golden skies and inspiration for the poet in us all


By Billy IAmWhoIAm


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Inspired by the book, Prayers For Bobby, by Leroy Aaron.

    1. My fear is truth pulling me away
    2. Into a deep pool of darkness
    3. From the depths, theyíre reaching up to me
    4. My head above water, I only see shadows
    5. Moving around, not touching the ground
    1. Stealing the air from my lungs
    2. Coming closer, I swim from them
    3. Never fast or far enough
    1. Iím surrounded by shadows
    2. Flailing my arms, kicking hard, panicking
    3. Trying to keep from sinking below
    1. Iím beckoned by those beneath
    2. Can I trust them to show me the way
    3. Or do they have a plan of their own
    1. My legs weaken, Iím floundering
    2. Sinking slowly fear becomes nothing
    3. Struggle is over, shadows canít follow
    4. Life is escaping from this body
    1. At last Iím free from earthís boundaries
    2. I feel them reaching up to catch me
    3. Gently, they soothe my aching soul
    4. Now I know Iíve come home