golden skies and inspiration for the poet in us all

Silent Love

By Billy IAmWhoIAm


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    1. There is a boy I like a lot
    2. Every morning, I wait by our lockers
    3. Just to catch a glimpse of you
    4. On my heart, your face is etched
    5. I ache to tell you of my love
    6. Your response, I cannot chance
    1. I cannot tell my dreams for us
    2. More than once, I thought to tell
    3. Only on paper I can speak
    4. When I see you, I always smile
    5. If you see me, you smile back
    6. And all that day I float on air
    1. I love your eyes, green like jade
    2. On some days, your eyes are sad
    3. School this year is nearly done
    4. My heart is flip-flopping
    5. I have to do something
    6. Your years are done here
    1. I made up my mind
    2. It would be today I talk to you
    3. Please hurry before I lose my courage
    4. I find a letter in my locker
    5. There I wait for you to show
    6. Who is it from I do not know
    1. I waited till the second bell
    2. But you never did show
    3. I got to class just on time
    4. Thinking of you still lying in bed
    5. Had me thinking those thoughts again
    1. I wasn’t listening to the PA today
    2. Till I heard your beautiful name
    3. I heard a gasp go through the class
    4. Did you do something really tight
    5. Why are all the girls crying
    1. I heard the words, you are dead
    2. It can’t be true, I’m still asleep
    3. From a nightmare I dare not wake
    4. My head is spinning, I cannot see
    5. I cannot breathe, it cannot be
    1. A friend of mine is shaking me
    2. He is asking “are you okay”
    3. All I can do is shake my head
    4. I cannot stand, I lean on him
    5. He pulls me out into the hall
    1. When all is well, we’re grown up
    2. When we hurt, we’re kids again
    1. My friend and I are pulled apart
    2. The mass of others carries me along
    3. My tears are falling, where do I go
    4. I see a bench, reach it I must
    1. They are here, his closest friends
    2. They are in shock as much as I
    3. His best friend is falling apart
    4. In his hand, he has a paper
    5. I look down and see again
    6. The letter from my locker
    7. Crumbled in my hand
    1. With trembling fingers I tear it open
    2. I look at the bottom, I see his name
    3. From the top, I read his words
    1. “I’m not sure if you know who I am
    2. when I dare to look at you
    3. I always saw you were smiling
    4. I hung around our lockers
    5. Waiting to catch a glimpse of you
    6. Trying to get the nerve to speak
    7. Twice, I did follow you home
    8. Too far back for you to know
    9. I wanted so bad to run to you
    10. Your response, I could not chance
    11. If only I knew you are like me
    12. I am so lonely it hurts like hell
    13. If only one boy who is like me
    14. Would reach out and talk
    15. I’m so scared I don’t dare
    16. I’m so sorry what I write
    17. I have to tell you
    18. How much I Love You
    19. Please don’t hate me
    20. ’Cause I’m queer
    21. I’d rather be dead than live like this”
    1. I cannot believe he loved me
    2. Now the truth is sinking in
    3. The boy I adored was in love with me
    4. Had I told him I Love You
    5. He would be alive and in my arms
    1. I feel it from deep inside
    2. My chest is tight
    3. My throat is dry
    4. What erupts is a primal scream
    5. Through my tears shouting our pain