I Hate Christmas

Poetry by Mikie ~ Edited by Ry

  1. I hate Christmas,
  2. Iíll tell you why
  3. Cause one of them stars,
  4. Way up in the sky.
  5. People say itís Poppa,
  6. looking out for me,
  7. I try to tell them,
  8. Thatís where I want to be.
  10. I hate Christmas,
  11. Iíll tell you why,
  12. Cause people we love,
  13. Didnít have to die.
  14. Man can do wonders,
  15. And fly to the moon,
  16. But they canít stop a drunk,
  17. From causing murder and doom.
  19. I hate Christmas,
  20. Iíll tell you why,
  21. People all they do,
  22. Is tell you donít cry,
  23. They just keep telling you a lie.
  24. Itíll get better,
  25. As time passes on,
  26. You can recover,
  27. You can be strong.
  29. I hate Christmas,
  30. Iíll tell you why,
  31. Cause I always remember,
  32. The way it should be.
  33. Carefree and happy,
  34. For both you and me,
  35. Still loving the people,
  36. That should still be here.
  38. I hate Christmas,
  39. Iíll tell you why,
  40. Cause everytime I remember,
  41. I feel like I want to die.
  42. Say what you want,
  43. I donít care what you think,
  44. God I have to say,
  45. With all your power,
  46. YOU STINK.