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Not My Choice

By Billy IAmWhoIAm


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Inspired by the book, Prayers For Bobby, by Leroy Aaron.

    1. Beat up and spat on like a dog
    2. According to you, it wasn’t your God
    3. But my choice to be treated like shite
    1. Parents disowned me, friends hate me
    2. It’s all my fault cause it’s my choice
    3. Society says there’s only one way to love
    1. If you’re different, you will pay
    2. And pay I do, every day of my life
    3. Still you say it’s my choice
    1. Many have suffered the pain
    2. Of rejection by those they love
    3. According to you, that’s their choice
    1. Explain why anyone chooses a life
    2. That brings so much pain they end their life
    3. Till you walk in my shoes
    4. You have no right to say it’s my choice