golden skies and inspiration for the poet in us all


By Billy IAmWhoIAm


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    1. Your fist slams down, breaking bones
    2. twisted love is all you have
    3. still the child grabs at that
    4. any love is better than none
    1. Bruises prove your love for him
    2. silent tears asking why
    3. sleep brings the only peace he knows
    4. his nightmares he lives everyday
    1. In the morning, he hears you yelling
    2. can he sneak out without a punch
    3. not today as dad smacks him again
    4. not for a reason, just ’cause he’s mean
    1. Walking to school all alone
    2. knows he’s nothing ’cause his dad tells him so
    3. never had a friend, not a one
    4. no one wants to hang with someone like him
    1. Running home to do his chores
    2. gotta be done before dad gets back
    3. in the back door dad is there
    4. where have you been you little shit
    5. you’re three minutes late
    1. You backhand your son
    2. he looks at you and asks
    3. what have I done
    4. to make you hate me so much
    5. don’t cry, little pansy
    6. or you will get it again
    1. Eyes blurred with tears of pain
    2. scrubbing the floor, muscles sore
    3. checks on dad, he’s passed out again
    4. shoulders slumped, walks to the door
    1. In the garage he knows what needs to be done
    2. without feeling, he gets all ready
    3. everything in place, one last thing to do
    4. kicks the chair out from underneath