A Chance Encounter

by John S. Lloyd


Angry voices filled my ears from the minute I sat down at my desk this morning. Contractors wanted to know where their refrigerators were. Builders were yelling about delays in receiving dishwashers. I understood their frustration but there was little I could do to speed up their deliveries. Unless the merchandise was off-loaded from the container ships clogging the west coast ports, all I could do was listen. They blamed me for their own inability to convince their customers that the delays were unavoidable.

By lunch, I had to get out of the office. My stomach was churning. I wasn’t hungry so I walked to a park about a block away. As I sat down for a few moments rest, my cell phone rang. It was our receptionist begging me to return. She was crying because she was hearing from a multitude of different but angry callers.

I hurried back and thankfully there were fewer calls. I knew they would start again tomorrow morning. I was frustrated and really sad at the state of things. All I could do was hope inventory would start arriving soon. I hung up on my last call at 5:30. I was exhausted.

For a fifty-sixty year old man this was not the way I wanted to move toward retirement, I hoped when I was sixty. I was too old to leave the company that I have been with for twenty-five years. Who would hire me anyway?

I pushed my rolling chair away from my paper cluttered desk. I turned off the light and locked the front door. Once I was in the car I realized I didn’t know where I was going. My wife, Mary, was visiting our daughter in Colorado so I had to get my own dinner. That was the last thing I wanted to do. Rather than steering the car to our home I turned toward downtown. I really didn’t have a destination in mind but wanted some quiet. I passed the old Central YMCA that was soon to be closed and replaced by a new “Y” near my house in the suburbs. I wondered what was going to happen to the old 1930’s building.

Old building with YMCA sign


I went around the block and decided I would go in because it still had men-only facilities. That would not be the case when the new facility opened. I pulled into the tiny parking lot with four or five cars. There but plenty of space for my SUV. I noticed one bicycle locked to a rack.

When I climbed the stairs I thought about the ADA requirements which the old “Y” definitely would not meet. I pushed open the door and the smell of the old gym filled my nostrils. I wondered how many sweaty bodies it had taken to create such a distinctive smell. At the reception desk was a fellow about my age with a much better built body than mine. Behind him in a dimly lit room I could see a young fellow with reddish blond hair cut short on the sides folding towels. When I spoke to the older fellow the young fellow looked my direction before turning back to his job.

The desk attendant said, “Here for a swim?”

Since I didn’t have a gym bag he correctly assumed I was here for the Jacuzzi or swimming. I showed him my membership card and he handed me a key and a towel. I went into the locker room. There were three or four fellows finishing drying after their showers. They didn’t pay any attention to me. I undressed, closed my locker door and started walking toward the Jacuzzi. Being naked in the Jacuzzi and the swimming pool when the new “Y” opened would not happen. When I stopped at the urinal the young towel folder came by carrying a pile of towels. He stored them in a closet across from the bubbling water of the Jacuzzi.

Portrait of a young man


He was a typical teenager. I hadn’t noticed his close cut beard or the gold ring in his noise. He was attractive but had a sullen face. With his hands free, he hiked his pants up to cover his patterned boxers and straightened his sweater. He looked my direction and smiled.

I was alone in the tub. The only sound was the bubbler aerating the hot water. I was relaxed for the first time all day. I closed my eyes. I stayed only a few minutes because the water was quite hot. I decided I would go for a swim.

I assumed I would be alone. That was not the case because two older, fatter men wrapped in their towels were reclining on loungers side by side in the cavernous room. They were involved in what appeared to be an intense conversation. I lowered myself into the water which was cold to my warm skin and swam a slow breast stroke toward the other end of the pool. I heard a splash but didn’t turn to look. By the time I reached the end of the pool someone was beside me. I looked and it was the towel folder. He smiled, “Hot tub too hot?”

I smiled, “It was OK for a while. I needed to relax. What about you? I saw you working.”

“Done. Washer and dryer are empty. I thought I would join you before I biked away.”

“Do you live close by?”

“Not really, but I like to ride.”

“It’s getting dark. Shouldn’t you get started toward home?” He stepped close to me and brushed his hand across my short grey hair. I appreciated the gesture but didn’t understand what he wanted.

“Want to race to the other end of the pool?”

“I’m sure you will beat my ass.”

He didn’t comment and got into starting position. He said, “Ready, set, go.” He pushed off and I followed. I was surprised that I was able to keep up until I felt a cramp creeping up my right thigh. I stopped and so did he. “What’s wrong?”

“Cramp in my right leg.”

Without asking he went underwater and kneaded my leg muscle. Fortunately, the cramp released. When he came up I knew he had intentionally brushed my dick. He said, “I’m Baker. Why don’t we shower and you can buy me dinner.” His comment surprised me but it was the best invitation I had had in a while.

The shower room, like many in my generation of high school, college and military, were big, open rooms with multiple shower heads. Baker and I were the only ones in the room. I turned on my shower and Baker took the shower one removed from mine. I watched the water cascade over his velvety, smooth, freckled skin. His hair was matted to his head. That was his only visible hair except his pubic area and under his arms. I was tempted to touch his skin.

As I watched he completely soaped himself. I couldn’t help but notice how many times he ran his soapy hand up his butt crack. I was getting hard and couldn’t stop myself. He was in the same condition as his long slender dick pointed upward. He looked at my shaggy uncut bush and my stiff extension and smiled. I hoped he would reach out and take me in his hand. He didn’t.

I should have been ashamed but I wasn’t because he was coming on to me, a man old enough to be his grandfather. I was enjoying the attention which continued as Baker took my towel to dry me. I stood still hoping his attention wouldn’t diminish. When I tried to reciprocate he pushed my hand away and said, “Let’s get dressed and get out of here.” He was dressed in minutes and he watched as I pulled up my baggy white boxers, work pants, white shirt and automatically tied my tie before putting on my socks and tying my wingtip shoes. He waited patiently.

I said, “Where do you want to eat?”

“I want to eat at your place.”

“What about your bike?”

“That’s your SUV, right? It’ll fit in the back.”

“Aren’t you expected at home?”

“I stay at my friend’s house often, I won’t be missed. Is your wife at home?”

I presumed he saw my wedding ring and followed up, “No, she’s away visiting our daughter in Colorado.”

“You have grandkids?”


“Any as old as me?”

“No, two younger teenage girls and two young boys.”

“I don’t have sisters or brothers. I wish I did.”

I opened the hatch of the SUV and he gently placed his bike in on its side. With the second seat down the hatch closed easily. We drove home as Baker kept his hand on my thigh. I wondered where this encounter was going.

Portrait of a man


When we got home I turned on lights and Baker went into the kitchen. I changed out of my work closes and put on my pajamas. When I returned to the kitchen I found that he had made tuna salad sandwiches and opened a bag of potato chips. He found things I didn’t know were there. The kitchen was my wife’s domain. He poured himself a glass of milk and asked, “What would you like to drink?”

“Water’s fine.” He put a couple of ice cubes in the glass and filled it at the tap. When he finished, he took his dish and glass to the sink. He sat quietly until I finished.

He walked into the living room and turned off the lights before turning off the kitchen lights off. He motioned for me to follow him into our bedroom. Without asking, he unbuttoned my pajama jacket and pulled down my pants. I stood naked as he toed off his shoes and stripped. A naked, blond angel stood before me. He stepped toward me and put his warm lips on mine. I momentarily blacked out at his touch. He pulled me tightly into him and our hard dicks touched. He grabbed my buns and pulled me closer. I couldn’t believe I was doing what we were doing. I didn’t feel guilty only total joy. I had never been with a man or a boy before.

He dropped to his knees and gently took by hard cock into his hand. I was afraid I would go soft since I often did when my wife and I tried to have sex. He put his mouth on my cock. I let out a big sigh. His mouth started moving back and forth. I knew he had to stop or I would climax long before I was ready. I pulled him up, “I will cum too quickly.”

He smiled and pulled me toward the bed which I hadn’t made when I got up that morning. He pulled the sheets aside. “Do you have lube?”

“Vaseline is all I have.”

“What about hand lotion? I want you to fuck me for as long as you can.” When I returned from the bathroom with the lotion, I started to turn off the lights. “No, leave the lights on.” He was on his back with his legs in the air. His asshole was staring right at me. At that moment, I decided I wanted to be more than an observer and leaned over to kiss this wonderful boy. His tongue was in my mouth. I loved the feeling. I started to work my way down his velvety body and stopped momentarily to suck on his left nipple. I moved on down and took his now flaccid member into my mouth. He didn’t move as I worked him back up to fully stiff. I put lotion on my index finger and gently swirled it around his asshole. He purred like a kitten. I gently pushed inside assuming he would stop me if he didn’t want me to go there. I could feel his prostate and proceeded to massage it. He pushed my hand away. “Too soon.”

I got behind him and spread lotion on my dick. I pushed into him slowly. The expression on his face told me I was hurting him but he didn’t say anything. He reached up and pulled my face to his. His tongue was seductively moving inside my mouth. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I moved in and out of him rhythmically until I knew I had to enjoy a climax. I exploded in his cavity and he began to move me up and down. It was the most pleasurable pain I had ever felt. I wondered if this would ever happen again.

Baker said, “Now I want you to ride my cock. Put some lotion on me.” After he was slick I carefully stood over him and let my virgin butt hole touch the end of his long, slender dick. I was careful not to fall on him. He pulled my butt cheeks apart and I slid down on him. It was difficult for me to stay balanced so he ordered me onto my back. He fucked me and I loved every minute of it. He had an amazing ability to delay his release. Finally, with me on my knees, he came in me. He slowly pulled out and turned me over so we could kiss and lay in each other’s arms.

Two men lying on a bed


It was after three when I got up to go to the bathroom and turn out the lights. Baker didn’t move until I got back in bed and he spooned up to me. As I lay semi-awake I thought how my day and my night had been so different. I decided that when it was light I would call the office and tell them I didn’t feel well so I wasn’t coming in. Whether Baker stayed around or not I didn’t want to listen to more angry voices.

As light crept into the room I could feel Baker’s stiff dick in my crack. I thought I was dreaming until he climbed on top of me to kiss. His kiss led to his entry into my anal cavity probably lubed by the cum he left behind last night. Without effort he came. After a few minutes me pulled me into the shower with him. When we were finished he proceeded to dry me. I didn’t object. Without any clothes on he fixed eggs, bacon, toast and jelly. I made the coffee. Very little was said until Baker said, “I really enjoyed being with you.”

I smiled, “Baker, what did a handsome, young guy like you see in me?”

“I wanted my first time with a man to be with a gentle older man. You were it. I was right.”

Shocked, “I was your first time?”

“Yes. Our lovemaking was all I hoped it would be.”

“Baker, I have to be honest that was my first time with a man. I really enjoyed it!” I could have gone further but chose to let him speak.

“I’ll get my bike out of your car and get on my way.”

“I can drive you.”

“No thanks.” He left me to retrieve his clothes. When he returned he walked up to me and pulled my face toward his for a final kiss.

I said, “I’ll see you at the “Y”.

“No, last night was my last night. I’m leaving town to go live with my sister in Houston.” I smiled knowing that I probably wouldn’t be with such a charming, young guy again. But I would always have the wonderful memories of our night together. He turned and left me. I watched quietly as he got onto his bike and rode away.