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I Donít Want To Be

By Billy IAmWhoIAm


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    1. To be like others is all I desire
    2. The feelings I have scare me to death
    3. Why arenít I the same as other boys
    1. Boasting about girls
    2. And bragging what they do
    3. I mumble a few words and look away
    4. I donít understand why this happened to me
    1. Every morning as I wake
    2. I have a minute when I feel okay
    3. Then the fear comes crashing down
    4. When I remember what I am
    5. It stays with me every minute of the day
    6. A burning flame in the back of my head
    1. Forcing myself out of bed
    2. Itís a struggle everyday
    3. Going to school ties me in knots
    4. Always on guard my words wonít betray me
    5. Or my glances donít linger long on anyone
    1. Iím so lonely and thereís no one I can talk to
    2. My smile is armour guarding my secret
    3. Pretending to be other than me
    4. Is hurting more than I can stand