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All Love Is Beautiful

By Billy IAmWhoIAm


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    1. I see a couple holding hands
    2. All lovey-dovey and touchy
    3. Kisses by the dozen pass between them
    4. No one cares, they think it’s cute
    1. Are they lovers or newlyweds
    2. Just one word and you know they’re straight
    3. Can’t you see how wrong it is
    4. Two boys can’t do just the same
    5. Their love is as real as that girl and boy
    1. From the day they came to be
    2. It was destined it would be boys they love
    3. It’s as natural as any who love
    4. Don’t turn the beauty of love
    5. Into something as ugly as hate
    1. Love can turn this ugly world around
    2. Don’t deny love to anyone
    3. If you do, you have hate in your heart
    4. Destroying love in its wake
    5. It can begin with only one who understands
    6. Any love is better than none