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AwesomeDude's 1st eBook!

 Midnight Dude is a compilation of 18 Short Stories - most of them new and written expressly for this project - by well known AwesomeDude Authors.

 These fine writers volunteered their time and talents to publish Midnight Dude  as a way of funding and keeping on the web. 

 Although Midnight Dude is now available soon in print and Kindle formats at, or you can download your own copy right here by clicking on the PayPal Button.  You will get both the Kindle and ePub formats.  Your $4.99 will go toward all the expenses involved in keeping going and providing the best Gay Fiction available anywhere on the web.

 Thanks for your continuing support and enjoy Midnight Dude!

 Midnight Dude is supplied in both ePub and Kindle formats.  Don't have a Kindle?  No problem...  just download this free app and read Midnight Dude or any Kindle Book on your PC!

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The stories, in order of appearance:

Come With Me by Douglas Grant

Show Time by Graeme

Some Enchanted Evening by Tragic Rabbit

Algy’s Peril by Camy Sussex

Priorities by Gee Whillickers

Having Put In Time by R.J.

The Americanization Of Alex S. by James Merkin

Roland Finds A Friend by Pertinax Carrus

Mansfield by DaBeagle

The Cool Green Sea by James Savik

Peter’s Heartbreak by Rick

Dragstrip by Lugnutz

Finding Home by Codey

A Christmas Gift by Richard Norway

A Flower In France by Bruin Fisher

Thrown For A Loop by Altimexis

Folding Sheets by Steven Keiths

The Summer I Was Thirteen by Cole Parker