golden skies and inspiration for the poet in us all

Gift of Life

By Billy IAmWhoIAm


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    1. In this place, there is no time
    2. For you and all to understand
    3. I will write within the confines
    4. Of the concept you call time
    1. I am strong and free of the pain
    2. That brought me where I am today
    3. I have much to share with you
    1. What it is I want to say
    2. Love your children no matter what
    3. Where I am, I have seen
    4. Shattered souls. broken bodies
    5. Of the kids you did not save
    1. After they leave and you are alone
    2. Their pain doesn’t stop in time you know
    3. Healing here has no time
    4. It’s hard to explain not having time
    1. If you think your children are troubled
    2. Know for sure that they are
    3. Reach out and let them know
    4. Your love is there no matter what
    1. There are many who are gay
    2. Much too scared to tell you so
    3. They hear you say queers are bad
    4. And their friends say the same
    1. In their silence, they are suffering
    2. In the night, listen close
    3. You will hear their troubled dreams
    4. Their tears are words shouting their pain
    1. What they fear most of all
    2. You will hate them if you find
    3. Their secret hidden deep inside
    1. Tears and fears and a spirit broken
    2. Now the worst falls on them
    3. Darkness of depression
    4. Swallows them whole
    1. More than ever your child will need
    2. Only a parent can provide
    3. Give your love and do not judge
    1. Many are scared you will lock them out
    2. From their family and your heart
    3. Let them know they have a home
    4. Where they’re safe and not alone
    1. Now you have so little time
    2. To save your daughter or your son
    3. You must reach and hold them tight
    4. One more time, give the Gift of Life