Halloween Prank II (by Grant Bentley)

Halloween Prank II

By Grant Bentley

This is a sequel to Grant Bentley’s story Halloween Prank on Codey’s World.

Steve’s wish comes true and he gets two big brothers who prove two men can love each other as deeply as it’s humanly possible to. By the way, that’s Trent on the left. Cute isn’t he?

“I should have known,” Trent exclaimed pointing at Steve, “You little shit. You set us up, didn’t you?”

If he thought he was going to make Steve feel guilty or stop grinning, it wasn’t going to happen.

“What?” Steve asked innocently.

“I should have known you were up to something when I saw the t-shirt,” he stated.

I quickly stepped in and said, “You look like you should be ready to go home today.”

“I wish,” Steve replied as Trent looked over at me and grinned.

“You’re just as bad as he is,” he said as he leaned in and gave me a kiss.

“Eewww,” Steve said laughing.

“You haven’t seen eewww yet,” Trent warned, “Speaking of which, I gotta pee,” and he headed for the bathroom.

When Trent went into the bathroom, Steve, with a grin, leaned over and asked, “Did you make it home last night?”

“We’re not all horny teenagers you know,” I replied grinning.

“Not a teenager maybe,” he responded, “But don’t tell me he doesn’t make you horny.”

“I think you need a time out or detention,” I said.

“Sorry Sir. Just thought I’d ask,” he responded with a smirk, “It never hurts to ask.”

“If you think I’m giving you a play-play account of our relationship, forget it,” I said laughing.

“Play-by-play… I don’t think so,” he said before he asked, “But it is a relationship?” with a gleam in his eye.

“Yes it is,” I replied as I flicked his ear.

“Ow!” he exclaimed just as Trent reappeared.

“What’s going on?” Trent asked.

“Mike’s abusing me,” Steve replied.

“Good, someone has to,” Trent said with a grin.

“Oh God, what have I done?” Steve questioned himself, “I’m really going to regret this aren’t I?”

“So you admit it. You did set us up,” Trent accused, before stepping over, giving Steve a kiss on the forehead, and saying, “Thank you little bro.”

As a tear appeared in his eye, Steve responded with, “I love you bro and I so needed to see you happy. Mike’s gonna do that. I know he will.”

As he said that, I put my arm around Trent and gave him a squeeze, much to Steve’s delight.

Just then, Jason walked in, looked at Trent and me, and said, “Ohhhh, lovebirds.”

Trent quickly reached out and flicked Jason’s ear.

As Jason yelled, “Ow!!” Steve exclaimed, “Oh shit, you’re abusive nature has already worn off on Trent. Jason can I come live with you?”

Jason just grinned and gave Trent a quick poke to the ribs and, as Trent grabbed his chest and leaned over, said, “Nah, you can take these guys on, no sweat.”

“Coffee time,” I announced.

“Yeah, coffee,” Jason responded, “Thanks for offering.”

“Oh shit,” I remarked, “We’ve got two of them.”

“They haven’t even gotten started yet,” Trent said laughing, “Just give them time.”

We started for the elevators when we met Sheila on her way to see Steve.

“Hey, Mike just invited us all down for coffee and a pastry,” Jason remarked, “Coming?”

“Yeah, for sure, thanks Mike,” she responded.

So now it was coffee and a pastry. I was starting to like Jason. He was me ten years ago. It’s a good thing I was still alive or I’d have started believing in reincarnation. When we got to the cafeteria, the first person we saw was Constable Moore.

Almost simultaneously, we all said, “Hi.”

“Hi,” he responded, then smiling added, “You look ready to go home Steve.”

“I’m more than ready,” Steve replied, “Two more days… I hope.”

“So what brings you here today?” Trent asked.

“We’ve got a kid in ICU, fifteen years old,” he replied, “Apparently some of his classmates didn’t like him being gay. They caught him in an alley as he was walking home from school and beat the crap out of him.”

Immediately the kids almost became frantic and wanted to know who he was.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “But I’m not allowed to release that information just yet. I wish I could.”

Just then a couple went rushing by the cafeteria. As they did, Constable Moore said, “I’m sorry but I have to go,” and walked quickly in the direction they had just gone.

“Oh fuck, Devon!” Jason exclaimed and suddenly the three of them were heading in the same direction as Constable Moore. We were immediately in quick pursuit and were soon standing in the waiting room of the ICU. Sheila was already giving the lady a big hug and Steve and Jason each had an arm around the man. Trent and I just stood back and watched the kids try to comfort the adults. Even Constable Moore stepped back and joined us.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long before a doctor approached them. The three of us moved closer hoping to hear how he was. For Constable Moore it was a given, but Trent and I didn’t know the couple yet. The best thing was that Devon was going to be okay. He was going to hurt like hell for a while, but he was going to be okay. They quickly disappeared with the doctor leaving the rest of us to decide what to do. The kids weren’t going anywhere until they spoke to the couple we now knew as Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds, so we all sat down to wait. Constable Moore was talking to the nurses and was on the phone to his station much of the time.

An hour later the Reynolds came out. As soon as they saw the kids, they came over. We were all introduced and the Reynolds became Sue and Jim. Devon we were told had cuts, bruises, a concussion, four missing teeth, a broken nose, and three cracked ribs. I guess after the first few blows, he had been able to roll himself up in a ball, so no serious internal injuries. Unlike Steve, he would be in the hospital for just a couple of days.

The next day it became known who had been responsible. Their names never hit the news because of the Young Offenders Act, but act or no act, it was all over the school in hours. The four boys just happened to be stars of the school’s rugby team. The school admin’s idea of discipline was a three day suspension for bullying. I’m quite sure the fact that the first game of the season was four days away had little to do with their decision. But the boys missed the game anyway as the police had charged them with attempted murder and they were detained in the juvenile detention facility until a bail hearing could be set. Speaking of which, Steve’s assailant was denied bail and his court date, also for attempted murder, was coming up in just a month.

Thankfully, that was our last bit of excitement for the month. After Steve, and now his friend Devon, I’m not sure if Trent or I would have been able to handle any more. We both had to wonder where this violence for the fun of it was coming from. Invading a kids Halloween party and stabbing one of them; beating a kid half to death for being gay… fuck. Something needs to change. When it was all said and done, our boy got fifteen years, Devon’s boys had their charge reduced to assault causing bodily harm and got a year in juvenile detention and three years’ probation. I think they missed a few rugby games.

As promised, Steve was home within two days. His first comment was, “I hope you guys aren’t too noisy in your bedroom at night.”

Thankfully Trent and I had recently gone to the bathroom or we might have peed ourselves laughing. First of all, “noisy?” and second, “our bedroom?”

Trent’s immediate response was, “Well my bed doesn’t creak. I’ve had to put up with your bed creaking most nights and will have to again now you’re home.”

Steve didn’t bat an eye as he grinned and responded with, “I wasn’t referring to the bed making noises.”

Now I realize this will be hard to believe, but Trent and I did have a few sleepovers. You know, on evenings we were up late chatting, and were possibly too tired to walk the half block home. I should also mention, Trent got his shift changed when Steve was in hospital so he would have his evenings free. Since we both, I mean the three of us, liked it that way, we decided not to change it back when Steve got home.

Over the next few months, very little changed. Well, we did have Thanksgiving and Christmas. I did meet Trent’s closest friends and he also met mine. In all cases, they were very happy for us. More importantly though, was that I fell more and more madly in love with him every day. Steve became the little brother I always wanted, well most of the time, and I loved him more and more as time passed as well. With my help, he did get caught up with his school work by the end of Christmas break. I know you’ve all been concerned about that aspect of his life.

Speaking of Christmas, it was to be at my folks this year. Thankfully they only lived a few miles south of Calgary. In case you’re wondering, yes they know I’m gay, yes they know about Trent, and yes they know all about Steve and what he’s been through, and his best mate and my other new little brother Jason. So do the rest of my family, and everyone on each of their phone lists. Christmas was totally awesome. I thought both Steve and Trent were going to cry when they saw the pile of gifts for them. Actually, Steve did tear up as he looked at me and smiled. They were lucky if they got a turkey dinner at their folks. Their stepfather thought Christmas was a load of crap and the useless little buggers didn’t deserve anything anyway. Well things had changed. They were part of my family now. So was Jason who didn’t miss out on the gift end either.

How did Jason end up as my little brother and spend Christmas with us you ask?

Well, Steve and I were chatting one day after Jason had gone home, when he looked at me and said, “Jason totally loves you, you know.”

“Loves me,” I questioned, wondering where this was going. I knew he liked me and I definitely liked him. We were friends.

“You’re his big brother Mike,” he replied, “Ever since we were little, he’s wanted a big brother like I have Trent. Sometimes he would even cry cause he didn’t have one. Then you came along. You’re good to him, talk to him, and even feed him. You treat him like a little brother. Hell you even gave him a hug and held him that first day at the ICU.”

Then I thought about how I often pictured him as me ten years ago, and I smiled at Steve as I told him I couldn’t think of anyone besides him, that I’d want more as a little brother. Of course Steve told him, because the next time I saw Jason, I got a slightly teary hug… right before he suggested we go to Dairy Queen for lunch to save on washing dishes. Yep, he was me all over again.

One other thing somewhat related to Christmas was my school staff’s pre-New Year’s night out at The Station, a local restaurant and bar. I do think they were somewhat surprised when I brought Trent. The best part? None of them gave a shit and they all welcomed him and made him part of the group immediately. We had a great time and Trent even got a kiss on the cheek from my principal as she was leaving. I didn’t.

Jason, Sheila, and Devon almost became permanent residents at our places too. We also inherited a total cutie named Diego, well if 6’3” and built like a pro boxer is cute. I think it is. He seemed to have attached himself quite tightly to Devon. Over time, Steve and Sheila seemed to develop a deep interest in one another. Then along came Jessica. Jason really liked Jessica… a lot. Whatever the case, they were all made for each other and any zoo would have been thrilled to have them on display.

Devon simply amazed me as Trent and I got to know him. As horrible as his bashing had been, it just made him all the more determined to put himself out there and prove to anyone and everyone that there is nothing wrong with being gay. He even threatened to take his school administration to court, when they hesitated to allow him to organize a GSA in the school. Needless to say, there is now a GSA in the school. Of course, our six were the charter members. However, by Easter break the membership had increased to sixty five kids and three staff advisors.

Diego was also totally out and had a determination to change the world that rivalled Devon’s. They never went anywhere together without holding hands the whole time, and they didn’t hesitate to kiss either, whether they were in a restaurant, in the mall or wherever. Surprisingly, or not, never once did they get hassled, other than hearing the word “fags” once in a while. Whenever we went anywhere together, it was so cool to see the confidence they had. It was interesting too because some people would just stare, some would turn away and pretend they weren’t there, but most people would actually smile, and maybe nod or give them a thumbs up. Maybe things are changing. Sometimes, even Trent and I would hold hands when we were with them, but it was a little nerve wracking. Even though we were adults, we didn’t quite have their confidence. Of course neither of us was built like Diego either.

As time progressed, paying rent for two places that only got slept in half the time soon seemed dumb. Well it was dumb. On our four month anniversary, Trent and I, with the help of six kids, moved all his and Steve’s stuff into my place. Steve now had his own actual full-size bedroom… with a window, and Trent and I finally had OUR bedroom. It also had a window in case you’re wondering. It took us most of the day to move everything and clean their apartment, but as tired as I was, I couldn’t have been happier.

Even hearing Jason tell the others, “Mike is taking us all to The Keg for steak tonight,” didn’t faze me. We did go to The Keg. I’m not sure they’ll ever want us back, but we had fun.

The move allowed the money Trent had been paying for rent to be put into a bank account, plus a little extra that I threw in. Next fall, he would no longer be working at Future Shop. He would be in his first year in the Faculty of Arts working on his B.A. then B.Ed. to join me in the fine profession of educating our young people. I can’t explain just how excited he was. I think he checked his bank account online twice a day, and came away smiling every time.

Time flies when you’re having fun they say. I think it just flies, having fun or not, but we were soon looking at summer approaching. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of telling my mom we were planning on getting married. When you’re talking to your mom, never use the words getting married or planning in the same conversation. She’ll take them and run with them… run to places you don’t want to go. It wasn’t long before Trent and I would cringe every time the phone rang. Thank goodness for my dad. In their thirty two years together, he had learned some useful tricks to slow her down or get her to refocus. He always was, but after saving us, he was definitely my hero.

Our plan... Trent’s friends, my friends, ‘our’ 6 kids, and my mom and dad. I won’t even start on Mom’s plan. Let’s just say it included much of the population of the southern half of the province. Mom and Dad’s plan… add their friends and family. At least they would fit in a normal community hall and we wouldn’t have to rent the Saddledome. In case you’re a hockey fan, it’s the home of the Calgary Flames.

On July 16th Trent and I were married. Steve was Trent’s best man and Jason was mine. The guests did fit in a small local community hall. We ate, we danced, we ate some more. All in all, it was a perfect day, and a perfect wedding. The service was rather short but unforgettable. As we said our vows to each other we both broke down more than once. Anyone who thinks two men can’t fall in love should have been there. We would have proved them wrong over and over. It was the most emotional time of my life and when it was done, I knew Trent loved me more than is humanly possible and I loved him just as much. The evening ended perfectly as well, as first Jason and then Steve proposed a toast to their two big brothers… followed by four big hugs.

When I woke up the next morning, looked into the eyes of my husband and leaned over to give him a morning kiss, it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. When we got up an hour later, we followed the smell of fresh brewing coffee to the kitchen. When we got there, we found Steve and Jason cooking up a storm… bacon, scrambled eggs, hash-browns, and toast. Of course we each got two big hugs before we sat down for breakfast. 

“What are we going to do for a whole two weeks without you guys?” was Steve’s first question.

“We’re not leaving for another week and a half, but I’m sure you’ll find something to do… the lawn, the windows, the floors, the walls, something,” Trent replied.

“Dream on,” was Jason’s response to that, “The lawn, maybe.”

Just then, Devon and Diego walked in, and, yeah, they didn’t knock… because they’re ‘our’ kids don’t forget.

“Trent and Mike want you guys to wash all the windows in the townhouse while they’re gone,” Jason announced.

We got a weird look from both of them before they turned back to Jason and laughed as Diego said, “Nice try dickhead.”

Thankfully the boys cooked more that we needed because, of course, Devon and Diego immediately grabbed a plate each and joined us for breakfast.

A week and a half doesn’t take long to fly by in the summer. Although we did go to the Bluesfest at Millennium Park, the Reggaefest at Prince’s Island and Shakespeare in the Park, which I’m sure helped the time fly by. I can’t imagine why, but Shakespeare in the Park only seemed to appeal to Trent and me. However, the next thing we knew, we were packing the car for our drive through the mountains to Vancouver and Vancouver Pride… our honeymoon. Of course we had to promise faithfully that next year we’d take the kids, but this trip was ours. If you’ve never driven through the mountains from Calgary to Vancouver, put it in your list of things to do. It’s always amazing.

We did the parade thing and the afternoon at the beach, hit the best nightclub in town a couple of times, and hit every tourist trap from Granville Island to the Capilano suspension bridge. It was an awesome time for both of us… and we held hands most of the time we were there. We decided that if we were married then we could damn well hold hands. Yes we did, and it was totally empowering. We now knew how Devon and Diego felt every time they went out together.

Unfortunately two weeks isn’t long enough but it was the best two weeks ever. When we got back, we got the surprise of our lives… well maybe not, but close. The lawn was mowed and edged, the windows were spotlessly clean, the floors were spotlessly clean, the entire place had been painted inside… ceilings and walls, and six very pleased, grinning kids were waiting for us on the front porch. The perfect ending for a perfect honeymoon… and we made sure they knew how we felt. Of course Jason did mention something about us taking them all out for steaks, and that’s exactly what we did. This time Jason’s mom, and Devon’s folks, Sue and Jim, joined us since they had played a big role in the painting. Diego’s mom and dad should have been there too but they were away at her sister’s in San Juan del Río, Mexico for a month. I won’t say why Diego didn’t go, but it had something to do with having the house to himself for a month. Oh yeah, and it’s too hot down there in the summer. Uhuh.

Before we knew it, it was the end of August and I and ‘our’ kids were getting ready to head back to school. Needless to say, we weren’t exactly delighted. Trent was getting ready for his first year at the university and he was delighted. Totally delighted and it was quite annoying. Naturally, as soon as school started, we settled in to a routine… get up, go to school, come home, do homework or mark homework, have dinner, relax if your work is done, go to bed… sleep, and do it all over again. We did have one change over the year. Jennifer disappeared and Jamie-Lee appeared. Need I mention that Jason liked her a lot too? Sorry, I shouldn’t have said Jennifer disappeared. She simply began appearing with Mark. It was nice to see Jason and her remain friends and no animosity between Jason and Mark. I guess the group had been together for so long, one member wasn’t going to be ostracized after a breakup. Now however, we had eight kids.

And then came summer, well May, and a very happy Trent came home with and 8.7 out of 9 overall average… not bad… not bad at all. He was quite pleased with himself as was I, and I decided a very special reward was in order. We sent Steve to Jason’s for the night and locked all the doors and windows.   

At the end of June we had eights kids with averages between 76% and 87%. Everyone was again very pleased, particularly after Jason announced I was taking them to Red Lobster for steak and lobster or crab, if they preferred. I just love that kid, I really do. This time we had all the parents join us, not on me though, and had to book a small banquet room. It turned out to be a very pleasant evening with a bunch of happy kids and proud parents. Next, we were on our way to Vancouver… Trent, myself, and five sixteen and seventeen year old boys in a rented van… two gay and three not. The girls’ parents were seriously hesitant about their daughters going on holidays with their boyfriends. Apparently they didn’t know what we knew.

Then back to school once again. This time we would have eight kids graduating. Thank goodness they were our brothers and sisters otherwise we would have been feeling very old. Crap, I just graduated myself seven years ago. So this next May and June were going to be very busy and exciting. In keeping with exiting, Devon and Diego along with three others were interviewed for our local television news. Their topic, the largest high school GSA in the province with three hundred and seventy two members. Something that was very impressive for a school with a total of eleven hundred and three students. I have to say, the boys made us very proud. Everything they said was clear, concise, and right on point. They made no derogatory statements about anyone. They did bring bullying to the forefront and the responsibility of school teachers and administrators, other kids, and policing authorities in controlling it. The network was so impressed with the interview, it went nation-wide. Our boys were still fighting the fight but their horizons had expanded. 

All spring up until now, we had eight kids looking very seriously at career choices. I don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to try to decide what you want to do for most or the rest of your life at eighteen. Of course many people make one or more career choices throughout their lives, but at eighteen it seems like you’re planning for your forever lifetime. When we were all done, Steve was applying to the faculty of science for a career in environmental science, Sheila was looking at veterinary medicine, Devon and Diego at political science, Jason and Jamie-Lee at education, Jennifer at nursing, and Mark at medicine and becoming a GP (general practitioner or family doctor). I would be the only one of the ten of us not going to university. I would have to go back to high school.

May and June were indeed fun. Thankfully they all went to the same high school so we only had to attend one graduation ceremony. It you have ever been to one, fun they’re not. For me ten five minute speeches are good, but ten fifteen minute speeches are just too much. It’s a good thing we only had to go to one ceremony or I might have developed several cases of the 24-hr flu. After the ceremony, we once again found ourselves in the same Red Lobster banquet room. After that, the kids went back to the school, boarded school buses and disappeared to an undisclosed location, and we went home for the night.

Tonight, we are starting our thirtieth family reunion since the kids graduated. Unfortunately we have lost several of the parents over the years, including my dad, but our core of ten still remains. Except for Trent and I, and Devon and Diego, all the others are not only parents, but in one case, grandparents. Steve and Sheila may never be grandparents as their one and only son, Merrick, is following in his uncles’ footsteps. He has been married to the sweetest young man, Nathan, for the last eight years. Jason and Wendy, yes Wendy, have three kids, two girls and a boy. Mark and Jennifer have two daughters and a two year old granddaughter. Counting parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, and cousins, uncles, and aunts who have infiltrated our group, we number about forty or fifty. Not a bad size family for two gay guys with no kids.

Trent and I are still totally in love and couldn’t be happier. This my last year of high school as I retire at the end of June. Trent is going to teach one more year and retire early. Then we’re moving to a nice quiet cottage we bought as our retirement home in Victoria on Vancouver Island. One incentive being little snow ever, the highest temperature ever recorded 36°C or 96.8°F and the coldest temperature on record was -15.7°C or 3.7°.  The most important incentive however being Steve and his family, who already live on the island in Nanaimo, not that far from Victoria, and Jason and Wendy and their family who live in Chemainus, half way in between. Steve works with the BC Ministry of the Environment in Nanaimo and Sheila works in the veterinary hospital there. Jason teaches in Chemainus Secondary and Wendy works at the Chemainus Health Care Centre. So we’ll all be together again… well close.

One thing for sure is that I`ll never forget the image of that boy collapsed in my entryway, scaring the living hell out of me. It’s engrained in my mind and will be until the day I die. They always tell me that I saved his life… but they never mention that he gave me mine.

Thanks to Colin for editing, prepping, and posting this story for me.

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