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Just Like Dad

By Billy IAmWhoIAm


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    1. A child comes into your life
    2. you pretend to be happy
    3. your baby cries, tears streak his face
    4. you don’t bother to stand to find why
    5. your child cries
    1. His cries go unheard as you sit in your chair
    2. remote in hand, you raise the volume, drown his cries
    3. as your child grows, he looks to you for love
    4. not understanding why you give none
    1. Your child speaks, tells you he loves you
    2. you don’t hear and don’t even care
    3. what are you doing to your child’s soul
    1. So many times, he struggles with your indifference
    2. he is so young to know so much pain
    3. his cries at night are screamed into a pillow
    4. you taught him well, he knows he is not loved
    1. Being a good boy is just a waste of time
    2. being bad, he discovers, gets your attention
    3. gladly he takes the beatings you give
    4. pain is the only kind of love he knows
    1. The streets soon become his refuge
    2. fighting is what he is best at
    3. inflicting pain just like dad
    4. soon he will have a son of his own
    5. just like dad, no love to give