If Only I Knew

Poetry by Mikie ~ Edited by Ry

  1. If only I knew,
  2. you wouldn’t be here,
  4. Now it’s time,
  5. to shed a tear,
  6. more then ever,
  7. they fall I fear.
  9. Soft in the day,
  10. late at night,
  11. NOW I know,
  12. I can’t make it right,
  14. Friendships passing all through my life,
  15. just like ships, passing through the night.
  17. I never thought,
  18. I couldn’t say goodbye,
  19. I never thought, that you would die.
  21. Now I’m here, and you are gone,
  22. my lips frown, when I hear ‘your’ song,
  24. We may not have been as close as we could be, but now I miss the chance,
  25. to say what you mean to me.
  27. If only I knew,
  28. you wouldn’t be here...

wish can makes u pains go way dr mr snowey. all me gots is huggles n is all can gives 2 u so gives they all 2 u.