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Tears for Bobby

My Tears Flow for You

By Billy IAmWhoIAm


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Inspired by the book, Prayers For Bobby, by Leroy Aaron.

    1. In your eyes I saw the truth
    2. You know how close I came to being with you
    3. In your eyes I see my pain I ask why you and not me
    4. You had so much to give this world
    5. The world in return only gave you heartache
    1. My heart aches to know all you needed
    2. Was their love for who you were
    3. To share your dreams with another
    4. Knowing forever love is true
    1. For I know how much you wanted to be okay
    2. If only for a day or just an hour
    3. Just a break from constant ache
    1. Your shy smile and eyes match so well,
    2. Reflecting the pain of so many
    3. You tried so hard you fought so bravely
    4. In the end pain wore you down
    1. You did not have the strength to fight on
    2. Once you lost hope you just might win
    3. Your energy drained with no hope you finally broke
    4. Never to be free to be the man you were meant to be