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Bobby’s Struggle

By Billy IAmWhoIAm


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Inspired by the book, Prayers For Bobby, by Leroy Aaron.

    1. Bobby G came into our world
    2. a beautiful and healthy baby boy
    3. a smiling baby who rarely cried
    4. always gave a loving hug
    1. Walking and running at a young age
    2. exploring every corner of the house
    3. wasn’t long, he wanted to see more
    4. back garden promised much more to explore
    5. butterflies he loved to chase
    6. to every part of the yard
    1. As he grew, it was by himself he’d rather play
    2. Eddie and Joy liked to tumble and fall
    3. Bobby thought little of this
    4. and liked to play it even less
    1. A sensitive boy, his feelings hurt easy
    2. a silent and withdrawn teen, he became
    3. always wanting to fly away
    4. he loved his family and they loved him
    5. this he knew without doubt
    1. In his heart, he knew he was different
    2. he knew no words to explain his feelings
    3. so he grew, teenage years already here
    4. it was now he became aware
    5. what it was that set him apart
    1. He tried so hard to make it go away
    2. to his horror, he stayed the same
    3. two or three years, he lived in fear
    4. his deep, dark secret would be found
    1. When a boy is fifteen
    2. life promises to be exciting
    3. a boy on the threshold of becoming a man
    4. all the mysteries to be explored
    1. To his horror, he could no longer deny
    2. to have become what all condemn
    3. the very worst thing a man can be
    4. take a arm or a leg, even my life, if you must
    5. anything else, but please, not this
    1. These are the fears Bobby fought alone
    2. Bobby knew he had to share his secret
    3. he could not handle this on his own
    4. his brother Eddie, he loved so much
    5. he prayed so hard, it was
    6. like his brother he could become
    1. To his brother, he broke his silence
    2. very aware Eddie might reject him
    3. to his relief, his brother did not hate
    4. having unburdened his heavy secret,
    5. Bobby felt better for a while
    1. It wasn’t long before he was down again
    2. he could not hang with being gay
    3. so he swallowed a bunch of pills
    4. now his brother was scared as well,
    5. breaking a confidence, he knew was wrong
    6. wasn’t it worse if his brother died by his hand
    7. this is how he came to tell Mum
    1. Mum thought Bobby was ill
    2. she and God would make him well
    3. only one way this could be done
    4. the power of prayer will cure her son
    5. so began Mum’s campaign
    1. The struggle began between Mother and Son
    2. to rid her boy of his pain
    3. it must be said in Mum’s defence
    4. in her heart, she believed
    5. this was best for her son
    1. A year or more, but less than two
    2. Bobby tried his Mum’s way
    3. Bobby knew for the prayers to work
    4. being gay must be a choice
    5. with all his heart, Bobby knew
    6. it wasn’t his choice to be gay
    7. Bobby knew he was born this way
    1. He could pray for years to come
    2. and no change would be done
    3. this was the truth Bobby knew
    4. it was the religious lies drilled into his head
    5. that he found so hard to remove
    1. Threats of eternal damnation
    2. he knew to be untrue
    3. his intellect told him this was so
    4. but the lies kept their control
    1. It is said Bobby gave up on love
    2. this is true in a way
    3. it wasn’t the love of others
    4. Bobby knew he was loved:
    5. Bobby gave up trying
    6. to love who he was