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 Cole Parker  








Chapter 27


We sat back down, but this time I walked over and sat next to him.  I felt this great need to be touching him.  He might have felt the same because he reached for my hand the same time I reached for his, and he shoved over so we were touching from hip to shoulder.  We started talking, and this time it was from the soul.  He talked about how he’d felt, knowing he liked boys but despairing of ever finding one who could see him and not his wheelchair, of finding someone who would like him when he felt there wasn’t much to like about himself.  He said he’d been attracted to me since we starting laughing together the first time we ate lunch.  He said it really hurt him when I’d run, both times.  That was why he was acting so distant and hostile today.  He didn’t want to get his feelings hurt a third time.  He’d had no idea I was gay, or that I liked him.


I told him he was the sexiest, cutest, most attractive and desirable boy I’d ever seen, and I couldn’t imagine being so lucky that he wanted me.  People never got exactly what they wanted most, did they?  That’s what I was getting, the thing I wanted most in the whole world.


He asked if I’d been in love with Jed, and I gave it some thought.  I finally told him I hadn’t been.  Jed hadn’t ever been in love with me, he’d been in love with the sex.  I’d had feelings for Jed, but they were nothing like my feelings for him.  I guess I’d mostly liked the sex, too.


He asked what I’d done with Jed, and I told him.  I saw his pants tent, and almost without thinking, reached down and grasped him.  He gasped, and I quickly pulled my hand away.


“No, no,” he said urgently, and grabbed my hand and replaced it where it had been.  “I’ve wanted someone to do that for, like, forever.  I dream of someone doing that.”


I squeezed gently and felt him through his pants.  That got me so hot I could barely stand it, and he reached down and squeezed me, too.  He let out a little groan.  I remembered he’d never done this before, and grinned.  “Great, isn’t it?” I asked.


He simply groaned again and shifted his hips on the bench, pushing himself more firmly into my hand.


“John, I don’t think I need to ask, but do you want to do things together?”


“Are you kidding?  Not only do I want to, I want to right now!”


“You mean here?  Outside?  Right now?”


“No.  Well, yeah, but no.  We have to go somewhere.  Can you come to my house?”


“Aren’t your parents home?  We can’t very well go to your house, then run to your room and lock the door.  What would they think?  And then, you seem to have a tendency to make some noise, if what happened a minute ago means anything.”


He blushed, and looked cute doing it.  But then, he was already flushed, he was still holding on to me, and there was no question he was still hot and horny and wanting more.


“They’re not home.   That’s why Mom dropped me off at Terry’s.  They’re at some business function of Dad’s that going to last today and until late tonight.  It’s a golf outing and dinner dance.  We’ll have the house to ourselves.”


I didn’t think I could feel any hornier, but he’d just said the magic words.  I took my hand off him, reluctantly, kissed his cheek briefly, and stood up.  He stood too.  He sat down in his chair, and I started pushing.  I asked him if we should go back to Terry’s, or just to his house.


“Are you nuts?  You must not feel like I do.  I’m just wondering if I can wait long enough to get to my house.  It’s only about five minutes from here, but I might jump out of the chair and rape you on the way, that’s how horny I am.”


“I think it’s only rape if it’s non-consensual.  So it wouldn’t be rape.  But I might not enjoy it as much as I’d like, being on a hard cement public sidewalk with passersby stopping to watch and all.”


John grinned up at me, then told me which way to go to get to his house.


He was right.  It only took us five minutes to get there.  While walking there and chatting excitedly, I was curious and asked him, casually I hoped, “John, do you jack off a lot?  I mean, I don’t know much of anything about this brittle bone stuff you have.  Does is affect, well, you know?”


John smiled.  “As far as I know, I’m perfectly normal in that regard.  I mean, doesn’t every 16 year-old jack off fourteen or fifteen times a day?  You do, don’t you?”


I must have looked a little shocked, because he looked up at me and burst out laughing.  “Well, maybe I’m exaggerating just a wee bit.  But yeah, of course I jack off.  And I dream about messing around with other boys.  Well, I used to.  For the past week, I’ve only dreamed of messing around with you.  Of seeing you naked.  Of being naked with you.  Of doing stuff.”  He blushed a little more.  Damn he was cute!


When we were in his house, I asked him whether we should call Terry to let him know where we were and he said for me to do so while he was getting us some drinks, and showed me the phone.


“What should I tell him?”


“Tell him not to disturb us, we’ll be busy acting out a lifetime of fantasies in the next hour or so.”


“John!  I can’t tell him that!”


“You’re a writer.  Come up with something.”


So I did.  I called Terry and told him I’d talked to John, he was all right with me again, and we’d gone to his house so I could look at some of his writing.  Terry wanted to know what I’d told him, how the conversation went, and I told him it had gone fine, John was calling me and I had to go, and that I’d tell him all about it later.


John was in the kitchen.  He handed me a Coke, then said, “You know, I should be nervous as hell, but I’m not.  I’m just so eager I can’t stand still.  Can we go in the bedroom?  I can’t wait.  I feel like I’m jumping out of my skin!”


I told him I was too, and we went to his bedroom.  Even though we were alone in the house, he shut the door and locked it.  Then he started taking off his shirt.


He was so beautiful, I just stood in awe and watched him.  My heart was beating fast, and my breathing was rapid.  I wanted this boy so badly it hurt.


He dropped his shirt on the floor, and I looked at his bare skin.  It was perfect, looking soft and slightly tanned with his muscles barely visible underneath.  He had an innie with very fine blond hair running down below it.  No other hair was visible on his chest or stomach.  He was slender with no baby fat, but not scrawny.  As I said, he was just perfect.


He began on his belt buckle, looking at me as he was doing it.  He grinned.  “This isn’t a one man strip tease, you know.  I want to see you naked so much I can barely stand it.  Stip, mister!”


I grinned back and began undressing.  I removed my shirt and he gawked at me.  I had some muscle definition, not a lot, but more than he did.  I was built very much like he was.  I was also pretty hairless.  I had a little under my arms.  I didn’t know about him.  I couldn’t see that yet.


He slid his pants down and stepped out of them.  He was wearing briefs, to my surprise.  Almost every boy in gym class wore boxers, as I did.  As he didn’t go to gym and so never had to undress at school, I guess he could go with whatever style he liked best.  I sure liked looking at him in his briefs.  His very well tented briefs.  He turned sideways to put a hand on his bed while leaning down to remove his socks, and his round, shapely butt looked magnificent in profile in the tight underwear. 


I stripped to my boxers, then stopped and looked at him.  “Do you want to lie down together like this, or all the way naked?” I asked.


“Naked,” he said huskily, his eyes washing over my body and then back at my distended boxers.


So I slid off my boxers, slowly and I hoped seductively while he stared.  My erection caught on the elastic, then popped up and slapped my stomach.  His eyes widened just a bit.


“God, you’re beautiful,” he managed, his voice soft and raspy.  He strode over to me, three steps, and wrapped his arms around my naked body, then pulled away slightly, just far enough so to could grasp my penis.  He took hold of it, and I couldn’t help by inhale sharply.  My emotions were running at full throttle and it just felt so damned good!


“You forgot something, didn’t you?”  I asked him.  He looked at me, then blushed his amazing blush. 


I was as eager as he was.  I reached down, took hold of his briefs and pulled them down.  When they met with resistance, I pulled the elastic out as far as it would reach, then slipped the briefs past his erection and down to the floor.  “Step out of them,” I said. 


We were both naked.  There the similarity ended.  I was just an ordinary looking kid.  With ordinary equipment.  He was a young Adonis.  He was short, but perfectly proportioned.  He had gorgeous platinum blond hair, perfect skin on his unbelievably cute face and over his entire body.  His upper arms had just a hint of musculature, his forearms were much fuller, probably from using his wheelchair.  His torso was slender; his ribs could be seen, but only just seen and they were set off by a slightly wider chest which had two slightly darker nipples, now looking erect even without being touched.  His rib cage was moving in and out rapidly with his breathing.


His waist was narrow, his hips flaring slightly out from it.  His penis, erect and standing proud and so hard it was moving slightly with his heartbeat, was magnificent.  Some boys in gym had penises that were darker colored than their other skin.  John’s was exactly the same color as the rest of him, and I loved the way it looked.  It wasn’t large, it wasn’t thick, it was just perfectly proportioned for his body.  He was circumcised, as I was.  We were both about the same size.  Of course, it wouldn’t have made any difference at all if he were twice as big or twice as small as he was.  His penis was just right for him, and I loved it.  It was probably the hottest thing I’d ever seen.


His sack was partially pulled up against his body with his excitement.  It appeared hairless, but his hair was so light in color and so fine, it could be that I just couldn’t see it.  I did see some above his penis, but it was very light and sparse so it was hardly noticeable.  His legs were skinnier than I would have liked, probably the result of spending time in his chair and not walking as much as most kids.  The thought passed quickly through my head that I was going to walk with him a lot.  And we were both going to enjoy it.


I looked at him, and he was staring at my erection the same way I’d been staring at his.  He raised his eyes and started into mine.  I couldn’t read what he was thinking.  The depth of them was truly amazing.


He stepped away from me, then took my arm and pulled me to the bed. 


“John,” I said seriously, “wait a minute.  I don’t know how do to this.  I don’t know how fragile you are.  I can’t stand the thought of hurting you.  Would it make more sense for me to lie down first?  Then you can lie down and you can do whatever you want.  Get on top of me, lie to my side, whatever.  I don’t want to hurt you.”  I was feeling so much emotion, my eyes watered!   I don’t think I’d ever felt so much of this kind of emotion all at once before, and it almost overwhelmed me.


“Yes, that’s good.  Lie down.  Then move over so there’s room for me.”


I did what he suggested.  I lay down, then scooted over towards the far edge of the bed, then rolled onto my side, facing him.  He got on the bed and lay on his side, facing me.  I scooted over to him, then wiggled and maneuvered so that we had full body contact from knees to chests.  I kissed him.


He wrapped his top arm around me.  The other arm was the one that had the broken wrist.  He kept that out of the way above us.  With the other arm, he pulled me even closer, his passion making him strong.


We kissed and moved and kissed and moved, our whole bodies somehow involved in the kiss.  It wasn’t long before our tongues were dancing with one another, our mouths wide open.  We were panting into each other’s mouth.  He was thrusting his pelvis into mine, hard.  I stopped him.


“John, this is all new to you, and the feelings much be over the top.  But you have to take it a little easier.  I know that seems impossible, you’re about to burst, but I’m afraid you’re going to thrust so hard you’ll break your hips.  I don’t quite know how I’d explain that to your parents.  I guess it would be sort of like, ‘Gee, Mr. Bauer, we were just sort of making out on the bed, naked and all, and he was practice fucking me and his hips just sort of went.  You know how it is.’ ”


John wasn’t in the mood for levity.  It’s hard to maintain the utter passion he was feeling and laugh at the same time.  He gave me a disgusted look, but stopped grinding.  I took the occasion to slow down a little.  I reached over and began sliding my free hand over his skin.  I’d so longed to do that since I’d seen him without a shirt.  I lightly rubbed his shoulder, then his ribs and stomach.  I remember I wondered about his pits, so ran my hand up and felt under his arm.  There was indeed hair there.  It was just so fine it was almost transparent.


My rubbing him was causing him to breath heavily and start to grind into me again.  He seemed almost out of control to me.  I thought about it, then asked him, “John, we have all day, don’t we?”


“Yes,” he managed to gasp.


“Then I want to settle you down a little.  Let me do this, then we can do more later.  Okay?”


“Do what?”  It was more of a croak than speech.


I didn’t answer.  I just scooted down in the bed, took his penis in my hand, then enveloped it in my mouth.


I had always loved the feel and taste of Jed’s erection in my mouth, but it didn’t even compare to this.  This penis in my mouth just felt like bliss.  It was wonderful.  And it lasted about five seconds.  Then he was screaming, and that was followed by blast after blast after blast of his cum.  He’d been so ready, so close, just feeling my mouth on him had been all that was needed.


Eventually, he stopped.  I’d never even sucked or bobbed on him.  I’d just put my mouth over him, touched him with my tongue.  Now, I just held him like that, still not moving at all.  I was appreciating his taste and texture, and I was letting him soften while still in my mouth.  It was heaven for me.  I don’t know what it was for him, he seemed out of it, but he wasn’t complaining.


When his breathing had slowed and he seemed entirely soft, I sucked very gently and licked him, making sure he was clean and empty.  I almost immediately felt him start to enlarge, so I slipped him out of my mouth.  “John,” I said, ‘forgive me, but you were too excited to do anything else.  I was afraid you’d hurt yourself.  Is that all right?  I sort of feel I molested you, didn’t give you a choice.”


“That was amazing!  We have to do that again!   A million times.  Damn!”


I looked up at him and he had a radiant expression on his face.   I wriggled up in the bed so I was even with him, then kissed his wonderful lips softly, then pulled away.  “I think I love you, John,” I said, emotion strong in my voice.


“There’s no ‘thinking’ about it with me, Tim.  You’re unbelievable.  You’re. . ., well there aren’t any words for it.  I love you.  Absolutely, totally love you.”


“We’ve only known each other for a week.  What worries me is, if we can fall in love this quickly, can we also fall out of love just as fast?  Is this just mostly teenage hormones?”


John paused, then answered.  “Tim, this isn’t just hormones.  I know myself.  What I feel for you isn’t momentary passion.  It’s been building ever sense we met.  The next day, every next day, I felt it even stronger.  That’s why it hurt so much when you’d run away.  I’d begin each day waiting to see you again.  You always seemed to be what I was thinking about.  And now this.  This is, well, I can’t describe it.  But it can’t get any better than this.  It simply can’t.”


I kissed him again.  My heart was racing, this time not from sex hormones but because I was feeling the same things he was saying.  I loved him.  And I knew it.


The kiss went on and on.  It totally consumed me.  It seemed we’d developed some mutual harmony, some mutual being.  We’d both move together, we’d both adjust together.  Somewhere along the line we were both grinding into each other again, but it wasn’t with the almost painful need of before.  I’d been scared for John then.  Now, it was just good.  No fear, just good feelings.


John suddenly pulled out of the kiss and away from me slightly.  “Tim!  You haven’t got off yet, and I did.  How in the world are you holding out?  I couldn’t do that in a million years.  I’m ready again, have been for a while.  You’re still waiting.  How can you do that?”


“I don’t know, John.  I’m so into you, what you’re feeling, how you’re moving, what you’re experiencing, it’s like I don’t even exist.  I’m trying to make this the best I can for you.  And I’m enjoying that more than I’ve ever enjoyed anything.  Don’t worry about me.  This is wonderful, what we’re doing, seeing you so happy.”


 John just looked at me a second, then said, “I want to get you off.  I want to make you cum.  What do you want?  Any way you want, that’s what I’ll do.  Let me get you off, Tim.  I want to more than anything.  Tell me!”


He was so eager, I almost laughed, but realized at the last minute he’d misinterpret it.  More than anything else, I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.  So I thought about it, then, almost shyly, asked if he’d do what I’d done.


He smiled at me, then moved down in the bed.


He hadn’t done this before, and it showed.  Jed had become experienced, and that’s what I was used to.  But Jed wasn’t John.  I’d felt great friendship for Jed, but I felt overwhelming love for John.   So, inexperience and all, John taking me in his mouth, his almost desperate need to make me orgasm, overcame everything else.  It didn’t take long, and it was awesome.


After that, it was back to stroking and kissing and cuddling, at first, and that lasted a long time.  A very long time.  It was still early, we had all day, and we used it.  We were together on that bed for hours.  At the end, we knew a whole lot more about each other than we had when we’d climbed on.  They were the best several hours of my entire life.