I found when I finally began writing fiction a few years ago.  The playground where most of my stories are set is in the non-existent realm imagined by Anthony Hope (1863-1933), which he called Ruritania.  All three of his Ruritanian stories captivated me as a child, and the series of tales featured here are set in a Ruritania as I imagine it lived and grew after the end of his Rupert of Hentzau.  The Crown of Tassilo historical series takes the story of the Rassendyll-Elphberg family through revolutions and war up to the present day, when Ruritania is an EU accession state going now under the name of Rothenia.  The Peacher Series plays itself out in modern-day America, Britain and Rothenia, and is set around a series of characters linked together by their relationships with the Anglo-American Peacher dynasty.  Each stands alone, but it is a good idea to take them in sequence.  Some or all of the stories previously appeared on the Nifty, Iomfats and CRVboy sites.  Many thanks to the Dude for hosting them here.


Peacher Series
Crown of Tassilo Series

The Heart of Oskar Prinz

The Chav Prince

Henry in the Outfield

Henry in High Politics

Henry in Finkle Road

Son of the Chav Prince

After Alex


The Green Side

Henry and the Eschaton

Blue Rainbow

Henry and the Balance of Probability

The Regency

The Fall



Count Oskar

Maxim Elphberg

The Unnatural Archeologist