Hidden Camera

Chapter 7

Henry and I debated what to do for three days. I tried to convince him that the police could enhance the pictures and identify The Boss. Henry still wanted to find the man himself and exact his revenge. He couldn’t convince me and I couldn’t convince him.

We did take Robbie to The Lake as promised. Of course we didn’t talk about it there, but we talked plenty at home, mostly in circles.

Usually at The Lake, we would swim for a while and then get out and sunbathe. Henry just naturally tanned; I had to use sun block and never could get a really good tan. I loved sneaking looks at his beautiful, bronze body, although I couldn’t understand what he saw in skinny, scrawny, cautious me.

As we basked in the sun we talked about the beginning of high school, which was just a few days away—what classes we would have, what kids would be in them, who the teachers would be. Of course, we didn’t really know the teachers, but we had heard enough about them to be pretty certain of the ones we’d like to have and a couple we definitely would not want to have.

Sometimes we would lie facing each other. I thought Henry was the most beautiful boy or man I had ever seen. I couldn’t help but get hard just looking at him. Fortunately my suit was one of those baggy boxer ones that hid a lot. But if Henry noticed, he didn’t say anything. Usually, he lay with a towel across his middle. When he didn’t, his new, tight brief suit showed just about everything and I had to work hard not to stare.

From time to time through the summer, Henry had slept over at our house. It was convenient because I had the two beds. Henry only had a twin bed, so I didn’t sleep over there, although I guess I could have slept on the floor if I really wanted to.

August ended, and suddenly, the next Monday was Labor Day. School would start Wednesday morning.

I asked my parents if Henry could sleep over Labor Day night and they said that was fine, but not on Tuesday because they wanted me to get a good rest before school began.

So Monday afternoon, when we got back from The Lake, maybe for the last time that year, Henry changed at his house and then came over. The four of us ate dinner together. Mom had made my favorite – steak, green beans with almonds, corn on the cob, and ice cream cake for dessert. By the time the meal was over, neither Henry nor I could move, so we just sat at the table and talked again about school until it was time to head to bed.

Upstairs, I let Henry use the bathroom first and then I went in. As usual, we both went to bed in our boxer shorts.

We talked a little more and then grew silent.

I lay in my bed listening to Henry breathe and thinking he was asleep. Then he whispered, “Hey, Max, are you awake?”


“Can I ask you a kinda personal question?”

Wondering what he was up to, I hesitated a little before replying, “Yeah.”

“Well, it’s actually a very personal question.”

Sigh. “Go ahead.”

“OK. Don’t be mad at me, promise.”

“You know I never get mad at you, Henry.”

“I know, but ya gotta promise.”

“I promise.”

Silence. Then, very quietly, he asked, “Are you gay?”

I was stunned. How could he know? “Why do you ask?” I finally asked.

“Well, sometimes I see you looking at other guys and…I don’t know…there’s just something there that tells me.”

Taking a deep breath and hoping Henry wouldn’t hate me, I said cautiously, “Yeah. I guess I am.”

Silence. I was so worried he’d find me gross or something. Finally he whispered, “So am I.”

Wow! I had loved him forever, believing that nothing would ever come of it, and there he was, telling me he was like me.

“Can I come over?”

Was this really it? “Yeah,” I said, “but the bed’s kinda narrow.”

“I don’t care. I just wanna lie beside you. Is that OK?”

“Sure.” I moved as far over in the bed as I could and suddenly, there he was, his warm body pressing against mine. As we were facing each other, I knew immediately he was as hard as I was, but I didn’t move.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked.

I moved my head forward so that he could reach my mouth, and at once his warm lips were on mine. We clasped each other and he pressed harder. Then he began nibbling on my lips. I was so excited I was afraid I would come. I could feel the heat of his body touching mine. I felt his tongue probing my lips, so I opened my mouth and felt his tongue slide in, moving around inside my mouth. We lay that way for several minutes, enjoying the sensations as we tongued each other.

Finally, Henry withdrew his tongue, and, propping himself up on one elbow, began to nibble my ear and kiss my cheek before moving down my torso, each kiss a new sensation. I shuddered when he nibbled my nipple and then his tongue was in my belly button. I felt his hand reach inside my underwear and grasp my rigid cock. Reaching down, I slid off my boxers as he removed his. And there we were, just as I had imagined for years, lying naked next to each other and fondling each other’s cocks.

When we finished we lay there, spent, just cuddling each other.

“Did you ever do that before?” he asked.

“Never,” I said, “But so many times I dreamed of doing it with you.”

“Yup. Me too!” He exclaimed.

I reached down to the floor and got my socks. We each used one to clean ourselves off.

Then, sighing, he said, “I guess I’d better get back to bed.” He rose, leaned over and kissed me long and hard, and went to his bed.

For a long time I couldn’t sleep. I was tired, but I was so excited and happy. I guess at last I dozed off. I know I dreamed of him.

When I woke up and looked over at his bed, he was lying there, gazing at me. We both smiled the kind of smile that said we were sharing a wonderful secret.

“Can I take a shower?” he asked.

“Sure. I’ll take one when you’ve finished.”

He got up, came to my bed, leaned over, and kissed me again before he went into the bathroom. While he was in the shower, I lay back dreaming of wonderful, exciting days ahead and thinking that, before long, we might be sharing a shower.