golden skies and inspiration for the poet in us all

Memories & Pain

By Billy IAmWhoIAm


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    1. What is it I feel today
    2. a sadness that doesn’t go away
    3. tears aready sting my eyes
    4. so early in the day, the sun barely up
    1. I feel the pain of growing up
    2. decisions need to be made
    3. do I stay or do I go
    1. Too many memories living here
    2. as real as when they came to be
    3. memories don’t stay when you go
    4. always with you in your head
    1. Just when I thought I stomped them out
    2. back they come in full force
    3. a flame burning from within
    4. never leaving me in peace for long
    1. Now I know they will never be gone
    2. memories and pain are so entwined