golden skies and inspiration for the poet in us all

Teachers Were Wrong,
I Can Learn

By Billy IAmWhoIAm


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    1. I sat in the back of the class
    2. Teachers acted as if I didnít exist
    3. Truth be told, they gave on up on me
    4. Miss Williams said you will never learn
    5. And I didnít, not there anyway
    1. From class to class, Iíd drag my feet
    2. íCause my teachers gave up on me
    3. If only once, had a teacher said
    4. You can learn if you try
    5. I will help you if you do
    6. They all said, you will never learn
    7. And I didnít, not there anyway
    1. I was twelve, too young to be told
    2. Youíre too dumb to learn anything
    3. Miss Woods, down the hall,
    4. Said I canít learn at all
    5. And I didnít, not there anyway
    1. Wasnít long, I didnít go to school at all
    2. The streets became my classroom, then
    3. My teachers here taught me well
    4. Teachers were wrong, I could learn
    1. It was here I began to see
    2. Lessons of life canít be taught in a school
    3. I caught on quick, without any books
    4. Teachers were wrong, I could learn
    1. At first, they were kind and treated me well
    2. What I do now is strange to me
    3. Now, if I donít do my lessons well
    4. No one here gives up on me
    5. They beat me up till I learn
    1. Life is very hard on the streets
    2. I think back and wish you had
    3. Not told the class I was bad
    1. Why didnít you reach out to me
    2. If you had, donít you see,
    3. Iíd be in a class, using a pencil
    4. Instead of here, using this needle