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End of a Nation

By Billy IAmWhoIAm


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    1. None of you want to believe, the end has begun
    2. all so smug in your tight knit illusions
    3. heads full of lies, truths you never knew
    1. Listen to their words without thinking
    2. how easy it is to look away
    3. not see the pain your falsehoods propagate
    1. Shut your door, don’t look out
    2. don’t hear the screams of injustice from occupied nations
    3. your ears are muffled against the winds of shame
    4. your silence is heard the world over
    1. No longer respected, despised by all
    2. you brought to an end the nation
    3. your forefathers founded
    1. Replaced by a regime using your fear
    2. that will take from you
    3. what you hold most dear
    4. liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness
    1. What you have left is an empty shell
    2. of what once was a shining light
    3. giving hope to millions
    4. sailing towards Ellis Island
    1. You build fences
    2. to keep out the weary
    3. one day your walls
    4. will imprison you within
    1. You leave in your wake
    2. death and detruction
    3. the world sees what you have become
    4. will stand together, and strike you down