The Dance of

the Wicked Boys

by FreeThinker




There are few things in life as beautiful as the grace and power, the elegance and strength of the male dancer. This is the story of two boys who seek to embody those qualities, who face prejudice and cruelty as they do, and who strive to overcome the obstacles placed before them. I thank my editor for his invaluable help and for talking me down off the ledge numerous times during the writing of this story. I also thank two friends for their help in my “ballet training.” Any errors in the story are purely mine. I am not a dancer and have no training. I am simply one who adores watching and honors those who perform.

The Ballet of America and the Ballet Academy of America, as well as the Greensburg Ballet and School are fictional institutions and are not meant to resemble any actual ballet company or school. Readers of my earlier story, Courage and Passion, will recognize the Russian composer, Dmitri Koronov, and his ballet, The Ice Prince, both also fictional.

Please support your local ballet and dance companies. Go to a performance and witness the amazing skill and beauty of the danseurs and ballerinas. The arts in America and around the world need your help and you will benefit from the joy and enrichment these performances will give.