Caught With My Pants Down

Two views of a young man

by John S. Lloyd

It was a windy, warm day in June as we worked on Nathan’s project. It was so hot that Nathan had taken his shirt as we worked on the site of the A-frame cabin his mother inherited. The original had been torn down and we had almost done framing the first floor of the new cabin. I enjoyed working with Nathan who designed and planned the house. The site provided an expansive view of Lake Wisconsin. The original house was built by Nathan’s grandfather in the 1970s. It was located in a small of enclave of perhaps twenty houses of different styles built about the same time. From the deck the view across the lake wasn’t cluttered with boat docks. The landscape was green with summer vegetation.

Across the only lane that ran by the houses was a wooded area of ash and cedar trees. Few cars drove past except on weekends. We put up a tarp to give us some shade. I had hurried across the road to relieve my bowel’s contents because my stomach had been rumbling all morning. Finally, I got the strong signal that I had to do something.

I called to Nathan to tell him where I was going. I knew I couldn’t go far or I would have dirty pants. Once in the woods, I looked around for a fallen log to hang my butt over and get the contents out of my system. I was running with my blue jeans partially pushed down when I had to stop. I couldn’t wait any longer and squatted with my ass barely clearing the tall grass.

Like an explosion, the contents of my bowels gushed out. When I finally could focus on something else, I felt that someone was watching me. I looked to my left and didn’t see anyone but I might I have seen a dark blue shirt. I used the one tissue I had to wipe. That didn’t do the job. I decided to take my pants off and walk across the road to our car and get some additional tissues. Nathan seeing me naked wasn’t unusual. We even worked naked when the work wasn’t dangerous.

I didn’t think about my suspicion of being watched. Nathan came around as I was opening the car door. He smiled, “An emergency?”

“It must have been the chili I ate last night. My stomach didn’t take well to it.”

“You should get dressed because the country health department inspector is coming. He wants to examine the existing septic field and take a sample of our well water. Apparently, there’s been some contamination in wells in the area.” I was dressed when the inspector arrived.

I couldn’t get the mystery person who was watching me out of my mind. I didn’t have time to do nothing about it.

*  *  *

Nathan’s project started when he returned from his deployment in Afghanistan. He told me he suspected that his mother’s husband, Carl, had been using the A-frame for sex. How he knew he didn’t tell me. He convinced his mother to let him design and build a larger cottage or sell the old A-frame because it was very small and outdated.

Nathan told me that his mother was originally hesitant because of Carl’s objections. After a couple of weeks she agreed to have Nathan contact the homeowners association to see if there were specific requirements for rebuilding. When Nathan was finally reached one of the association officers, he unexpectedly learned some fortuitously news. He was told that there had been several break-ins reported in the neighborhood. The A-frame had not been affected but the news gave Nathan an excuse to install motion sensor cameras on the privacy fence. The cameras were focused on the front and back of the A-frame. We decided not to tell his mother so Carl would not know. I shopped online for the smallest battery powered devices that would be inconspicuous. I wanted sensitive cameras that transmitted to our cell phones when there was motion. Nathan commented that we might see more wildlife than we wanted to.

We did see squirrels regularly but that told us the cameras were working as we had hoped. Also, as Nathan suspected, the cameras recorded Carl making maximum use of the cabin before demolition. He had a pattern. Every Thursday at about five, the camera would beep us when Carl’s truck and a guy’s car arrived. The last time we saw him was the day before demolition started.

When the old cabin was gone Nathan convinced his mother to come to the site to help position the new cabin. She agreed. We were sure Carl would be there, too.

After the visit, Nathan had a conversation with his mother about our surveillance discoveries. He told me she was stoic as he revealed Carl’s activities. She told Nathan that she suspected Carl was having liaisons but assumed that they were with women not men. Firmly, she told Nathan that she would deal with Carl her way. During the same meeting she approved the lake cottage design and gave Nathan permission to apply for the building permit.

I haven’t said much about Nathan but he is the best. He is beautiful both outside and inside. His body was tightened and matured in the Army. His personality has always been outgoing and pleasant. We knew each other in high school before we went to college.

We started college at the same time but after a year I dropped out. I didn’t have enough money and I didn’t have any particular direction. I enlisted in the Army but received an early discharge for medical reasons. Then I found work as a carpenter. I had been doing carpentry since I was in high school.

Nathan finished his degree in architecture and he was also in the ROTC. After college he was in the military for three years to fulfill his ROTC commitment. When he returned from his deployment in Afghanistan he asked if he could stay with me because he didn’t want to live in the same house with his mother’s new husband. I quickly agreed.

Nathan and I started playing around when we were in high school so I was looking forward to more intimacy with him. When Nathan and I were in bed, in the shower or even having breakfast I felt warmth in my body that I couldn’t explain. I said to Nathan one night after love making, “Nathan, do you ever get the feeling you knew me at an earlier time.”

He smiled, “You having reincarnation thoughts?”

“It’s not that! I have the feeling that our lives were meant to be joined.”

“Jim, to be honest, I sometimes get a funny tingling when you’re touching me. I think that’s what happens between two people who really love each other.”

That was the first time Nathan suggested he might love me. I said, “Do you think you love me?”

“Of course, I do. Otherwise, why would I tolerate your fetish for tidiness and cleanliness? And why would I tolerate your reprimanding me for my casual bathroom habits.”

“That’s not it. I am convinced something happened earlier…maybe not even in our lifetime. I wonder about that.”

“You keep wondering but we have to finish the cabin.”

Our conversation returned to the cabin construction. Nathan suggested renting a small trailer to put on the site to use as our construction trailer. It would also be a place to stay because my apartment was forty-five minutes away. We agreed before we started the project that we would do much of the work ourselves so we could afford special amenities like a hot tub and a sauna. Carl never appeared to see our work. Nathan told me his mother had done nothing about getting rid of Carl.

Every now and then I would think about my trip across the road and into the woods. I decided if I needed to go to the toilet I would do it in the woods. I intentionally would lower my pants as I walked toward an appropriate fallen log. It was a Friday when I saw a young face in a dark shirt hiding in the bushes. I consciously left my pants down hoping he would show more of himself. I could tell the figure was masturbating because I could see movement. The person disappeared before I could reach him.

I told Nathan who laughed, “You are a pervert. I’ll help you snag whoever it is. Tomorrow you go to the woods as if you are having your daily poop. I’ll try to see if I can tell who it is.”

I said, “The thing I can’t figure is how he knows when I have to shit?”

Nathan looked serious, “Do you think he is watching us on some sort of surveillance device? He could be watching us work naked, too.”

“We’ll find out.”

Even though we tried for several days to catch the voyeur we were unsuccessful. The summer months were passing quickly. The cabin was framed and the roof was on. Inside there would be three bedrooms and an upper balcony for children. Downstairs there were three bathrooms with one that opened to the outside which would have a shower for those coming from the lake. The room would also serve as a laundry room, allowing swimmers to put their wet clothes and towels in the washer.

The great room would have a wood-burning fireplace with gas starter. The kitchen with a gas stove was to be as spacious as those in new houses in nearby Madison. We planned to install an instant water heater that could run on gas or electricity. To hide the propane tank and gardening equipment we built a small utility shed.

The exterior was going to be rough cedar planks painted a light gray which was the color Nathan’s mother chose. On several occasions we drove Nathan’s mother out. She was pleased. She told us she decided to sell as soon as the construction was completed. We never saw Carl as construction continued.

One weekend when we were working, I caught a picture of Nathan working dressed only in his work belt, boots and his ugly work hat. I wondered if the voyeur saw the image I saw. When Nathan looked at my cell phone and smiled, he shrugged his shoulders. He turned the tables on me and took my picture drying off after a quick, cooling swim.

Two young men, one working on a house, the other sitting on a rock

Nathan (left) and Jim (right)

When the siding was finished and painted we decided to move the cameras that we used to spy on Carl. We had power for the construction tools so we didn’t have to rely on batteries to power the cameras. We disguised two cameras discretely on the fence separating the property from the neighbors. We intentionally did the work late in the evening in case we were being watched.

Our decision paid off in a completely different way than we expected. We were routinely staying in the trailer overnight during the week but not on the weekends.

One Saturday night in September, the camera alarm sounded. Nathan reached for his phone. One camera was pointed directly at Carl’s big pickup and we could see him carrying a gas can.

Nathan said, “The bastard is going to torch the house. I’m calling the police and the fire department.” He told the dispatcher that we suspected someone was attempting to torch our house. She immediately contacted the volunteer fire department and the county sheriff’s office.

Nathan said, “Let’s get out there.” We threw on jeans and T- shirts and headed toward our car. It took us forty-five minutes to get to the site because I wouldn’t let Nathan speed. When we arrived, the firemen were packing up because they had been able to contain the fire to the small out building and the corner of the porch. The sheriff who met us first questioned who we were and then said that our call saved our almost completed structure. He asked if we knew who did it and we told him about the camera on the fence. Nathan said, “The camera alarm signaled us but it was dark so we couldn’t see who was there.”

The officer asked if we suspected anyone. Nathan was honest and said, “Yes, but before we bring charges we want to carefully examine the video to see if we can definitively see who started the fire.” We knew what we were going to do because the camera image captured Carl’s truck.

After we got to my apartment we looked at the video to confirm that it showed the license plate. It did. We decided Nathan had to tell his mother.

The next morning Nathan drove to his mother’s house. He said Carl’s truck wasn’t in the driveway nor was his white Explorer. Nathan reported that when he went into the kitchen, where his mother was having morning coffee he found her dressed to go out. He told her about the fire and she asked if he knew who the intruder was. He said, “Yes, it was Carl because the surveillance camera clearly showed Carl’s red pickup license.”

He told me she said, ‘Good, that’s the information I need to start divorce proceedings.’
When Nathan talked to her a couple of days later she told him that she threw Carl out after she confronted him. He threatened her by suggesting a divorce would be very expensive for her. Carl thought she wouldn’t want to divulge what she knew about his sexual adventures because it would reflect badly on her. When she told him about the information Nathan had given her regarding the intended arson he denied it until she told him about the surveillance video. She smiled and Carl said, ‘I’ll see you in court.’ The divorce was finalized quickly with minimal financial obligation to his mother, Nathan or his sisters.

Carl moved out of Madison by the time the lake house was completed in early November. Nathan and his mother decided it wasn’t a good time to put a cabin on the market and they agreed to wait until spring. She wanted to have a celebration in the house at Thanksgiving. There were six of us – Nathan, his mother, his sisters, Stephanie, and her boyfriend, another sister, Grace, and me. A big fire crackled in the stone fireplace as we sat sipping champagne which loosens tongues.

Mrs. Wilson said, “I want you to know I loved Carl but he deceived me. He’s gone and we avoided a messy divorce thanks to Nathan and Jim.” Stephanie and Grace were aware that Carl was gone but wanted to know the details. The boyfriend seemed uncomfortable but listened.

Nathan told them that we caught Carl having sexual liaisons with men at the old lake cabin. Then Nathan said, “Over Carl’s objections, we decided to replace the cabin with a new, larger one. Mother confronted Carl when we showed her that our surveillance camera had caught him trying to burn the new place down. That was enough evidence to get him to quietly go away.”

Mrs. Wilson was quiet until she took a deep breath, “Girls, I wanted to avoid a scandal. I simply told my attorney that there was evidence that Carl tried to burn down Nathan and Jim’s project. I don’t know what the attorneys did but Carl is no longer a part of my life or the community of Madison.

There was silence until she said, “Let’s enjoy this wonderful house as long as we have it.” Not surprisingly, Nathan’s mother arranged for our Thanksgiving dinner to be catered. Nathan says she rarely cooks.

Nathan and I took advantage of the house as winter settled on Wisconsin. We rented snowmobiles on a couple of occasions, bought cross country skies and kept the hot tub warm and ready. Nathan and I stayed at my apartment during the week because Nathan had secured a job as an architect at a local firm. With the help of my summer boss I got a job assisting with kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

My life was perfect. I loved being with Nathan. He loved our intimacy as I did. According to Nathan his mother never questioned him about our relationship. She seemed completely comfortable when I attended family functions. I was invited to join the family in Florida for the Christmas holidays. Even his grandparents didn’t seem surprised when Nathan and I slept together on the pull out bed in the family room.

Winter in Wisconsin is torturously long and we regularly discussed moving to a warmer climate. We both liked our jobs so moving was just conversation. Every now and then the subject of the mystery voyeur would come up. As we scurried to and from the hot tub naked, we wondered if we were being watched. We decided when warm weather returned we would lay out naked as bait for the intruder if he was still around.

As spring approached, Nathan persuaded his mother to wait until June to list the house for sale. She was already getting calls from realtors so we knew the cabin would sell quickly.

Two young men lying on a deck, naked

Nathan and Jim Sunning

We took every opportunity to be naked there as often as we could. We continued to use the hot tub and in mid-May we laid out on the deck even though it was chilly. On a particularly nice May Saturday, Nathan and I decided to walk to the end of our road and take a path down to the shore of the main body of the lake. We knew about the path but had never walked it. A few steps along the path we found a boy’s bicycle in the tall grass. We walked on, expecting to see someone at some point. The vegetation was greening and the birds were swooping around. Thankfully, it was too early for mosquitoes.

Young man sitting on a log, naked


Nathan put his finger over his lips. Ahead, crouching on a large log was a naked boy. I wondered if this was our voyeur. We didn’t move for minutes but he must have sensed he was being watched and turned toward us. He jumped off the log and ran toward his clothes. Nathan said, “Hey! We’re sorry we disturbed you.” He rushed to pull up his underpants. Nathan boldly said, “You’ve seen us naked. Now we’re even.” I knew he wasn’t sure this was our voyeur.

The boy smiled, “Yeah I’ve seen you guys naked.” He pulled his sweatshirt over his head and pulled his pants zipper up. “I wish I had a place to be naked. Are you guys friends or partners?”

Nathan said seriously, “That’s a pretty personal question!”

The boy sheepishly said, “Sorry. But you guys look like you have so much fun together.”

I said, “How do you know that?”

“Last summer I accidentally saw you in the woods with your pants down. I saw you one other time doing the same thing. Since there are no other guys my age to hang out with, I decided to watch you tear down the old house and build the new one. I installed a GoPro in the tree near the fence. I saw that guy in the red truck try to torch the house. I called the police but they told me someone had already called. Did they catch that guy?”

As if scolding Nathan said, “Man, spying is very rude. But thanks for calling the police and the guy was punished.” The boy started to walk away when Nathan said, “What’s your name?”

“Mark! I’ve got to get going.”

“Mark, any interest in seeing the inside of the house and getting in the hot tub?"

“Yeah, that’d be great. I’ll ride home and get my swimming suit.”

I laughed, “Mark, you know we don’t wear swimming suits in the hot tub.”

He smiled, “I might get a hard-on if I see you guys naked.”

“That’s OK. We’d like to see you hard.” Mark blushed.

For the next three weekends Mark joined us at the house and in the hot tub. We found out that he had recently graduated from high school and had decided to become an apprentice electrician or carpenter. He wasn’t sure. He was enrolled in the Madison Area Technical College for the fall. He lived with his mother who worked at the truck stop off the interstate highway near Merrimac. He told us they lived in the first house on our road.

Both Nathan and I suspected he was gay but probably had not had any gay experience. He was completely comfortable around us but never indicated that he wanted to get intimate until the Saturday before Nathan’s mother signed the final sale papers. We were in bed when Mark came in unannounced as he usually did. I saw him at the door watching even though Nathan couldn’t see him since he was on his knees looking at the wall. I tapped his leg. Nathan looked but his motion told me he didn’t want me to stop.

I motioned for Mark to get in bed with us. In less than thirty seconds he was naked and climbing in with us. He lay on his left side and I grabbed his extended dick. He sighed. I stroked him suspecting it wouldn’t take much to put him over the edge. I was correct and watched as a fountain erupted from his mid-section. Simultaneously, I could feel my fluid flowing warmly into Nathan. I was surprised when Mark took Nathan’s dick in his mouth and slowly moved it in and out. I came in Mark’s mouth quickly.

No one said anything for a long time. I softened and slipped out and said, “Time for a shower and our last time in the hot tub.”

Mark seemed surprised, “Why the last time?”

“Mother sold the cabin and the papers get signed on Monday.”

“Oh, shit,” Mark exhaled.

I said, “Let’s enjoy this weekend and don’t worry about the future.”

We absolutely enjoyed the weekend. We were in and out of bed for activities other than sleep three more times. Mark was ready to try whatever we suggested. On Sunday evening we had already packed our car and Mark had taken his clothes home plus several yard ornaments that we didn’t want to leave for the new owners. When he returned we sat in the three mismatched lawn chairs on the deck. Nathan called his mother to ask whether we should turn off the water and the electricity. She told him to leave things ready for the new owners. Sadly, that we had to leave the hot tub which we had enjoyed many times.

Mark asked, “Do you think I can work with you fellows on your next construction project?”

Nathan said seriously, “We don’t have one, at the moment. We will let you know but you’re welcome to visit us at Jim’s apartment.”

I smiled, “When will my apartment become our apartment?” He laughed.

Mark said, “Is your bed big enough for me, too?”

Nathan joked, “No, which means Jim sleeps on the living room floor.”

It was dark when we left. We dropped Mark off at his house and, since we hadn’t eaten since lunch, we stopped at a McDonalds as we drove back to my apartment.

On Monday I was on my way to my kitchen renovation and Nathan went to the architectural firm. He told me he was assisting in drawing plans for a new lake home on Lake Wisconsin about five miles from our first project. The fact that he had designed and built it was the reason his boss suggested he assist with the plans. He told me that the team happily accepted his suggestions regarding elevation and a slight turn in the house’s footprint.

We didn’t see Mark for about three weeks because he had gone on a trip to Europe with his grandparents. They had toured cities in Germany including Berlin and Hamburg, then went to Paris before taking the train to London. When he returned, he showed us about 100 pictures he'd taken while he was away, including several of naked guys he saw in a Berlin park. He also explained how he quickly learned to drive on the left side of the road when they were in England. During another conversation, he mentioned that his grandfather was President of the Madison Gas and Electric Company where he was working in the office. He said he appreciated having the job but he didn’t like the work. He said he would rather be outside doing construction.

In Nathan’s spare time he designed an ecologically friendly two bedroom, one story home with open floor plan appropriate for a hilltop. The house’s floors and exterior walls were to be built with poured concrete. It would also have massive triple pane windows which improved installation and enhanced the view of the surrounding rolling hills. When Nathan shared the plans with me and Mark, we were impressed but I thought all the energy saving ideas would make the home very expensive. Nonetheless, all three of us were excited about the prospects of our building this special home.

Mark jumped in, “I have an idea. How about proposing your ecologically friendly country villa design to someone who understands energy conservation? I think you should share your design with my grandparents and I’ll encourage them to consider building it. I think the design is perfect for the area around Spring Green.”

Mark invited Nathan and me to meet his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Greenwald. They were complimentary but based on preliminary estimates thought the villa would be too expensive to build. We found out during our meeting that Mr. and Mrs. Greenwald already owned hilltop property near Spring Green. Because Mr. Greenwald was CEO of Madison Gas and Electric I was skeptical that someone who sells energy would be interested in an energy efficient house.

Nathan was busy at work on various projects and didn’t do anything further with his design. I encouraged him to get serious about developing actual cost estimates that we could present to the Greenwalds. Mark continued to encourage Nathan and suggested we drive to the Greenwald’s property near Spring Green. When we arrived, the site was perfectly situated on a small ridge overlooking the rolling hills of southern Salk County, Wisconsin.

The three of us met again with the Greenwalds to discuss more precise cost estimates for the house. Mr. Greenwald’s concern was the cost of getting electricity and water to the property. I agreed to contact a well drilling outfit and the local power company contractor to determine what those projects would cost. Mr. and Mrs. Greenwald seemed interested in building Nathan’s house. Mark told us he encouraged them every time he was with them.

Fall was fast approaching but we still didn't have a go-ahead from the Greenwalds. Finally, Mr. Greenwald seemed comfortable with the estimates for utilities. Nathan presented precise final cost estimates which included many energy saving ideas. He included solar panels on the roof that had a snow melting feature and would automatically follow the sun. The triple paned windows would be polarized and have a built-in darkening mechanism. The toilets would use little water and the seats would be warming. There would be hidden instant hot water heaters for both bathrooms and the kitchen. The design did not include a dishwasher or garbage disposal to avoid the need to build a bigger septic system. The floors had radiant electric heat partially warmed by the solar panels. The estimate for design, construction and oversight was $250,000 without the cost of bringing in electricity and drilling the well. The Greenwald’s agreed to most of Nathan’s plans but Mrs. Greenwald insisted on installation of a quiet dishwasher and refuse disposal. That required the building of a septic pond about two hundred yards down a slight grade where it would be out of sight of the villa.

When Mr. Greenwald signed the contract with Nathan’s firm it was with the stipulation that Nathan would be the lead architect. His firm’s president was skeptical that a novice architect should lead such an important project. He agreed but insisted that he had veto power.

The Greenwalds insisted on fast-tracking the construction because they wanted the villa to be ready by the following summer. Being mid-September, we rushed to get as much done before it got too cold.

Fortunately, well drilling went smoothly so water was flowing before the first snow fell. The septic pond construction proceeded with the approval of the county health department.

Getting power to the site did not go smoothly. Mr. Greenwald suspected the local electrical contractor was dragging his feet because he had lost work with Madison Gas and Electric. All Nathan could do was encourage the owner. Finally, just before Thanksgiving, a temporary electrical box was installed.

The first major change order came when the Greenwalds decided to build a basement under the bedrooms. The question turned on where to put the entrance to the basement since there was no convenient place in Nathan’s design for an inside door leading downstairs. The decision was made to build stairs outside leading from the patio. Nathan was not totally happy with the design change but that is what the client wanted and his boss told him to comply.

Fortunately, the Greenwalds asked for it soon enough so the contract got revised and signed before the end of September. That meant we were able to get the, stairs from outside, basement, floors and walls poured before temperatures fell low enough to require the added expense of heated mats and concrete blankets to keep the cement in the mixture warm enough to cure properly. The basement would serve for storage, a tornado shelter and location of batteries for the extra electricity produced by the solar panels.

Another last minute addition was that of a large twelve-person hot tub which would not only be for recreation but also serve for fire protection. It would be heated by the solar generated electricity augmented by a propane gas heater. That way the water would never freeze. Finally, based on our experience building the lake house we suggested to the Greenwalds that we install hidden cameras to improve the house’s security even though there was going to be an alarm system. They agreed and told us to install cameras inside and outside the house that could be remotely monitored like the system we had at the lake cabin.

I was at the site regularly and took several days off when the concrete was being poured. I wanted to make sure the conduits for the electrical were in the correct location before the concrete went in. We got all the concrete in place by Halloween. As expected, construction stopped for four months as we waited for what we hoped would be an early spring.

Mark was staying over regularly so we decided we needed a bigger apartment. We wanted a master bedroom that could accommodate a king size bed and have adequate room for two dressers. Another requirement was a walk-in shower. After looking at a dozen places we found a place in Middleton which we could rent. It wasn’t an apartment but a small house in need of renovation. The couple that owned the house agreed to allow us to renovate the kitchen and bathroom in exchange for a reduction in the rent. Fortunately, the house had two bathrooms: a half bath and a full bath with a tub and a shower. We really wanted to enlarge the full bath to fit our three-way life style, so for a month we had to take showers at the local gym.

In mid-December my outside work stopped so I could devote my time to work at the rental house. Mark joined me when he didn’t have classes at the MATC. He intuitively knew what to do and not to do. By March, we were anxious to return to the Greenwald project.

We were a happy family of three in our renovated house. Since the backyard was fenced, we asked the owners if we could install a hot tub at our expense. They were willing if we would sign a one year lease. We agreed that was reasonable.

Our plan for the Greenwald project was to rent or buy a used trailer which we’d park at the site so I could move in to help Nathan with construction management and provide security. The electrical wires were temporarily strung on poles but would eventually be snaked underground to a box in the villa. When the well was dug the water was tested for impurities. The health department gave its approval that the water was safe for human consumption. The septic pond construction wasn’t completed until after the spring thaw.

When the snow melted in early March we moved a three year old twenty-six foot trailer onto the site and hooked up the electricity. We installed a propane gas tank to fuel the heating system, the water heater and the stove. We waited to turn on the water until we were sure that deep freezing weather was past. Until then, we hauled bottles of water to the trailer for drinking and cleaning up.

After the roof on the villa was completed, the prefabricated solar panels with sturdy mountings were delivered and ready to be lifted into position. The electricians began the extensive work pulling wires through the conduit embedded earlier in the concrete walls. The concrete polishers came next followed by the plumbers who, like the electricians, had pipes embedded in the floor.

Every day I was more and more pleased with the Greenwald’s country villa. They visited frequently as we got closer to completion. Nathan was pleased we were meeting the Greenwald’s deadline, but we were concerned when we were informed that the massive polarized, triple paned windows would be delayed by several weeks. Fortunately, the delay was only two weeks. In those two weeks we were able to get the final concrete polishing done, the driveway paved, the patio tile laid and the landscaping begun.

With the project almost completed I realized that I would have to move out of my mobile home. Mark and I had spent some pleasant nights cuddled together in the trailer in the late spring. Over a particularly dreary Memorial Day weekend we did our final walk through with Mr. and Mrs. Greenwald and their older son, Marshall. Marshall asked a myriad of questions about the operation of all the systems. I suspected his parents told him he needed to understand everything because they wouldn’t know what to do if there was a problem.

During the walk through Nathan asked their permission to submit the design to an environmental architecture magazine. I knew, if the design was selected, there would need to be pictures. They hesitated but Marshall and I encouraged them with the caveat that the exact location of the property would not be given Because the design is unique Nathan convinced them to permit him to apply for a patent on the design and environmental elements but would not replicate another house like the Greenwald’s without their permission.

A few days later Marshall arrived as Nathan and I were standing outside of the trailer. We weren’t expecting him but warmly greeted him. He told us the movers would be arriving soon to deliver furniture which had been specifically ordered to compliment the design elements of the house. Nathan invited him into tidy but tight trailer. I offered him a beer which he declined but asked if I had anything stronger. Nathan’s scotch was in the cabinet which Marshall asked me to mix with a little of our sweet well water.

Marshal looked directly at me. “I don’t mean to be too noisy but aren’t you and Nathan more than business associates.”

I hesitated and slowly said, “Yes. We have been together for several years and we live in a renovated rental in Middleton.”

Before he responded I heard a truck rumbling up the gravel driveway. When it stopped, two muscular college age guys dressed in tight fitting undershirts got out. Marshall took charge and directed the men to uncrate the items in the driveway and take off their shoes when they moved the items inside. They were finished in less than two hours.

As they drove off Marshall said, “Jim will you be here tomorrow? I’ll be out with the decorator to hang pictures and add a few finishing touches.”

Two views of a house

The Greenwald Villa

I said, “Sure! About what time?”

“I told the decorator I would meet him at his shop at ten and we would drive out together. I suspect we’ll be here around eleven.”

Nathan said, “I’ll plan to be here then.”

Marshall walked toward his red Mustang convertible. I could see Nathan was eyeing Marshall’s rear end as he walked away but he didn’t say anything. As the Mustang disappeared, I mused, to Nathan, “I wonder what's going on with him. We don't know if he’s working or just helping his parents get settled before returning someplace.”

Nathan and I bought Chinese carry-out before returning to our house where we found Mark with a couple of friends watching a soccer game. There were empty pizza boxes on the table so we didn’t worry about them wanting our Chinese food.

The next morning, Marshall arrived a few minutes before eleven followed by a small utility van. Marshall introduced Eric, a flamboyant fellow with yellow shoes, who immediately walked into the house. Nathan and Marshall unloaded the van which was filled with boxes of accessories, dishes, pots and pans and linens. Eric flitted around placing things, fluffing pillows, and surveying wall space and deciding where to hang colorful Central American art. We had anticipated the challenge of picture hanging on the concrete walls and had installed a small metal rail at the ceiling level in each bedroom and the great room. An invisible wire would suspend each object or picture.

Marshall said, “Nathan, that was a brilliant idea.”

Nathan complimented me with, “That was Jim’s idea.”

After the art objects were hung Eric swiftly climbed a ladder to direct the energy efficient spotlights. He almost fell so Marshall volunteered to climb up and do it.

The dining table light fixture sparkled when it was turned on over the glass top table that could easily seat eight.

About two in the afternoon, Eric drove off. All of us were exhausted watching and helping the hyperactive designer. Marshall said, “Thank God he’s gone. He tires me out but Mother thinks he’s the greatest.”

Fortunately, last night before we picked up the Chinese food I shopped at the Piggle Wiggle for some lunch meat and cheese for sandwiches, chips, coleslaw and cookies in case we worked through lunch so I suggested we have lunch after Eric left. I said, “Can we initiate the dining table? I’ve got sandwich makings in a cooler and a few other things we can bring over.”

Marshall exclaimed, “Sounds great. I’m starving. Let's celebrate with some of that scotch, too!”

I went to the trailer with a tray from the new kitchen. Once I was back Marshall and Nathan sat at the kitchen island watching. I made sandwiches and loaded the chips, drinks and coleslaw onto a tray to carry them to the table. We put placemats on the table and used the new dishes.

After congratulating each other on all the work we'd done with a scotch toast, we ravished the food. In addition to the light from the sparkling fixture, the warm sun streamed in. I asked if I should turn on the air conditioner. Without words both shook their heads so I turned on the fan instead.

When we were eating I was finally able to ask Marshall a few questions. He told us that he was back after spending two years in Pakistan on a major construction project. He indicated that his next job was going to be in Charleston, SC supervising the enlarging and modernizing of a naval supply facility. Nathan asked, “Are you a project manager?”

Marshall said, “For the last ten years I been managing projects in Malaysia, Philippines and, most recently, Pakistan. I told my company no more foreign assignments for now. They agreed.”

“How long are you in Wisconsin?”

“I will be here about three weeks before I have to show up in Charleston. Now, I have a question for you. I understand from my mother that my nephew, Mark, has worked on this house.”

I said, “We didn’t know he was related to you. He’s good worker. He’s also learning the construction trades at the MATC. I think he wants to be an electrician.”

“Is he still living with his mother who was married to my despicable half-brother?”

I looked at Nathan wondering what we should say when Nathan said, “He still sees her but he lives with us most of the time.

“Really! I haven’t seen him in several years. Can I stop over at your place and catch up with him?

I said, “I think he’ll be there tonight. I don’t think he knows about you since he hasn’t mentioned you.”

Nathan seeming to want to change the subject said, “Want to launch the hot tub? I don’t think it’s too hot.”

Marshall said, “Sure, au natural, I presume.”

“That’s the only way. We have a hot tub at our house as well. Mark is in it with us most of the time. He has a well developed body for an eighteen, almost nineteen year old.”

We got into the new hot tub and found that it was like tepid bathtub water. We didn’t stay long but long enough to see what hung between Marshall’s legs was significantly bigger than what hangs between our legs. As we were drying off Marshall said, “I’ll be over about seven. Don’t tell Mark I’m coming. I want to surprise him.”

After we were dressed Nathan said, “Marshall, I don’t think your grandparents or Mark’s mother knows he likes boys. Do you think he will be traumatized when he sees his uncle?”
“Probably. Just tell him I may be dropping by and you can tell him you think I’m gay. That’s partially true because I like a pussy as much as a dick.”

Nathan continued, “To lessen the shock when you arrive, I’ll suggest that we all get in the hot tub. Mark can opt out if he’s embarrassed. He is well endowed…like you. Must be a family trait.”

Marshall laughed, “I guess so.”

When he left as Nathan and I cleaned up from our lunch. We locked the house, turned on the security system and the cameras and walked to Nathan’s car which was parked by the trailer.

I said, “They’re supposed to pick up the trailer this week some time.”

As we expected, Mark was surprised when his Uncle Marshall showed up. He acted even more surprised when Marshall agreed to get in the hot tub. Marshall boldly went into a bedroom and was naked before we were. I quickly dropped my clothes wondering what Mark would do. He didn’t say a word but was naked in moments. He seemed as relaxed as the four of us as we got into the water.

We turned the bubbler off so we could talk. Marshall said, “Father said you’ve been working on their new villa.” Mark nodded his head. “I understand you like that kind of work.” Again Mark nodded. Marshall turned to Nathan, “I understand that you’re trying to win an award for the energy efficient design of my parent’s villa.”

Nathan said, “I have submitted the application and my firm was pleased. We’ve had several inquiries about building other houses like it. I own the patent and your parents don’t want the villa replicated. I can probably get their permission to modify it so others could build a similar one, though.”

At that point, I heard the front door open and a boy Mark’s age walked onto the deck. Mark turned toward him and said, “Troy, this is my uncle, Marshall. Get undressed and join us.”

“Later. Harry and I stopped by to see if you want to go out.”

“Sure, let me dry off and I’ll join you in the car.” Casually he got out, loosely wrapped a towel around himself, went into the house but not before saying, “Uncle Marshall, I hope you come over again. We need to catch up.” He paused, smiled and said, “I have to tell you how my catching Jim with his pants down started me knowing these guys.”

Marshall smiled, “I’d like to hear the story.” Mark disappeared. Marshall turned to Nathan and me, “I’m really horny and would love to get it on with one or both of you.” Knowing how direct he was, his comment didn’t really surprise me.

Nathan said, “Let’s have a drink and we’ll see what develops.” That is what we did. Marshall joined us in our bed and directed both of us to fuck him as he was on his knees. When we had done what he asked he positioned Nathan for the same treatment. He directed me lie on my back and suck Nathan as he fucked him. Neither Nathan nor I objected to this new dimension to our relationship. I was amazed at Nathan’s boldness.

The next afternoon, Mark and I were doing a final clean up around the villa. He was quiet as if planning what he wanted to say. I had intentionally turned the temperature up on the hot tub since we have our most serious conversations sitting having a beer either in or around the hot tub.

The trailer company arrived about one in the afternoon and pulled the trailer away. That left the area where the trailer sat messy so we proceeded to get rid of the debris, cut the tall grass, and throw some seed on the bare, smooth soil. I said, “Ready for a beer?”

Mark nodded and we walked up to the house. We both took off our work boots. Mark walked silently through the finished house. He said, “Jim, do you know what my grandfather told me?” I shook my head. “He said I can use the house whenever I want as long as my friends and I clean up after ourselves.”

“That was nice of him.” I waited for Mark to say what was on his mind. Without saying any more I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped my pants.

Mark said, “Hot tub?” I didn’t respond, just walked onto the deck and opened the cover. Mark was right behind me.

Once in the water Mark said, “Jim, will you have sex with me?”

I was puzzled since he had been in bed with Nathan and me several times but I realized he had not been with me alone. “Sure, but we may have to improvise because I don’t have any condoms or lube.”

“I don’t care. I have wanted to be intimate with only you since I saw you with your pants down.” He laughed. “If we don’t get out of this hot water I’ll never get hard.” I laughed and pushed myself up on the side. Mark continued, “I have to tell you something else. Uncle Marshall told me he wants to have sex with me. He’s my uncle and I like him but I don’t want to have sex with him. He’s too aggressive. He even suggested I move with him to Charleston to find a job when school is over.”

“You are right. He’s aggressive. Don’t do something you don’t want to do.”

He looked like he was going to cry, “He scares me. He’s like my father. I don’t like how pushy he is.”

I stepped onto the deck and turned the hot tub off. Mark and I put the cover back in place before going into the house. Looking at Mark’s young, trim body caused me to harden quickly. He reached out and took hold of my dick and led me into a bedroom where we christened a virgin bed. Mark seemed to be more interested in kissing and snuggling than our actual sex. He positioned himself on his back suggesting he wanted me to do him. We found some hand lotion which was slippery enough not to cause him too much pain.

Truthfully, I had wanted to do Mark for a long time. I loved what we were doing.

We showered and dressed and rationalized that we didn’t mess up the bed sheets. Driving back into Madison I asked Mark if he cared if I told Nathan about our time in bed. He smiled, “No, that’s fine. I really like him, too. Marshall’s coming over tonight and wants me to go to dinner with him and my grandparents. I really don’t want to but I guess I should.”

“With the generous offer your grandfather made I think you should go. Make an excuse that you need to come home directly after dinner. Marshall will probably suggest something else.”

“He already has. I haven’t completely refused him.”

I said, “What I said earlier I’ll say again ‘Don’t do something you don’t want to do’.”

“Apparently, Grandmother is fixing dinner at the villa for the first time. We are eating there and staying overnight. With only two bedrooms you know what Marshall is thinking.”

“Yes, I can guess.” I pulled up in front of our house. Mark followed me slowly into the house. He went to his room and returned a few minutes later in kayak trousers, a yellow collared shirt and sandals. He had a small bag with toilettes. The atmosphere was awkward but Nathan didn’t seem to notice.

After he left I described to Nathan what was going on. He was incensed that Marshall would traumatize Mark that way. Mark was immature. There was nothing we could do since Mark was a man and had to take care of himself. We broiled several burgers on our grill and sat quietly eating on the patio.

Nathan said, “Jim, I’ve been meaning to talk to you for some time about something that Marshall proposed. He suggested that we move to Charleston and instead of renovating, build energy efficient homes on Foley Island. He said there is plenty of money and its very gay friendly. Initially, I thought it was a good idea. The more I thought about it I realized I would have to work for a new architectural firm, make connections and start all over. In Madison we have two projects under our belt and I am sure there are going to be more.”

I said, “I will do what you want like I always do. If you stay with your firm I will have to hook up with a contractor who builds what you design. I haven’t figured out how I will do that quite yet. Also, what are we going to do with Mark. He’s almost finished his schooling at the MATC.”

As we sat watching the evening descend into night I wondered how things were going with Mark and Marshall. We found out earlier than expected. I heard the front door open and looked at the radiant dial on our bedside clock. The time was twelve-thirty. Nathan and I got out of bed to see Mark. We found him sitting on the sofa crying. We sat on either side of him and held him. He said, “The guy’s a fucking bastard. He wanted to fuck me and I refused. Quietly, but forcefully, he told me to get out. He threw his car keys at me and I left.”

Neither Nathan nor I said anything…just sat with Mark who was shaking. Nathan got Mark to stand up and we undressed him and took him into the bathroom to shower. Nathan got in with him as I sat watching on the toilet seat. He gently washed Mark’s face, his chest and the rest of him. When he finished and stepped out I dried Mark before leading him to our bed. With Nathan on one side and me on the other we held Mark. He was asleep in minutes. As I lay there, I wondered what the repercussions would be.

Marshall’s car was gone in the morning and we heard nothing more from him. We learned from Mr. Greenwald a week later that Marshall had quickly decided to move to Charleston to start his new job. Mr. Greenwald didn’t seem surprised. We returned to our regular daily lives knowing decisions were going to have to be made but knew that we would make them when we had to.

Author’s Notes: John Lloyd lives in Pompano Beach, Florida. The story is totally fictional. The author hopes you enjoy the story as much as he enjoyed writing it. The author wants to thank Dick H for his excellent proofreading and editing. The photos are from the internet and photographer credits were not available. The author reserves all rights to the story but sharing with friends is encouraged. If a reader would like to comment please send the comments to