A Good Place


For successful young author, Tony Scott, coming home is a daunting prospect. It has been five years since he left Thompsonville behind, to go and chase his dreams. Five years since he has seen the only place he has ever been able to call home, the only people he has been able to call family, and the only man he has ever been able to love!

When the idea of a party to celebrate an anniversary is raised he knows it is too good an opportunity to pass up, and so he decides to take a chance. If he is ever to find happiness, he knows he must face the mistakes of his past. He must face those he left behind.

What will he find when he steps back in time? Will the place have changed, or will it still be that sleepy seaside town he had so quickly grown to love as a sixteen year old? Will he be welcomed back into the fold, or will he be shunned?

The only way to find out would be to step off that bus and knock on that door. Only then will he truly know if he really is in a good place!