golden skies and inspiration for the poet in us all

Tears & Words

By Billy IAmWhoIAm


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Inspired by the book, Prayers For Bobby, by Leroy Aaron.

    1. Iíve cried a thousand tears
    2. and prayed a million words
    3. Begging to change who Iíve become
    4. in my heart I know it canít be done
    5. from you I need to know
    1. Will you hate me if I tell you
    2. itís lads I fancy, not the girls
    3. Iím the same boy you have loved
    4. from the day I became part of your lives
    5. can love be turned on and off
    1. With all my heart and every hope
    2. I pray you will not turn me away
    3. when you know who I am
    4. Please donít take away your love
    5. and lock me out from your hearts
    1. I need to live open and free
    2. not hide my life from those I love
    3. My tears fall while I pray
    4. do not reject the boy He created
    5. If He can love me why not you