Shooting Star

Poetry by Mikie ~ Edited by Ry

  1. Shooting Star, way up in the sky,
  2. Once was a boy, that didn't need to die.
  4. I knew you not, but now I cry,
  5. As you ride your dirt bike, over the sky.
  7. Jumping clouds, with angels wings,
  8. Laughing and giggling, and doing other things.
  10. Just a boy, of tender years,
  11. All I can give you, are my silent tears.
  13. I wish I knew you, I wish we were friends,
  14. But now you look over, as your new life begins,
  15. An angel guarding many, including new friends.
  17. Don't let them tell you, to lessen the noise,
  18. Don't let them say, Dirt bikes aren't toys,
  19. Because now you're in heaven, one of Gods favorite boys,
  20. Jumping the clouds, like regular boys.
  22. I just saw you jumping, over the moon and the stars,
  23. I just saw you jumping, over the clouds and then Mars,
  24. I just saw your skid mark, your new Shooting Star,
  25. Rest easy now Nick, your memories will go far.