The House on Cherry Street

Chapter 2

Ryan and I really enjoyed having Thanksgiving with Mr. Cole and his friends and family. It had been a long time since I had been to a real Thanksgiving dinner. There were many compliments directed toward Mr. Tomlin who was seated in the first chair to the right of Mr. Cole at the head of the table. The wine was flowing and we ate until we literally couldn’t eat any more. Then Mr. Tomlin brought out the desserts. He insisted that everyone try some of, at least, two desserts. The choices included traditional pumpkin pie, chocolate pecan pie, red velvet cake or coconut cake. I wasn’t sure I could eat another bite until I tasted his coconut cake. I deliberated finished every delicious morsel.

Shortly after eight Mr. Cole’s son, John, said, “Family, time to drive to Evansville.”

Joel said, “Remember, I’m the designated driver.”

“OK, OK.” They got up headed toward the front door. Mr. Cole’s sister and her husband excused themselves and went to their room. The rest of us helped Mr. Tomlin and Mr. Cole clean the kitchen.Walking reduced the stress on my stomach. We worked quietly again complimenting Mr. Tomlin for the meal. When the dishes were in the dishwasher and the leftovers put away Mr. Cole suggested that Ryan and me go downstairs. He didn’t say what he and Mr. Tomlin were going to do. Ryan and I said, “Goodnight.”

Mr. Cole said, “Boys, sleep. We’ll drive down to New Harmony tomorrow for lunch.” Ryan moaned. “I’m not sure I can look at food that soon.” We left Mr. Cole, Mr. Tomlin and Cousin Al. I was too full to sleep and suggested to Ryan that we sit in front of the fire for a while to let our food digest. He agreed.

After using the bathroom we were in our IU sweatshirts and pajama pants in front of the fire. Fortunately, no one came down to get in the hot tub. I said to Ryan, “Did you notice where Mr. Cole had his right hand when he wasn’t using it to eat?”

Ryan looked at me funny, “What do you mean? Or better yet what did you see?”

“From where I was sitting I could see Mr. Cole put his right hand on Mr. Tomlin’s knee several times during dinner. Do you think they’re more than friends?”

“I thought was Mr. Tomkins was a little bit queenie, didn’t you?”

“Yes, he was too well dressed for a guy from the sticks. Have you figured out the relationship between Mr. Cole and Al?”

“Nope. Do you think they’re a threesome?”

“I don’t know and don’t care. I still think we’ll see action tomorrow. Don’t be surprised if I get flirtier.” I got up and went to our bed. Ryan followed me.

When we got up the coffee wasn’t on the bar so we went up to the kitchen and found Cousin Al and Mr. Cole in dressing gowns. We were still dressed in our sweat shirts and pajama pants. Ryan walked up to Mr. Cole who was seated at the giant island watching Al fry eggs. He put his arm around Mr. Cole in a friendly manner. Mr. Cole put his left arm around Ryan’s waist. I saw what Ryan meant about being flirty. They stayed that way as I poured coffee for Ryan and me. He didn’t move as I handed his cup to him. I said, “Mr. Cole, can I refill your cup.”

“Randy, that would be great but put in a little milk and sweetener.” He kept his hand exactly where it was until Al handed each of us a plate of scrambled eggs, sausage and buttered toast. Ryan took the stool next to Mr. Cole and I took the one on the other side of him. Al stood as we ate. Mr. Cole said, “Boys, we are going into New Harmony for lunch about two. It’s about fifteen minutes away right on the Ohio River.”

Ryan said, “What’s New Harmony?”

“It’s a historic community founded by a group of Germany religious people hundreds about two hundred years ago. They had some unusual views about sex between men and women so had to recruit many of their members as orphans.”

I said, “Were there enough orphans back then?”

“Many more than today. Back then people died much earlier from diseases we don’t die from today. There were more orphans. Eventually the community died out from lack of members. They left behind some beautiful old homes. Brice, Mr. Tomlin, owns one of the homes which he has restored. He and his mother live there. He will join us at another restored house that has been turned into a luncheon shop.”

Ryan said, “Did Brice, I mean Mr. Tomlin, go home this morning.”

With a straight face Mr. Cole said, “Call him Brice, I know he would prefer that. I would prefer that you call me Doug. Mr. Cole makes me think you see me as an old man.”

Ryan snapped, “OK, Doug you’re a mature man.”

“Smart ass I should pull down your pants and spank your naughty butt.”

“I’d be happy if you did.”

Al loudly whispered, “You two, I think I hear your sister talking.”

“They’re about to leave because they’ve already had breakfast. Al are you coming with us to lunch?”

“No, I’ve got to go home and do chores. Tonight is my regular poker game and the guys are coming to my house. I’ve got to go to Evansville and get snacks. Will I see you guys tomorrow?”

“Probably not since we need to get going back to Bloomington. Finals are in a couple of weeks.”

Al said, “Hope we see you again.” He turned to clean up the dishes as Dorothy, Doug’s sister and Carl came into the room to say ‘Good bye.’ We continued to sit as Doug escorted them to the front door. When he returned he intentionally flashed us as he tied his dressing gown.

The excursion to New Harmony was an unexpectedly positive experience. I was fascinated by the precision of the building construction. Brice showed us his house which was constructed with wooden pegs instead of nails. He took us to the attic to show us how the beams were notched together perfectly. He had furnished the house with furniture like the eighteenth century settlers would have made. His furniture was starkly simple but perfect for the design of the house.

The house where we had lunch was not as perfect as Brice’s house but still amazing knowing that the house was constructed without equipment two hundred years ago. Brice was coming back to Doug’s house so I was volunteered to ride back with him in his BMW. Ryan rode with Doug in the massive black Ford Explorer.

When we got into Doug’s house Ryan said, “Randall, let’s go take a rest.”

“OK,” but the tone of his voice told me he had other plans but I didn’t know what they were.” I followed him downstairs and we completely undressed before he said anything.

He said, “OK, get ready for the main event. Doug and Brice want to watch us make love. Doug asked if that was agreeable with you. I told him ‘yes’. I don’t know if they’ll be dressed or naked or in bed or just standing over us watching.”

“I don’t know if I can stay hard if two old men are watching me fuck you or vice versa.”

We got in bed with the lights on and pulled the covers over us. Ryan began by kissing me the luscious way he usually starts our sex. I didn’t have any trouble getting ready. I could feel the two older men get in bed with us on either side. I reached my hand and felt bare skin so assumed they were naked, too. When Ryan got on his knees I knew what to do. I reached across Brice for the lube. He handed it to me but I brushed his hard dick. I could feel Brice rubbing himself as I entered Ryan’s butt. His inside Ryan was warm and I loved it. I had no problem keeping a hardon. I kept going until Ryan said, “My turn.” I was a little surprised since he rarely topped. I knew this was part of our performance.

Since neither Ryan nor I had cum I wasn’t quite sure what was next. Doug said, “Ryan you cum on me and Randy can cum on Brice. Still lubed I moved over Brice face and masturbated which took longer than usual but I did manage to cum a significant amount. Ryan was still going as Brice took me into his mouth. The shock made me fall forward onto his body. Ryan yelled as he usually did when he came. After a few minutes of the older men touching us Doug said, “Let’s shower and get into the hot tub.”

In the shower Brice was still hard and sticking straight out. Ryan grabbed his member and soaped it. With no more than five or six strokes he was pumping a massive load of white liquid onto the shower floor. Doug and I quietly watched. Doug was softening so neither Ryan nor I wanted to embarrass him. It was light but cold for our quick walk to the hot tub. The water felt wonderful as I sat close to the others in a brotherly way. No one talked as we watched the light slip away.

Dinner turned out to be leftovers but I wasn’t hungry. Nothing was said about our sex. The two older men seemed totally comfortable with what happened. I was unsure about what, if anything, Doug had said or done to Ryan until we were in Ryan’s car driving back to school.

I said, “Did Doug say anything?”

Ryan reached in his shirt pocket and handed me five one hundred dollar bills. “He said he is looking forward to seeing us again. He didn’t say when.”

Even though I wasn’t completely surprised I wasn’t expecting so much money. Ryan said, “Did you enjoy being an exhibitionist?”

“For five hundred dollars, I’d be an exhibitionist again. We don’t have to worry about you running out of money.”

“Half the money is yours.”

“No, it was your idea and the money goes into your account. I’ll take some if I need to.” We rode silently back to the little yellow brick bungalow.

Finals challenging because of the engineering courses. When I got back to the house after my last final Ryan was toweling off. I asked him about his Christmas plans. He was non-committal but suggested he might go to see his grandparents in Indianapolis. Finally, I asked what I had wanted to ask many times before. “Ryan, really what is the situation with your parents? I don’t mean to be nosey but you are always so evasive when it comes to talking about your family.”

Wrapped in his towel he moved slowly toward the couch where I was sitting. I turned the sound down on the TV hoping that would encourage him to say something. He sat close to me, “Randall, I am embarrassed to tell you and you desire to know since you know me better than anyone else. My parents are crazy religious people. I got completely tired of the damnation sermons and one day I refused to go to church. The second time I refused to go my father suggested I leave. That was when I was fifteen. I had no money nor did I know where to go. Mother suggested I go stay with my grandparents who are really my mother’s aunt and her husband. I refer to them as my grandparents even though they really aren’t. I mentioned them when we went to Indianapolis.”

“I remember ‘going to see them’ was your excuse for not taking the team bus.”

“Yes, but I wanted to be with you.”

“So are you going to your ‘grandparents?”

“I can’t. When I was seventeen my uncle caught me shagging a guy in the basement and suggested that I wasn’t welcome. He wasn’t mean about it he just told me he didn’t condone men having sex with men. Fortunately, I had already gotten admitted to IU and had a landscaping job up north with a company in Michigan. That summer I sort of camped out and slept on couches. Fortunately, when I applied for financial aid at the last minute I was granted money for my freshman year. I had been pretty good in gymnastics in high school. I tried for an athletic scholarship but didn’t get it. Somehow I made it through with some financial aid and money I made over the summer. I was basically broke by the time you met me. I’m not good managing my money as I’ve told you.”

“I didn’t know. You always seemed so together.”

“Looks can be deceiving. You know the rest of the story.”

“Well, let me call my dad and see what we’re doing for Christmas. You are coming home with me. I’ve told you my parents are divorced. I suspect dad is going to my grandparents over in Champaign, IL. I haven’t talked to him since before Thanksgiving so I really don’t know what his plans are.”

“You don’t have a car. How are you going to get to wherever you’re going?”

“My dad. I suspect my mother is in Florida with her parents but I don’t know for sure. She’s got a really good job at University of North Carolina in Charlotte. She’s got a new boyfriend who I’ve never met. I’m not sure I want to have you meet her yet.”

“Does she know you’re gay?”

“I’m gay just like you. I enjoy having sex with you. I’ve never been with anyone except you, in bed, I mean. To answer your question neither my dad nor my mom know I’m gay. I’m not afraid to tell them. I will tell them when it’s time.”

“Really, but you’re so natural. I have a hard time believing you were a virgin when we met.”

“Thank you, but ‘yes’ you’re the only one.”

“Shit, I did a virgin and didn’t know it. I’ll go with you wherever at Christmas if you want me to.” We did make a quick trip to my dad’s parents even though he was on a dig in Israel. We only stayed a day and a night but my grandparents seemed happy to have both of us.

After the new semester started Ryan was consumed with gymnastics and studying as I was. Before his first home meet against the University of Illinois I got a text from Doug Cole saying that he and Brice were coming to the meet and wanted to take me and Ryan out. When I told Ryan he was so uptight about the meet that he simply said, “Whatever.”

I sat with Doug, Brice and the fund raising director for the athletic department at the meet. Ryan did well and got good scores except on the floor exercises. He did exceptionally well on the bars both even and uneven. As opposed to going to the locker room I waited with Doug and Brice outside as Doug talked to a university vice president. Ryan’s mood told me that he felt good about his performance. Doug and Brice complimented him. I noticed that the university vice president seemed interested in Doug’s interest in Ryan. He asked for Ryan’s full name.

We had a pleasant dinner with Doug and Brice who told us they were staying overnight before they drove back. There was no suggestion that we join them. Several days later the university vice president called Ryan and asked him to come for an appointment. Ryan was nervous thinking he had done something wrong. As it turned out the vice president told Ryan that his athletic scholarship would include some cost of living money. Ryan was pleased and puzzled. The vice president asked that we let Doug know about Ryan’s windfall. When he got to the bungalow he told me, “Our Thanksgiving adventure keeps paying benefits.” I smiled.

I sat with Doug or Doug and Brice at every one of the IU’s home gymnastic meets. Doug invited me to drive with him and Brice to Minneapolis for the Big Ten Conference Championships. However in early March, the NCAA announced that because of the COVID 19 disease the conference championship would occur but in an empty gymnasium. March 15th classes were suspended except on video. Ryan and I quarantined ourselves in the bungalow. Sam and Tyler left to stay at Tyler’s house they hoped things would get better so they could graduate in person. Gymnastic practices continued but I could not watch because only team members and masked coaches were allowed in the gym. As the championship meet approached on April 4-5 I thought I would be in the bungalow wondering how Ryan was doing. About a week before the team left for Minneapolis I got a call from Doug inviting me to come over and stay with him during the quarantine. He told me we could watch the meet on his link to the IU sports network. I told him that I didn’t have a car. He said he would pick me up and suggested that I pack mine and Ryan’s clothes so we could stay with him rather than stay in the bungalow. He said when Ryan returned from Minneapolis he could immediately drive to Poseyville.

With Brice, Mr. Cole (I mean Doug) and Cousin Al I watched the meet for hours on Friday and Saturday. Brice and Al arrived wearing masks and sat across the room from Doug and me as we watched. Ryan placed in three events pommel, parallel bars and got first on the uneven bars. I was pleased and was sure he would be. Ryan arrived back in Bloomington on Sunday afternoon and drove immediately to Doug’s. He was happy to be out of the bungalow. The remote location of Doug’s house made internet video reception challenging at times. Both Ryan and I completed our required work to be ready for our junior year. The news about the COVID 19 virus was grim but didn’t touch us because we were in contact with so few people.

Brice closed his bed and breakfast and moved him and his mother in with us. He took her out of her assisted living facility because of the virus outbreak since he was told he couldn’t visit her. They had their upstairs routine and we studied and stayed downstairs except for meals which Doug or Brice prepared. Brice’s mother was sweet but quite senile.

One night when we were in bed I said, “Do you think we should give Brice and Doug a show since they have been so nice to us?”

“Sure, but I need to discuss something else. You may have heard me on the phone the other day. Do you remember I told you I lived with a guy last summer in Traverse City?”

“I remember you said he was a young guy who had been injured and you helped him tend his garden in exchange for your rent.”

“Right, Brad is his name. Anyway, I called the landscape company because I assumed correctly that since their work was outside they were going to be open. I was correct and they want to hire me again. I mentioned that I had a friend who might like to work as well. My supervisor, Carlos, said he was happy to have us since several of his regular guys didn’t want to return from Mexico because of the virus. Do you want to get dirty?

“It seems like the only work I can get is dirty work.” We laughed. “Seriously, I had hoped to get an internship at an engineering company but all internships have been cancelled so I’m available to go with you.”

“I assumed you’d say you would come. After I finished talking to Carlos I called Brad. He said he was going crazy being alone in the house doing his computer work. He was happy to hear I was returning to the area. He told me the garden was overgrown because all he had time for was mowing. I told him I would be there next week and you might be joining me. He was happy to have two guys helping him. I asked him about his beautiful golden lab retriever, Sonny, who loved me.

“There is one thing I didn’t tell you which I know you will like. We garden in the nude almost all the time. His backyard was secluded so we can get even tans which isn’t possible doing regular landscaping.” He paused and looked outside on the lovely spring evening with the temperature about seventy-five. “I have an idea let’s take the hot tub cover off and get in. I’ll go upstairs and ask Doug and Brice to come join us. We can do what you suggested.”

Twenty minutes later the two older men came downstairs as Ryan and I stood with towels over our shoulders. Doug was carrying a bottle of wine and four plastic cups. We got into the bubbling water. I intentionally snuggled up to Brice who immediately put his arm around my shoulder. Ryan provocatively sat on Doug’s lap facing him. Over the bubbling I heard him say, “Doug, Randall and I want to give you guys a going away gift.”

Doug looked puzzled, “Where are you going?”

“Oh, Randall and I have landscaping jobs up in the Traverse City area. Have you ever been there? It’s beautiful.”

Doug smiled, “Yes, I know the area because I have summer cottage on a lake not too far from Traverse City. You guys can stay there if you don’t mind the thirty minute drive.”

“Thanks, but we have housing with the guy I lived with last summer when I was up there working. Will you be coming up?”

“If this quarantine continues and Brice can’t reopen the bed and breakfast we will make a trip or two up north. We’ll have to find someone to look after his mother.” By this time Brice had his hand on my dick which was hard even in the hot water. I needed to get out or it would take me a while to get hard again. I sat up on the edge and to my surprise he took my semi-stiff dick into his mouth. I enjoyed the way he sucked me. The four of us got out of the hot tub, jumped into the shockingly cold swimming pool, before climbing out, and heading inside to shower.

In the shower Brice surprised us by boldly saying, “I want to do more than watch. Is that OK?”

Ryan said, “Sure, what do you want to do?”

“I want to feel both your dicks in my ass.”

“At the same time?” Doug said.

“I never thought of that. One at a time is fine.” Both Ryan and I waited by our bed until the conversation between Doug and Brice was over. Positioning not words defined our next moves. Doug leaned over one side of the bed and Brice the other side I approached Brice’s rear end with condom and lube. All the lights were on and both men wanted our cocks. Ryan and I obliged them. Not only did we fuck them they wanted to be sprayed with our cum like the first time. We obliged them. I really loved the look on Brice’s face when my cum splashed across his face. He smiled licking his lips. As the four of us lay naked on our bed Doug said, “That was a really nice ‘thank you’ but you really didn’t have to thank us. It’s been wonderful having two young guys in my house. Don’t you agree, Brice?”

“Gawd, yes. We’ll see you up north for sure.” After showering we joined the two of them upstairs. Doug had put two pizzas into the oven. We continued drinking wine while the pizzas cooked. After eating we hugged both men but lips never touched. Two days later we were packed in Ryan’s increasingly unreliable Ford Escort for our trip to Traverse City. Both Ryan and I hoped the car would make it where we hoped to buy another used car. We decided we would buy the next car together and buy auto insurance which Ryan had let lapse on the Escort.