golden skies and inspiration for the poet in us all

Boys Confuse Me,
Girls Annoy Me

By Billy IAmWhoIAm


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    1. Girls try to win my heart
    2. Hold my hand and kiss my lips
    3. Just assuming I felt the same
    4. Guess girls thought why would I not
    5. I was scared and kissed none
    1. Then I noticed a boy looking at me
    2. I searched the halls, looking for him
    3. Emotions became a roller coaster of confusion
    1. Girls kept running after me
    2. I hardly noticed what they say
    3. It’s that boy I want to see
    1. Without shame, she rubbed my bum
    2. I can’t believe she did that to me
    3. How I wished she would leave me alone
    1. The boy I like saw it all
    2. Smiled at me sheepishly
    3. Our eyes sent a message
    4. Shrouded in mystery
    5. Beyond my understanding
    1. If he was a girl, I’d just hit on her
    2. It’s not like I can grab his hand
    3. Or ask him out on a date
    1. If I got the signals wrong
    2. No one would hold my hand
    3. Everyone would hate me
    1. I keep my feelings to myself
    2. Now when he looks my way
    3. I kiss the girl with me that day
    1. Now we both look at the floor
    2. He looks sad, does he know I am
    3. Never once did we speak
    4. Before we left for summer break
    1. Sometimes I wonder
    2. What happened to the boy looking at me