The Royal Mail Delivers


Royal Mail van

A Small Red Truck


Further adventures in the Kingdom of Ellendale—and the State of Iowa, too.

There are wizards and familiars, Elves and Tommy Knockers, a young man from Iowa and a trove of Nazi loot.

Many of these characters first appear in the story An Owl on My Sceptre which it could not hurt to read first, but isn’t a necessity.

There are young people in this story and some of them are in love and (gasp) even have sex. The exact nature of the sex is left to your imagination; so, if the implication of sex is a problem you should close the story.

There are those who suspect that the young are incapable of great deeds. Well, they should perhaps remember: Alexander the Great was a General of Cavalry at sixteen; Prince Eugene of Savoy was twenty when he led soldiers into battle for the first time. A remarkable commander, Prince Eugene was Marlborough’s invaluable ally, but most of his campaigns were in the East and he’s not too well known in the English speaking world. Interestingly, four different nations have named major warships after him. Austria—a dreadnought; Germany —a heavy cruiser; Italy—a light cruiser; and Britain—a monitor. And Mozart! He began composing at, what was it? Five.


All of the illustrations in this story were obtained on the internet and are believed to be within the public domain. None of them announced ownership or attribution.