For Poppa

Poetry by Mikie

  1. My soul is gone, my heart is broke, i'll never SMILE again.
  2. i want to cry, i can't laugh, and i won't FOR a long long time.
  3. The sky is white, THE clouds are blue, i wish you didn't die.
  4. i wish we still had more time, TIME to say good bye.
  5. Didn't you know i still need you, i DON'T want you to go.
  6. i love you, and i miss you, this you HAVE to know.
  7. No matter what you left behind, it was YOUR love that made me grow.
  8. Now you're gone, and we're still here, showing every TEAR.
  9. When i look, i see you there, and i do not FALL.
  10. BECAUSE i can feel you, holding up my heart,
  11. Where YOUR love has been, from the very start.
  12. Remember always, how much you've been LOVED.